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101 According to the book Chronological History of the Mosher Family: "John Mosher, of Barzillai married the widow McKenzie, formerly Mary Ward, and had the following children: Adelaide and Adeline, they being twins"

There is a marriage bond for an Adelaide Mosher at NSARM which may or may not be this Adelaide. June 10, 1862 - To a John B. McDonald, a teacher from Prince Edward Island. The bond is signed by a Biard Mosher. 
MOSHER, Adelaide (I1046)
102 Actual birthdate was found on U.S. draft registration card on LOWTHER, Roy Frederick (I2685)
103 Ada moves to Boston and shortly after dies of typhoid fever. BERRY, Ada Forstein (I5708)
104 Address at time of death was 72 Pryson St., Portland, Maine
Forest City Cemetery 
South Portland
Cumberland County
Maine, USA 
ROLFE, Rachel (I222)
105 Address in 1915 was 2083 Fifth Ave., New York, NY BABCOCK, Harry Vandeburgh (I2427)
106 Address in 1921 was 102 Richmond Street, Sydney WARD, Ralph Sydney (I223)
107 Adeline and Adelaide were twins MOSHER, Adeline (I1047)
108 Adopted out. GORDON, Annie E. (I1697)
109 After the death of James, she settled with her family at Economy, where she taught school for some time. BERRY, Elizabeth (I965)
110 age according to 1881 census GILLMORE, William Morton (I2084)
111 Agnes Dodsworth of Jolby, seems to have been a small farmer, in Richmond
Archdeaconary 8/6/1587 will, faded date on inventory, 18/7/1587 proved,
RD/AP1/29/88 - mentions father George Ward, mother Ward, brother John Ward, sister Elinor, sister Cirile??, father Rowland Dodsworth, mother Dodsworth, Rowland Saint?, Thomas Bulman, Elinor Bulman, Margaret Bulman, Cirile Bulman, Robert Dodsworth, George bulman, Cirile?? bulman, George Saint?? and Barbara 
WARD, Agnes (I6910)
112 Albert is living on the original homestead in both the 1901 and 1911 census with mother Ellen. BERRY, Joseph Albert (I1112)
113 Alexander Ward and Mary Clarkson, both of Bolton Hall. Family F2574
114 Alias: The Lunar Rogue; Alias: Henry Frederic Moon; Alias: William Newman; Alias: Henry Hopkins
The Lunar Rogue- Although Henry More Smith is one of the most interesting reprobates in New Brunswick history he was never actually incarcerated in York County Jail on Brunswick Street. He was a fugitive from Nova Scotia who came to New Brunswick in 1812. Records show that he was sentenced to death for stealing a horse and was sent to Kingston Jail, Kings County. More Smith, however, had other plans. The wily thief faked a grave illness as part of a cunning escape plan, a plan that was ultimately successful.
Once free, More Smith traveled up the St. John River to Fredericton and continued his life of crime. Though he was arrested and remanded to Kingston, the authorities were not able to keep a hold on the slippery More Smith, for he escaped en route to the jail. Having once again obtained his freedom, More Smith gambled it again. He had the nerve to slip his way, undetected, into the official residence of Thomas Wetmore, Attorney General of New Brunswick, during a dinnerparty. The Lunar Rogue made off with top-hats, cloaks, and other articles belonging to the guests.
More Smith's adventures in Fredericton eventually came to an end. He was arrested and sent to the York County Jail, then on King street, and eventually escorted back to Kingston by the Sheriff of York County.

