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1  WARD, Cuthbert (I6637)
BERRY, Melissa Jane (I1391)
Family F228
there is a James Berry Bensell, a poet whose work was published in Pennsylvania... could be a son. 
BENSELL, Abraham (I1743)
5 Ref: reel # 12183 PANS mfm. Beausejour Museum. Documents, manuscripts and other material posted 1961. "James Scott and Catherine Barry of the parish of Amherst were joined in marriage by license on the 9 day of June 1792 by Charles Dixon Esq. Justice of

Family F817
6 Born In: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Passed in: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Passed on: September 19th, 2011

It is with deeply saddened and heavy hearts that we announce the sudden but peaceful passing of our father, Michael Dennis Peters, at home on Monday, Sept. 19, 2011. He was the son of Mrs. Dorothy Marie (Gallant) and the late Henry Morton Peters.
Born in Charlottetown, P.E.I., and moving to Cape Breton when he was just under a year old. He spent his younger years on Mira Road playing pranks around the neighbourhood, with the boys from Peter’s Construction. Leaving high school, he was employed as an engineer at the heavy water plant until it closed in 1985. He then moved onto studies in computer engineering and continued with that for the rest of his life. Applying his talent, artistic flare and eye for detail he helped develop the memorial package for Chant’s Funeral Home bringing the DVD projects into many homes. He loved spending time with his family and friends, socializing, and reminiscing of all of those little special moments in life. He loved to travel, and taking the time to get there was half the fun. He held a special place in his heart for anywhere near an ocean.
We would like to send a special thank you to Dr. Paul Murphy, Dr. Phillip Curry, and his nurse Sharon, for all of their help throughout these years.
Survived by his mother, Dorothy Peters; his children, Christine, Michael, Charles, Sarah, Nicholas and his angel, Emma Peters; brother, Richard Peters; four grandchildren, his pride and joy, Cameron, Alex, Keegan and Rebecca; aunt, Helen Bruno, as well as several aunts, uncles and cousins.
Our father was a very kind-hearted, generous, patient man, who was known and loved by many. He was a son, brother, father, grandfather, and most importantly a friend to everyone who was blessed enough to know him. We love and miss you so much Dad. You will forever be in our hearts in everything that we do and until we all meet again, patiently wait for us to come home.
Cremation has taken place. There will be no visitation. A memorial service will be held 3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 23, 2011, at the S.W. Chant & Son Funeral Home, 564 Alexandra St., Sydney, with Rev. Sheldon Chant officiating. 
PETERS, Michael Dennis (I3598)
7 Burial record states she was 75 years old. Definitely in error. 
UNKNOWN, Margerie (I1136)
8 In the Dartmouth directory is listed Mary McKenzie, w. of George A. McKenzie at 83 King St. MCKENZIE, Capt. George A. (I515)
9 " James Ward Moir II operated Valley Beverages with the Coca Cola franchise for the western part of Nova Scotia, and also Moirs Motors in Bridgetown, selling Cadillac and other General Motors cars. He had a farm near Bridgetown, owned Gooseberry Island, in Mahone Bay, and was a winner in major races with his schooner, the"William A. Moir," built by Ben Heisler of Chester. In other hands, the boat continued to race in Gloucester with its traditional sail No.51."
From "Dickson and Leslie Family Histories" © 1990
Custom Printers of Renfrew Ltd. ISBN 019942-09-1 
MOIR, James Ward II (I3830)
10 "...wealthy merchant, founder of the Halifax Curling Club, son of Adam Reid of Dumfrieshire, Scotland. A fundamentalist Baptist, Rachel Amelia (Ward) Reid divorced William Reid because he liked other women and Scotch whiskey. It was one of the first divorces granted in Nova Scotia. Amelia persuaded her father to give up selling booze and to sell the inn. Amelia became chief housekeeper of Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. When James Ward died he left all his real and personal property to her and made William Reid an Executor." ("Dickson and Leslie Family Histories" © 1990 Custom Printers of Renfrew Ltd. ISBN 019942-09-1 ) REID, William (I2813)
11 "Arnold Shaw’s will, at his death in 1798, left his wife, Margaret, the east end of “my new brick dwelling from the bottom of the cellar to the top of the house,
use of outside doors, yard and well” so long as she remained a widow. The farm in Poplar Grove remains in the possession of their Planter descendants. If she re-married she was to quit the house taking only her wearing apparel with her “and such things as she had when I married her.” from Julian Gwyn's Planter Nova Scotia 
SHAW, Arnold (I4212)
12 "born on the Lacey Farm about I mile below what is now called Clarksville." BLOIS, Daniel Garrett (I19)
13 "born on the Lacey Farm about I mile below what is now called Clarksville." BLOIS, James (I1224)
14 "born on the Lacey Farm about I mile below what is now called Clarksville." BLOIS, Isaac (I2286)
15 "born on the Lacey Farm about I mile below what is now called Clarksville." BLOIS, Thomas (I2287)
16 "born on the Lacey Farm about I mile below what is now called Clarksville." BLOIS, Mary Ann (I2288)
17 "born on the Lacey Farm about I mile below what is now called Clarksville." BLOIS, Hanna Lutches (I2289)
18 "Caleb Lake, also a Newport yeoman, died aged 90 in 1812, was able to leave his widow £10 a year, paid quarterly, together with two bushels of wheat per year." from Julian Gwyn's Planter Nova Scotia LAKE, Caleb (I4835)
19 "Deed pertaining to William Reid & James Gilmore Scott and family in Hants County Nova Scotia

