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101 1334-5, Hilary Term. — Alice, widow of Simon Warde, claimed against Isabel [or Elizabeth] widow of Roger Damory one-third of one-fourth of the manors of Escrik and Kirkeby under Knolle, as her dower.
1335, Easter Term. — Alice, widow of Simon Ward, claimed against William Graa and Joan his wife one third of 15 messuages, one mill, 17^ bovates and 69 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow and 6s. rent in Drightlyngton and Alvvaldon [Adwalton], as her dower. The defendants vouched to warranty John de Langeton, parson of Bulmer, and John deWomme of York. 
UNKNOWN, Alice (I8036)
102 1349, September 16. — Sir Simon Warde presented John de Hawksworth, clerk, to the Rectory of Guiseley, on the death of John Warde.
More than one half of the parish priests in Yorkshire are said to have perished by the Black Death in 1349; John Warde was probably one of the victims. 
WARD, John (I8037)
103 1373,June 19. — -John Warde, son and heir [apparent] of Simon Warde, knight, released, to Sir Simon and Lady Joan his wife, for their lives, certain lands and tenements in Neuby-on-Youre.

1373, December 5. — Agreement between John de Hamerton and John eldest son of Sir Simon Warde, for the marriage of John Warde and Katherine daughter of John "Damerton" [i.e. de Hamerton]. Hamerton is to pay John 100 marks [£66, 135. 4 Johnde Hamerton, esq., and his wife, paid 20;. Poll Tax at Green Hammerton in 1378-9. 5

1378-9, January 27. — John son of Sir Simon Ward gave a power of attorney to John llketon of Hamerton and Richard de Sunygges, to enter and receive the manors of Gevendale, Neuby-on-Yore and Hesseholt, and the vill of Gysselay, with the advowson of the church there, after the death of Sir Simon, his father, whenever it should happen." The vill of Guiseley would include the Baildon property.

1385, Michaelmas Term. — Sir John Warde sued Joan widow of Sir Simon Warde [his father] tor the return of 12 charters, which she detained from him. (my note: Joan would be Sir John's stepmother)

1385, Michaelmas Term. — John Warde, chivaler, complained of William Raynson of Skelton, and many others, for entering his free warren at Neweby and Gyvendale, and hunting there without leave, and for taking fish, value /, 10, in his several fishery there, and for taking hares, coneys, pheasants and partridges in the warren.

1386, September 17. — Sir John Warde was one of the witnesses in the
celebrated Scrope and Grosvenor controversy, 1385 to 1390. He stated that he was aged 46 years and more; that he had seen Sir Richard le Scrope armed in the arms, azure, a bend or, in Scotland, in the expedition of the Lord of Lancaster [John of Gaunt], and in the last expedition of the King into Scotland; that he was for half a year in the retinue of Sir William Scrope, son of Sir Richard, in Gascony, and there often saw Sir William armed in the same arms with a label; that he had a chamber in his manor house called Gyvendale, where the arms of Scrope were set up and depicted on the wall, in which chamber were also the arms of Lord Neville, Lord Percy, Lord Clifford, and others, which had been in the said chamber for one hundred and sixty years, as his father had told him. 
WARD, Sir John (I7868)
104 14/18 William Bowman Barden 1661            3007            97-99
In the name of god Amen the tennte of March in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and sixty one I William Bowman of Barden in the County of Yorke yeoman being sicke butt of good and perfect memory praysed be Almighty god for it doe make and ordaine this my will and testament in manner and forme following that is to say
first I bequeath my soule into the hands of almighty god my maker and redeemer trusting by his death and passion to have full pardon adn remission of all my sinnes, and I will that my body be buryed in the Church yard of Hawxwell and that all dues be paid for my sayd funerall
Item I give and bequeath unto Francis my wife and John my sonn and Dorithy my dowter and mary my dowter all my houshold stuffe goods and Chattells which I have now about my house.
Item Item I give and bequeath to my dowter Sisalay tenne pounds to be peade att mecellmis next and other tenn pounds to be payd att mecellmis next afther.
Iten Item I give and bequeath unto my dowter Anne tenne pounds to be peade after a yeare after my death and other tenne pounds more to be peade halfe a yeare afther.
Item Item I give and bequeath unto to my sonne Thomas Bowman five and twenty shillings to be peade three yeare afther my death and to his three children five shillings a yeare to be peade when they com at age [...........]
the rest of my goods moveable and unmoveable debts bills bonds together with the lease of my farme which I have [my bonds bills] debts and funeral discharged Item I give and bequeath unto Francis my wife and John my sonne and dorithy my dowther and mary my dowter I make sole executrix of this my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I have sett to my hand the day and yeare above written.
William Bowman his mark
William Ianson
George Wattson marke
Mearch 14 day 1661
A true Inventory of William Bowman goods leatly deceased in Barden
Item his purse and apearell preased to

