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Abigail Ward Approaching Marske Hall Baptism Record of Margaret Ward Bike ride from Grinton to Marske Christina Dalrymple Christina Dalrymple's birthplace Clark & Ida (Miles) Caldwell
Claude Ward Family Claude Ward Military Paper Clints Scar and Us Clints Wood Dalrymple Sisters
Dalrymple, Alexander Dalrymple, Alexander & Elspeth Dalrymple, Alexander Jr. & Thelma Stokes Dalrymple, Alexander Sr. & ?
Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Christina Dalrymple, Helen (Nellie) Dalrymple, Helen (Nellie) & Christina
Dalrymple, James Dalrymple, Nellie, Wedding Picture DanielMorgan1787-1848.jpg donald-fraser-ward.jpeg First glimpse of Marske George_Lowthers.jpg George_Lowthers1.jpg Grounds of Marske Hall Headstone for Captain James Anthony and wife Martha Mosher Home Base - Blaeberry Cottage
Ireland, County Derry, Clondermot Parish, townland of Lisdillon Ireland, Londonderry - Ervey, Lower Cumber Irene_Lillian_RaysGirl.jpg John and Mary (Miles) Caldwell Leaving Orgate Lowther, George Lowther, George (this branch of the family dropped the 's') Lowthers, George Lowthers, Maggie Ethel Lowthers, Maggie Ethel
Maggie_Lowthers1.jpg Marske Beck and Orgate Force Marske church lane Marske Hall Marske Sign McLean, Elspeth Me and the 'Pig' Mike the 'Mac Guy' Morgan, Jane Mrs. Simpson, the postmistress at Marske in 2009
Nelson Eddy nelson_eddy_young.jpg Orgate Farm Orgate Force Orgate Force & Me Orgate House Orgate House Out of the Woods Peters, Mike Ralph Warde of East Layton, Yorkshire Administrations
Ready to Go Richard & Ruth (Caldwell) Cochrane Road to Skelton Hall Samuel_Lowthers1.jpg Skelton Cottage Skelton Hall Spectacular Dales Scenery St Edmund the Martyr church in Marske Steedman, Jane Morgan Steedman, Jane Morgan
Steedman, Jane Morgan & Children Steedman, John (Post Card) The Route To Orgate it is To Orgate or Not Ward, Claude Welton Ward, Donald Fraser Ward, Hilda Ward, Lillian, Irene & Eunice Ward, Ralph & Christina (Dalrymple)
Ward, Ralph & Christina's 50th Anniversary Ward, Ralph Sydney Warm & Happy Wet & Weary Woodclose Gill