Book 12 page 196
Conveyance: Wm Reid to James Scott registered 16 December 1817 On the oath of James Reid
Know all Men by these Present that I William Reid Junior of Newport in the County of Hants and Province of Nova Scotia Farmer with Sarah my Wife for and in Consideration of the Sum of fourteen pounds Currency of Nova Scotia aforesaid to me in hand paid by James Scott of Newport and County aforesaid Yeoman. The receipt whereof I do hereby Acknowledge and myself thereby Satisfied contested and paid have given granted Bargained Sold Alien conveyed and conferred and by these Present do give grant Bargain sell Alien Convey and confirm unto Him the said James Scott, his Heirs Executors Administrators and --- a Certain Lot of Land situate lying and being in the Township of Newport and County aforesaid and Bounded as the Following (Viz) beginning sixteen chains East of the South West Corner of Land Granted to Him the Said James Scott and beginning thense East Eighty chains thense South thirty one chains and fifty links thence West Eight chains thence (etc no names mentions) containing in all by Estimation two hundred and fifty acres more or less (more legal jargon) signed by William Reid, Sarah Reid, Witnessed by James Reid and Elizabeth Reid and Shubael Dimock Newport 3 June 1817."
Note: The Elizabeth Reid mentioned above would be Elizabeth Berry who married William's brother James Reid. She is also a neice of the above James G. Scott's wife Catharine (nee Berry).
Note: William is referred to as William Reid Junior in the above, so he is definitely a son of a William.

Grant in Hants County Nova Scotia pertaining to William Reid Senior and William Reid Junior