Item 10 kine valued to

Item 8 twinters besse valued to

Item 8 calves valued to

Item 9 horis valued to

Item 90 sheepe vaued to

Item puder and brasse valued to

Item a Covereat and a table valued to

Item all the rest of the houshold stuffe valued to

Item all bedden and linin valued to

Item hey valued to

The sum is

John Ianson his mark
Marmaduke Walker
George Watson his marke
William Ianson 
BOWMAN, William (I7606)
105 1400-1,February 14. — The will of Simon Warde. esq., was proved by Thomas Warde, the brother and executor; it was not copied into the Register.8 I am inclined to think that Simon and Thomas were younger sons of Sir Simon, 8. A.
WARD, Simon Esq (I8040)
106 1402, Michaelmas Term: — Robert de Huntyngtcm of York sued Elizabeth widow of Simon Warde for a debt of /"40. 1 She was probably the widow of the Simon just mentioned. UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (I8042)
107 1405, March 26. — John and Roger, sons of Sir John Warde, knight, released to Richard de Skelton all their right in a garden in Annsgate, Ripon. Witnesses: William de Fencotes, and others. Sir John had granted this property to John Memersmyth and Beatrice his wife before December 29, 1391

1414., December 10. — Roger son and heir of Sir John Warde_ presented Simon Warde, clerk, to the Rectory of Guiseley, on the death of Robert Marras.

1413, Trinity Term. — Elizabeth widow of John de Hirst appealed Thomas de Merkyngfeld the younger, John and Robert de Merkyngfeld, Roger Ward and Nicholas Ward, and others for the death of her husband. The three Markenfields were sons of Sir Thomas Markenfield; Roger Warde married their sister Joan, and this note suggests that the marriage has already taken place.

1414-5, March 1, April 16. — Roger Ward witnessed the agreement for the marriage of Walter, son of Sir Walter de Calverley, with Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas de Markenfield of Markenfield, and the settlement consequent thereon. Elizabeth Markenfield was the sister of Roger Warde's wife.

1415, June 25. — By the inquisition taken after the death of Beatrice, widow of Thomas, Lord de Roos, it was found that her Baildon property was held of Sir John Warde, by knight service. The information as to the tenure was probably copied from the earlier inquisition in 1383; Sir John was certainly dead, and the property was held of Roger.

1416, September 20. — Roger Warde presented William Sharrowe, priest, to the Rectory of Guiseley, on the death of Simon Warde.

1422-3.— A deed was executed relating to the estate of Sir Roger Warde, Joan his wife, and Nicholas his son, in Givendale, Asshold [Esholt] and Keswick.

1423, Michaelmas Term. — Katherine, Queen of England, complained of Roger Warde of Gyndale, chivaler, and Nicholas Warde of Gyndale, esq., for hunting in her park at Knaresborough without leave, and taking and carrying off her game [finis] there.

1423-4, March 15. — Sir Roger Warde witnessed a charter of Sir John Bigodof Settrington, and others, the surviving feoffees of Sir WalterCalverley, deceased, releasing the manors of Calverley, Burley inWharfedale, etc., to Walter Calverley.

1429, June 18. — At the proof of age of William Ingilby of Ripley, Roger Warde, chivaler, aged 46, testified that William came of age on June 8 last; Roger well remembered his birth, for on that day he was knighted. This evidence gives us two useful facts, Sir Roger's age, and his knighthood on June 8, 1408. 
WARD, Sir Roger (I7727)
108 1453.— Prior Swynton of Fountains Abbey records in his Account Book a payment of 4d. when the Abbat baptised the son of Roger Warde of Givendale at Ripon. This date would fit tor the baptism of Christopher, Roger's eldest son, but as the infant's christian name is not mentioned it is impossible to be certain.