Waiting for the Gallows - While in Kingston, More Smith managed to slip out of his shackles on several occasions. This provoked the jailor to chain the prisoner's hands and feet and place an iron collar around his neck. He was then chained to the floor. Despite these measures, Smith proved to be irrepressible. By letter, Sheriff Bates complained to the Attorney General that the prisoner was impossibly disruptive:
"After securing him with strong chains to his neck and legs, and with handcuffs, he continued beating the floor; hallooing day and night with little intermission, making different sounds; sometimes with jinkling his chains and sometimes without, apparently in different parts of the gaol, insomuch when we found the largest chain parted about the middle and tied with a string, which clearly proves that irons and chains are no security for him."
Although he was heavily chained and shackled, More Smith found an outlet for his creative nature. He formed an entire "family" of life-like marionettes out of straw from his mattress and shreds of his own clothing, with blood and charcoal serving as paint.
The eccentric prisoner left a strong impression on Sheriff Bates and the community of onlookers who had witnessed his talents. They believed it was a shame to execute this remarkable character. Bates traveled to Fredericton to plead on behalf of his prisoner. He was given assurance from the Attorney General that More Smith would be granted a pardon if he would leave the province, never to return. The Mysterious Stranger fulfilled that promise and Sheriff Bates would never again lay eyes on the wily and irrepressible Lunar Rogue. Little did he know that over 200 years later his legacy lives on in the form of a pub at 625 King Street. 
SMITH, Henry More (I2588)
115 Alice Russell of 'Wen', likely Wensley, since her 2nd marriage is in Leyburn, near Wensley. Family F2256
116 Alice was a school mistress ARMSTRONG, Alice (I7583)
117 Also spelled 'Plewes'. There was a James Plewes who built a lead mine in Wensleydale:
Preston under Scar
James Plews leased Cobscar Rake and built this mill a little before 1762"

The Blackburn family of Richmond and Grinton were 
PLUES, Lucia (I7115)
118 Alternate birthplace recorded as Beech Hill. Same place though. LOWTHER, Rebecca Elizabeth (I5534)
119 Amelia persuaded her father to give up selling booze and to sell the inn. Amelia became chief housekeeper of Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. When James Ward died he left all his real and personal property to her and made William Reid an Executor." ("Dickson and Leslie Family Histories" © 1990 Custom Printers of Renfrew Ltd. ISBN 019942-09-1 ) WARD, Rachel Amelia (I2812)
120 Amherst Daily News, Monday, September 18, 1939, pg. #5; Reel #2681, NSARM,
Halifax, N.S.
OBITUARY: Annie Berry
Maccan, Sept. 16 - The death of Annie May Berry, age 76, took place at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Clarence Bigney, early Saturday morning, after an
illness of two weeks, following a paralytic stroke. The late Miss Berry was
a daughter of the late Edward and Paulina (Ward) Berry of Maccan. She
resided for several years following the death of his wife, with a brother at
Parrsboro, but spent the greater part of her life at Maccan where she was
well known and highly respected. For the past number of years she had lived
with her sister on the homestead where she spent her childhood. Owing to
failing health and faculties she had of late years been confined much to her
home, where, however, she took an active interest in household affairs, and
her sudden seizure came as a shock to the members of her family, to whom the
sympathy of their many friends is extended. She is survived by one brother,
Leonard of Boston and one sister, Maud (Mrs. Bigney) of Maccan.