To the honourable Charles Morris, Surveyor General of Lands
You are forthwith, by yourself or Deputy to admeasure and lay out unto William Reid, Senior four hundred acres, William Reid Junior two hundred fifty, James Reid and George Reid each two hundred, James Smith three hundred & fifty, Joseph Bailey and James Mosher each two hundred acres of lands for themselves and families within the province and make return to the Secretary's Office, within six months from the date hereof, with Plot or Description hereunto annexed, as also to Certify the Nature and Quality of the said Lands, conformable to His Majesty's Instructions, and for so doing this shall be your Warrant. Given under my Hand at Halifax, this 28th Day of October, 1812(7? ) J. L Sherbrooke 
REID, William (I159)
20 "Family information says that he was head gardener for Lord Moran, with whose daughter Mary, he eloped and in 1761 crossed the Atlantic to Canada. They sailed on the "Hopewell" with Col. Alexander McNutt... Felix Cochran was one of his ship managers."
Found at 
COCHRANE, Felix (I4041)
21 "He was born in Centre Gore on Nov. 30,
1807 and died at Abinqton, MASS. on July
5, 1866 at age of 58. Married Olive
Greenough. Whitman Directory of 1920
shows Olive Blois, widow of Abraham,
boards at Rogers Home, 77 Washington.
She died at Whitman, Mass in 1920." 
BLOIS, Abraham (I2290)
22 "James Mosher was a shoemaker and tanner of leather, who resided in Newport for a time and then moved to Chester, N.S. He did an extensive tanning business and stood high in society. Was a prominent member of the Baptist church and finally closed up business and came back to Windsor where he died." Chronological History of the the Mosher Family. MOSHER, James (I2270)
23 "Richard Card’s 1775 will left to his wife and children not only his land, but cattle, sheep, and swine together with his cart and gondola." From Julian Gwyn's Planter Nova Scotia CARD, Richard (I1929)
24 "The Kidstons had a daughter. Belle. I suppose her name was Isabelle. And the old woman--Mrs. Duffus and then she was Mrs. Kidston -- invited my grandmother down for supper. And she went down. And Belle was quite the lady. After they had supper, Belle said to her mother to take Mrs. Jones into the parlour and she'd look after the dishes. So this happened. But they didn't hear any dishes being washed or anything, so Mrs. Kidston and my grandmother went out. Dishes were still on the table. Went in the kitchen, there was no Belle there. Went upstairs, and a ladder--she had eloped with a fellow by the name of Irish, William Irish. And he wasn't considered good enough for Belle. But the old girl had hysterics, and started, 'I might have known something was going to happen--Belle washed her stockings today.' So when we were kids, anything special, we'd always say, well, 'Belle had better wash her stockings."
Excerpt from Early History of Baddeck by Robert Elmsley 
KIDSTON, Isabelle M. (I5303)
25 "The Moir family business was established under Benjamin Moir, a native of Scotland, who opened a bakery shop on Brunswick Street, Halifax, N.S. in 1830. After his death in 1845, his son William C. Moir took over the bakery. Between 1862 and 1869 Moir built a five-story plant occupying Grafton, Argyle, and Duke Streets featuring a steam bakery, flour mill and retail store which originally operated under the name Moir and Co. A confectionery plant was opened in 1873 managed by William's son, James W. Moir, who introduced the production of chocolates. In 1875 the name of the firm became William C. Moir and Son. James W. Moir succeeded his father as head of the business in 1896 and his brother, William C. Moir Jr., also joined the firm as an associate. In 1903 the firm known as Moir Son and Co. was incorporated as a joint stock company under the name Moirs Limited. A paper box plant was added to the establishment at Halifax, and a chocolate refining plant, saw mill and wooden box (shook) manufacturing plant were constructed in Bedford where the company later established its own hydro power station. On 29 December 1925, Moirs Limited was incorporated to acquire the old firm. The company was reorganized in 1926 and established branch sales offices and warehouses across Canada and foreign agencies in the West Indies, Central and South America, South Africa, and New Zealand. In 1956 the company left family hands and was reorganized under new president F.M. Covert. Standard Brands Canada Limited acquired Moirs in 1967. The Moirs plant continued in Dartmouth as part of Hershey Foods Corporation." MOIR, James Ward (I3136)
26 "The Moir family business was established under Benjamin Moir, a native of Scotland, who opened a bakery shop on Brunswick Street, Halifax, N.S. in 1830. After his death in 1845, his son William C. Moir took over the bakery. Between 1862 and 1869 Moir built a five-story plant occupying Grafton, Argyle, and Duke Streets featuring a steam bakery, flour mill and retail store which originally operated under the name Moir and Co." MOIR, William Church (I2811)
27 "The Moir family business was established under Benjamin Moir, a native of Scotland, who opened a bakery shop on Brunswick Street, Halifax, N.S. in 1830." MOIR, Benjamin (I3134)
28 "The Phillip Family
After the death of the second William Conyers in 1558, Marske passed to Joan his only daughter and heiress who, being under age, became a ward of Queen Elizabeth. A new family now enters the scene when James Phillip, an influential member of the Royal Court, persuaded the Queen to allow his son, Arthur, to marry the Conyers' heiress against the wishes of her family. As a result of the marriage, Arthur Phillip gained possession of the large land holdings belonging to the Conyers' heiress, including the manor of Marske, several parcels of land in the Orgate area of the manor of Clints and several estates in the Richmond and Cleveland areas.
Arthur Phillip leased the Grinton and Fremington mines from the Crown in 1583 with Henry, Lord Scrope, as a partner." from British Mining No 50 Memoirs 1994 pp24-40, Tyson, L.O.
PHILLIP, Arthur (I6545)
29 "Tiverton Church, on the east side of the State of Rhode Island, was formed in the adjoining town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts about 1684-5; the members at first lived in Dartmouth, Tiverton, and Little Compton. Their first minister was Hugh Mosier, and next to him was Aaron Davis. This was the seventh Baptist church formed on the American continent. In time its seat was removed from Dartmouth to Tiverton.” MOSHER, Rev. Hugh (I126)
30 "When James Card, a Newport yeoman, died unmarried in 1778, he left a cow to each of his three sisters and divided his land among his three brothers." from Julian Gwyn's Planter Nova Scotia CARD, James (I2867)
31 'sometime pastor of the Grafton Street Church in Halifax' READ, Rev. John (I2343)
32 (At Horton) On the 2nd February, Mr. Perez Martin, aged 74 years, old and respected inhabitants of that place.Acadian Recorder
Issue: 7 February 1829 Vol. 17 No. 6