1455.— Sir Roger Warde, knight, and Joan his wife were admitted members of the Guild of Corpus Christi at York.

Dame Joan survived Sir Roger, and married Sir William Stapelton of Wighill, as his second wife. They were admitted to the Guild of Corpus Christi at York in 1472. She was executrix of his will in 1503. 
WARD, Sir Roger (I7710)
109 15 Jan 1842 if we calculate from her death record which says
85 yrs 11 months 29 days back from 13 jan 1928 
LOWTHERS, Mary Jane (I101)
110 1507-8, February 24. — Will of Dame Joan Stapelton. She desires to be "beryd in the paryshe chyrche of Wyghall, in the chapell of our Lady in the northe parte of the same chyrche, wit my husband" [Stapelton];
- "to the Prioresse and the Convent of Essholt xx.r.,to pray tor me";
- "to my sone, Syr Christofer Warde, knyght, if he life after me, a ryng wit ij stonys, and a goblett of sylver wit the coveryng";
- to my son, John Warde, a ryng wit a dyamonde, and a Prymor whiche is called my Bretar' [sic] boke, if he life after me";
- "to my doghter, Dame Margarete Norton, a ryng wit abalys, and a gyrdil wit a golde tushwe [tissue], if she lit after me";
- "to Sir John Norton, knyght, a gilt goblett wit the coveryng";
- "to my son Bryan Stapilton, my weddyng ryng";
- "to John Norton, my gc son, a pese of sylver, Parys-warke";
- "to my doghter, Dame Margarete Norton, my crosse wit the releke, and all the goodes whych shal be praysyd witin halfe the valor that thei shal be prasyd to";
-"I will that my son, John Warde, gyfe to Roger, his basterd son, x marke, whych x marke he awe me for corn and catall, what tyme as he thinkes most necessary to the saide chyld."
- "I make my doghter, Dame Margaret Norton, and my son, John Warde, my executors, and my son, Sir John Norton, supervisor; and I will that all the resydew of my godes be disposed for the well of my soule." Proved March 23, 1507-8. * 
TUNSTALL, Joan (I7711)
111 1596–7.—HILARY TERM, 39 ELIZABETH.
William Cotes als. Coots: Richard Willance and Elizabeth his wife and James Willance, Lands in Hudswell and Richmond.