Source: Dave Winter, 4 Feb 2014 
BERRY, Annie May (I5709)
121 Amy was widowed at age 43. At age 48 she was baptized on October 4,
1840. She was born a Baptist so it appears that she converted to
Anglican when she married Robert but wasn't baptized as such until
after his death.
Amy Ward is listed in the 1871 Hants County census as 79
years old, at household a 0 0 which means she had died within 12 months of the census.
She was buried with her husband in the Old St. James Burying Ground, Newport, Nova Scotia. The headstone says she died in 1868, but her actual death record is 1870 (the headstone must have been engraved years later and the year was from someone's memory). When she died she was living in Avondale at the home of her neice, Olive Miller (daughter of her sister Abigail). 
MOSHER, Emetine (Amy) (I123)
122 An entry in the Halifax Citizen of January 31, 1865 reads:
William Granville and Thomas Ward, severely pleaded guilty to a charge of selling liquor without a license, and were sentenced to pay a fine of $4 each.
(Thomas was the owner of Three Mile House Inn at the time) 
WARD, Thomas (I243)
123 has the family listed as 'Hard' instead of 'Ward'. Transcription error reported. WARD, Nicholas M. (I220)
124 Andrew Peck was from near Newburg, NY at the time of his marriage to Rebecca Scott. PEEK, Andrew Theophilus (I1746)
125 Anne Coates of Hudswell buried
widow to Richard Coates of Hudswell buried 
BINCKS, Ann (I6093)
126 Announcement in New York Museum newspaper Oct 24, 1807. Family F876
127 Apparently never married as she is still listed as 'Lavinia Berry' in the 1881 census and living on the original homestead. BERRY, Lavinia (I969)
128 Appears in the 1673 Hearth Tax: Thomas Warde, Hang West, Middleham WARD, Thomas (I6560)
129 Archibald Smith and his wife Anna lived on the Lake farm at Scotch Village; the Genealogy of the Smith Family gives considerable detail concerning Archibald, 'Previous to his marriage in 1790, he worked as a farm hand on the farm at home and for his neighbours, the Allisons, Days and others. It was customary to drive the fatted cattle to halifax on foot. There were no bridges across the St. Croix River, and fords were established to safeguard crossings, imperilled by shifting sands on tidal waters. The common ford was at 'Gravel Point', seldom or never now used, but still to be seen. From Halifax to Yarmouth was the 'Old Coach Road', still visible, the trail, from Newport joining it, thence to Halifax, over Ardoise Hill, passing through the 500 acre grant given to the Rev. George Gillmore in 1784, by the Nova Scotia Gov. ... Archibald Smith, on one of these 'drives of cattle' to Halifax met the young lady Anne Gillmore, who became his wife in 1790, and the mother of the many that bear the name Smith and others. About this time he acquired a property adjoining the Gillmore Grant, on the north, with the intention of settling thereon. Receiving from his father that portion of the Bennett Farm already mentioned, he sold the Ardoise property to his brother Thomas. It is said that after their marriage they moved to Cambridge, Kempt Township, buying a large tract of land from one, Robert Johnson, paying the sum of 400 pounds. Why they removed is not clear, but apparently they were not satisfied with their change, for the next year, 1813, we find them exchanging this large tract for a smaller one in Scotch Village, known as the Nathan Lake farm....' SMITH, Archibald (I1853)
130 Archibald's cousin. GILLMORE, Jane (I2048)
131 Arthur was a merchant, ship owner and political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented Hants County in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly from 1859 to 1863.
At the age of 16, he joined his brother Loran De Wolf in business in Halifax, later setting up in business for himself in Maitland. He also operated a farm.
Cochran was a justice of the peace, a school commissioner for East Hants and also served in the local militia for a time. In 1875, he was named to the province's Legislative Council. 
COCHRANE, Arthur McNutt (I4049)
132 As a young man he was employed by the Gov. of the Province to locate and
build the shore roads at Cambridge, Pembroke, Walton, Tennycape, Noel, etc.
Eventually he removed to Portland, ME engaging in business where his family
of eight childdren located. He died in 1849, aged 56. "
Source: Genealogy of the Smith Family, Descendants of Archibald &
Ann Gillmore, Compiled by Letson M. Smith, Scotch Village, NS, 1934, pg. 7 
SMITH, James (I2041)
133 as per Acadian Recorder April 1833 Family F1504
134 Assistant Housekeeper Halifax Poor Asylum. Her aunt Amelia (Ward) Reid was the head housekeeper. HANSON, Harriet Estella (I4700)
135 Assuming her name is Katheryn, since her son Ralph named his 2nd daughter Katheryn. UNKNOWN, Katheryn (I6849)
136 Assuming his name is Symond, since his son Ralph named his firstborn Symond. WARD, Simon (I6848)
137 Assumption based on the fact that she was not among the baptisms of the rest of the children in 1839. WARD, Rachel (I1566)
138 At Amherst, Oct.3, 1898, Capt. Isaac BURGESS, aged 80 years, he leaves a family of Sylvanus, John, George, Elisha, Rachel (Mrs. G. Thackeray), Caroline (Mrs. John
Bishop), Clara (Mrs. T. Sanford), Olive J. (Mrs. E. Marsters) and Amy (Mrs. James Fielding). Mrs. Burgess, the former Miss Mary ANTHONY, died about 23 years ago. Capt. Isaac Burgess has three sisters – Eliza (Mrs. Benj. Smith), Sarah (Mrs. Jas. M. Sanford) and Katie (Mrs. Jacob Reynolds). THE HANTS JOURNAL 1896 – July 1903, Volume 1 
BURGESS, Capt Isaac (I1732)
139 At age 85 He was lost at sea, and nothing was ever heard of him or any
of the crew. 
MOSHER, Capt. Barzillai (I452)
140 At Amherst on Friday evening the 3rd inst. after a protracted illess, Eleanor, wife of R. McG. Dickey, Esq. M.P.P. in the 59th year of her age, much and justly esteemed by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.
Acadian Recorder 11 March 1848 
CHAPMAN, Eleanor Salisbury (I4991)
141 At Anderston, near Glasgow, on the 26th November last, William Kidston Esq. aged 74 years - formerly a respected merchant of this place. Acadian Recorder Issue: 4 February 1832 Vol. 20 No. 5 KIDSTON, William (I4161)
142 At Ardice Hill on the 1st instant in the 60th year of his age, Mr. James Hunter Sen. leaving a wife and child, with a large circle of relations to lament his loss.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 10 April 1830 Vol. 18 No. 15
HUNTER, James (I4093)
143 At Ardice Hill, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Porter, Mr. James Hunter, to Miss Hannah Kennedy, both of that place. Acadian Recorder Issue: 29 May 1824 Vol. 12 No. 22 Family F1466
144 At Ardice Hill, on Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. King, Mr. Benjamin Sweet, to Jane Rachel, youngest daughter of Mr. Lodowick Hunter of that place.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 6 December 1828 Vol. 16 No. 49 
Family F996
145 At Ardoise Hill by the Rev. Mr. King, Mr. William Dill of Windsor, to Mrs. Margaret-Ann, widow of the late John Partis of this town and daughter of Mr. L. Hunter. Acadian Recorder
Issue: 4 February 1826 Vol. 14 No. 5 
Family F1229
146 At Bras d'Or Lake, C.B. on the 1st ult, Mr. William Duffus, in the 32d year of his age.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 11 December 1830 Vol. 18 No. 50 
DUFFUS, William (I3795)
147 At Cumberland, 19th August, 1786, Andrew and his brothers were put under the guardianship of a John Stuart of Amherst 5 yrs after their father died.