All persons having any legal demands against the estate of the late Perez Martin, late of Horton, Farmer and Innkeeper, are hereby requested to present the same, duly attested, within eighteen calendar months, from the date hereof; and all persons indebted to said estate are desired to make immediate payment to:
Thomas Martin
Jehiel Martin
Perez Martin
Horton, Feb 25, 1829-18m 
MARTIN, Perez (I3148)
33 - At Cumberland, 19th August, 1786, Robert and his brothers were put under the guardianship of a John Stuart Jr. of Amherst 5 years after their father died.

- This same John Stuart later purchased land from Robert's older brother Thomas, April 20, 1790, signed by Thomas and Mary Berry, and William and Nancy Hall (Robert's mother)

- Robert Berry is listed in the poll tax for 1791.

- Land Petition in 1795:
"Petitioners are residents of Amherst, but need more land to support their families and discovered intervale land at Black River to which they request grants of 500 acres each. John Dickie. Robert Barry. Hezekah Seaman. Stephen Seaman. "His excellency desires this may be laid before him when His Majesty's pleasure is made known in regard to making further grants of land, and that in the mean time the petitioners be recommended by magistrates and to sign their petition." C.M. Memorial."

"In the year 1814 one Robert Berry sold at auction at Amherst Point several ten-acre lots of marsh, growing chiefly broadleaf grass. Richard and Thomas S. each purchased a lot for which the latter paid 15 pounds 1/6d per acre. " From a book entitled "Historical Record of the Posterity of William Black: Who Settled in this Country in the Year Seventeen Hundred and Seventy-five, Also a Sketch of 23 English Families and Some Early Settlers from New England, who Settled at the Head of the Bay of Fundy about the Same Time"

Robert is listed in the 1827 Cumberland Census 
BERRY, Robert (I989)
34 - buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Windsor, NS
- plot 06 8N
- inscription reads
Nicholas Ward 1818 - 1889
His Wife Sarah Caldwell 1830 - 1913
Jeanette Ward wife of Walter Harris 1865 - 1914
At Eventide there shall be light
Reverse side reads
Annie E. Ward Died March 17,1937 Aged 88 yrs