The Bowes family and various partners or associates trading lead with London merchants from Newcastle, and occasionally to Hamburg and other European ports, but there was at least one variation in this structure when in March 1593 two other members of the family, Sir William Bowes of Bradley (and of Streatlam, son of Sir George Bowes d. 1580) Henry Bowes of Newcastle, and one Richard Willance, draper, of Richmond, agreed to deliver ten fothers of „soft merchantable lead in small pigs‟ by 1st September 1593, to „the Queen Majesty‟s beam‟ Wiggens Quay, London.
There is good indication that this lead was produced in Teesdale, because
Hartlepool was the shipping port, and the indenture specified „Hartlepool weight‟ – twenty hundredweight per fother or 2240 lbs of pig lead. 
WILLANCE, Richard (I6785)
112 1684 the freeholders in Hurworth were, Benjamin Lister, Esq. Barrister; John Burnett, of Croft, Gent. (fn. 15); William Jennison, Gent. of Neasham Abbey; Ann Byerly, widow, at London; Judith Richardson, spinster; Hamond Beaumont, Clerk; Ann Marley, widow; Thomas Bromley, Gent. of Monk Heselden; George Slany, of Middleton-Tyas; Thomas Bulman, Gent.; William Ward, aged; Michael Harrison, Gent.; Robert Smith, Gent. of Durham; Ninian Gresham; Robert Warde, of Darneton; Cuthbert Bore, of Skipbridge-house; Timothy Kitchingman, at Baulke, in Yorkshire; Francis Buckle, William Walker, and James Hamilton. BULMAN, Thomas (I7075)
113 1684 the freeholders in Hurworth were, Benjamin Lister, Esq. Barrister; John Burnett, of Croft, Gent. (fn. 15); William Jennison, Gent. of Neasham Abbey; Ann Byerly, widow, at London; Judith Richardson, spinster; Hamond Beaumont, Clerk; Ann Marley, widow; Thomas Bromley, Gent. of Monk Heselden; George Slany, of Middleton-Tyas; Thomas Bulman, Gent.; William Ward, aged; Michael Harrison, Gent.; Robert Smith, Gent. of Durham; Ninian Gresham; Robert Warde, of Darneton; Cuthbert Bore, of Skipbridge-house; Timothy Kitchingman, at Baulke, in Yorkshire; Francis Buckle, William Walker, and James Hamilton. WARD, William (I7018)
114 1693 Marske parish register: "Marga; daughter of Ralph Ward baptized April 17" WARD, Margaret (I628)
115 1694 Marske Parish record: "Anne daughter of Ralph Ward baptized Mar 10th" WARD, Anne (I629)
116 1697 Parish Record: "John, son of Ralph Ward baptized May 16th." WARD, John (I618)
117 1699 (appears to be under 1698 but they just forgot to change the year in the register list) Parish record: "Simon son of Ralph Ward baptized March 5th" WARD, Simon (I4073)
118 1851 census he is living with future wife's parents and is called a 'son', so perhaps his mother Euphemia died while he was still young and was taken in by the Paton family.
1901 census James is a widower living at Kingseathill, Dunfermline with daughter Maggie 
DALRYMPLE, James (I331)
119 1851 census in Reeth gives birthplace as Kirby Hill WARD, William (I7445)
120 1861 census as the head of a household of 11
Interesting that in The British Colonist - Feb 20, 1858, the following is printed:
"...Also from Thomas Ward, formerly of the Three Mile House, in reference to the destruction of his house by fire from sparks from the railway engine" 
WARD, Thomas (I243)
121 1861 census shows a total of 8 in the household. 3 males and 5 females. Nicholas and his son John are 2 of the males but I don't know who the 3rd male would be. Although there is a gap of a few years between daughter Lucy b. 1853 and Sarah, b. 1861, so there must have been another son born between and who died between the 1861 and 1871 censuses. WARD, Nicholas M. (I220)
122 1871 census - household of Allan Berry age 24, Harriet 28, Mary Eliza 19 and widow Susan age 60 KILCUP, Susan (I1015)
123 1871 census he is living in household of James Henry and Lucinda Ward (either his parents or his grandparents)
1881 census shows him living with the James and Martha Finlay family in Brooklyn, Hants County. 
WARD, Sylvanus (I285)
124 1871 census, living in Kempt, NS wife Rachel
1881 census, makes him born in 1814 - carpenter
1891 census, living in Cambridge, Hants County, NS ship's carpenter

Simon's grandfather Simon Ward's will says: "First I give unto my son Robert Ward the use of the following Lots of Land during his natural Life and at his death to his son Simon Ward and to his heirs and assigns for ever viz. one Lot of upland containing thirty acres being a part of Lot number fifteen bounded southerly on the new road Landing to ___ easterly on Land of John Ward north of the river West on __Land of Felix Cochran and twenty eight and one half acres being apart of Lot number fourteen and bounded southerly on Land of the Late James Smith easterly and northerly on Land of John Ward and west on Land of Felix Cochrane and it is my will that Simon Ward do pay unto Henry the son of my daughter Susana Blois ten pounds when he arrives at the age of twenty one..."