This same John Stuart Jr. later purchased land from Andrew's older brother Thomas, April 20, 1790, signed by Thomas and Mary Berry, and William and Nancy Hall (his mother) 
BERRY, Andrew (I991)
148 At Cumberland, 19th August, 1786, William and his brothers were put under the guardianship of a John Stuart Jr. of Amherst 5 yrs after their father died.

Note: The definition given of 'letter of guardianship': "A legal document that grants to an individual the legal authority to oversee the affairs of a minor child or an adult who is deemed by a court to be incapable of managing his or her own affairs."
So, it doesn't necessarily mean that John Stuart took them in to raise them. He may have only been a 'guardian' in the handling of their affairs.

This same John Stuart later purchased land from William's older brother Thomas, April 20, 1790, signed by Thomas and Mary Berry, and William and Nancy Hall (William's mother)

On 27 November 1802 a William Berry and his wife Phebe sold 875 acres to John Ripley (Deed Book G, p. 416, Document #503709272, registered 1821). 

William Berry signed as a witness various legal documents/wills in Amherst such as in 1811 he witnessed the will of Henry Jones of Amherst.
In 1819 he bought a pair of milk cows at auction from the estate of the late Peter Niles. 
BERRY, William (I990)
149 At Douglas on Sunday the 10th inst., Hannah, wife of Matthew McNeil, in the 33d year of her age; leaving a husband and six small children to lament their loss. Acadian Recorder: 23 June 1838 BLOIS, Hanna Lutches (I2289)
150 At Douglas on Tuesday the 6th of November, by the Rev. Thomas Crosswaith, Mr. John Withrow, to Miss Sarah Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry Blois both of that place.Acadian Recorder Issue: 17 November 1832 Vol. 20 No. 46 BLOIS, Sarah Maria (I3960)

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