fromThe Daily Telegraph, Saint John, NB of April 1, 1889
d. Windsor, N.S., 22nd ult., Nicholas WARD, native of Newport, age 71 
WARD, Nicholas M. (I220)
35 - cause of death was typhoid fever. LOWTHERS, Andrew (I84)
36 - death date is per NY Times obituary on Nov. 12, 1912
PEEK At Augusta, Ga on Thurs, Oct 2 Eben B. Peek of New Orleans in the 45th yr of his age. 
PEEK, Eben B. (I2477)
37 - found headstone, Maplewood cemetery, Windsor
- obit:
Brooklyn - Elvie Etta Ward, 94, of Brooklyn, Hants County, died Saturday
in Hants Community Hospital, Windsor. Born in Urbania, Hants County, she
was a daughter of the late Barney and Jessie (White) Robinson. She was a
member of Newport United Church, Ladies' Aid, the Missionary Society and
the Newport Women's Institute. She is survived by a daughter, Phyllis
(Mrs. Bruce McKenzie), Lakeside; a son, Charles, Lower Sackville; a
sister, Minnie (Mrs. Grover Murray), Arlington, Mass.; a brother,
Charles, Maitland; four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and three
great-great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, James; a
son, Major; four brothers, Olie, Lester, Fred and Hollis. The body will
be in Lindsay's Windsor Funeral Home after 7 p.m. today, where funeral
service will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m., Rev. Sandra Carruthers
officiating. Burial will be in Maplewood Cemetery, Windsor, Donations
may be made to Newport United Church Memorial Fund or any charity. 
ROBINSON, Elvie Etta (I901)
38 - Married in Baptist Church, Windsor Family F66
39 - must also be Catherine Minnie Lowthers.
Obit. in Presbyterian Witness - d. Feb 17, 1880 aged 11 yrs. daught.
of Samuel and Mary Lowthers. 
LOWTHERS, Catherine Mary (I99)
40 - Nicholas was a blacksmith and operated a shop in Windsor (1871
Business Directory Map)
- buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Windsor, NS plot 06 8N
- inscription reads "At Eventide there shall be light
Nicholas WARD 1818 - 1889
His Wife - Sarah CALDWELL 1830 - 1913
Jeanette WARD Wife of Walter Harris 1865 - 1914
Other Side Annie E. Ward Died Mar 17, 1937 Aged 88 yrs 'Though lost
to sight, to memory dear"

Looking into the possibility that Nicholas was married to Sarah's
older sister Mary Ann CALDWELL first. They are closer in
age than Nicholas and Sarah. And since Mary Ann died in 1846, it fits well. 
WARD, Nicholas M. (I220)
41 - this death information was found in a book found in the residence of
Thomas Curry. 
LOWTHERS, Samuel (I104)
42 -adopted by Ephraim and Mary in 1904. KILKUP, Edith E. (I3373)
43 -buried at St. John Norway Cemetery along with wife Jane.
Half plot 20, Range 7, Section 16, South Grave. 
DALRYMPLE, James (I51)
44 -buried at St. John Norway Cemetery alongside husband James
half plot 20, range 7, section 16, South Grave 
STEEDMAN, Jane Morgan (I166)
45 -married Robert Parsons 12, Jan, 1852, Newport, Hants. WARD, Lydia Ann (I207)
46 15 Jan 1842 if we calculate from her death record which says
85 yrs 11 months 29 days back from 13 jan 1928 
LOWTHERS, Mary Jane (I101)
47 1851 census he is living with future wife's parents and is called a 'son', so perhaps his mother Euphemia died while he was still young and was taken in by the Paton family.
1901 census James is a widower living at Kingseathill, Dunfermline with daughter Maggie 
DALRYMPLE, James (I331)
48 1871 census - household of Allan Berry age 24, Harriet 28, Mary Eliza 19 and widow Susan age 60 KILCUP, Susan (I1015)
49 1871 census he is living in household of James Henry and Lucinda Ward (either his parents or his grandparents)
1881 census shows him living with the James and Martha Finlay family in Brooklyn, Hants County. 
WARD, Sylvanus (I285)
50 1871 census, living in Kempt, NS wife Rachel
1881 census, makes him born in 1814 - carpenter
1891 census, living in Cambridge, Hants County, NS ship's carpenter

Simon's grandfather Simon Ward's will says: "First I give unto my son Robert Ward the use of the following Lots of Land during his natural Life and at his death to his son Simon Ward and to his heirs and assigns for ever viz. one Lot of upland containing thirty acres being a part of Lot number fifteen bounded southerly on the new road Landing to ___ easterly on Land of John Ward north of the river West on __Land of Felix Cochran and twenty eight and one half acres being apart of Lot number fourteen and bounded southerly on Land of the Late James Smith easterly and northerly on Land of John Ward and west on Land of Felix Cochrane and it is my will that Simon Ward do pay unto Henry the son of my daughter Susana Blois ten pounds when he arrives at the age of twenty one..."

Simon, son of Robert, inherits the above land at Robert's death. Then, in 1841, he sells the land to James Fox Cochrane. 
WARD, Simon (I241)

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