Simon, son of Robert, inherits the above land at Robert's death. Then, in 1841, he sells the land to James Fox Cochrane. 
WARD, Simon (I241)
125 1891 census - house carpenter - living with parents WARD, Leonard D. (I266)
126 1901 Census gives her date of birth as Feb. 11, 1830 but according to her death record, she was 84 at the time of death on May 24th, 1910. This would put her birth at 1826.
- Sometime after 1901 Sarah moved to Boston, likely to live with relatives. (Two of her daughters lived in Boston.. Laura Ward and Sadie (Bater)
Her brother Edward's obit says "his sister Mrs. Sarah Ward attended from Boston."
Sarah was buried with her husband at Maplewood Cemetery, Windsor, Nova Scotia. plot 06 8N (headstone appears to say 1913, but death record filled out by attending physician says clearly 1910.) The headstone could have been erected at a much later date at which time the date of death was only guessed at. 
CALDWELL, Sarah (I40)
127 1901 census has his birthdate as 29 Apr 1878. RILEY, Ernest Clare (I386)
128 1901 census living in Avondale, NS CHURCH, George Ezra (I1120)
129 1901 census says Elsie is adopted MCALONEY, Elsie (I2719)
130 1901 census says immigration to Canada was 1840 LOWTHERS, Edward (I655)
131 1901 he is living in the household of Mary Ann Hodgson as a servant.
Also in this household is a Robert Peacock, a grandson of Mary Ann Hodgson. 
PEACOCK, William Edmund (I10016)
132 1901 living in the household of her brother-in-law George Stairs MCKENZIE, Jessie E. (I3899)
133 1901, still single and living with his uncle John, aunt Alice. His occupation is 'Rabbit catcher' DEMAIN, Pratt (I9717)
134 1921 census lists her as 'Weewaikai' for origin OWEN, Emogene Mary (I1002)
135 19th September, 12th Henry VII. (1497) — Deed poll whereby John Wandesford, esq., grants to Christopher Ward and others {i?tter alia) his manor of Kirtelyngton (Kirklington) with the advowson thereof, and all his lands in Yarnewick, Sutton Holgrave, etc.

20th November, 12th Henry VII. (1497) — A Deed poll whereby Sir Christopher Ward and Edward Musgrave release to the said John Wandesford all their right to the manor and lands conveyed by the last deed. 
WANDESFORDE, Christopher (I7717)
136 6 weeks old at baptism COATES, Ann (I6133)
137 88, Union Corner, Hants Co., passed away unexpectedly Saturday, June 30, 2007, in Hants Community Hospital, Windsor. Born in Poplar Grove, she was a daughter of the late Charles and Mary (Foley) Burke. Minnie was a member of the Windsor Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and was a devoted and loving wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was the last surviving member of her immediate family. Minnie is survived by her children, Raymond (Mary), Newport Corner; Mary (George) Hauer, Union Corner; Fred, Union Corner; David (Lois), Union Corner; Dell (Cheryl), Brooklyn; Reid (Sandra), Brooklyn, and Susan (Bernie) Dunlap, Falmouth; daughter-in-law, Diane Church, Windsor; sister-in-law, Winnie Betten, Gypsum Mines; 20 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren; half-sisters, Marie Anthony and Betty (Basil) MacAllister; half-brothers, Charles Jr. (Eleanor) Burke and Gary Burke; also several nieces and nephews. Minnie was predeceased by her
loving husband, George Howard Church (February 2007); son, Robert "Bob" Church; daughter-in-law, Sharon Church; son-in-law, Jim Williams; sisters, Anne Willet and Chris Baker; brothers, William, Fred and Earl Burke. Arrangements have been entrusted to Lohnes Funeral Service, 419 Albert St., Windsor (902-798-8317). There will be no visitation or funeral by request. A private family interment service will be held at a later date in Ste. Croix Cemetery, St. Croix. Family flowers only. Donations in memory of Minnie may be made to Victorian Order of Nurses Annapolis Valley Branch, West Hants Office, 89 Payzant Dr., 2nd Floor, Hants Community Hospital, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0, or to a charity of one's choice. Private messages of condolence may be made in the "Guest Book" at: 
BURKE, Minnie Josephine (I1125)
138 98/9 Christopher Ward Braithwaite 1569 889/43

In dei noime amen decemodie mensis July Anno Dmi 1569
I Christofer Ward of Braythwet wthin the countye of Yorke [beinge] seike in body but of good and perfyt remembrance mayke this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge, Fyrst of all th[eirfor] I commit my soul into the hands of all mightye god my maker and redemer and my body to be buryed in the churchyeard of Mydlam with all the dewties thereunto belonging to be payd Item I gyve and bequeath to my [son] [ ] Ward my hole tytle and intrest of Braythwet, and my [leasse] of Coverham uppon this condition that he shall suffer [ ] my wyff to occupie and injoye the foresaid fermhold and lease so longe as she dooth kepe hir widow
Item I will that my wyff Elisabeth shall pay or cause to be payd unto my sone Henrie Ward for his preferment of [learn]yng for the space and tyme of [sex] yeres next and immediatlye following after my death eight pounds of lawfull money of England yerely [during] the said [tearme] [and] for the space of [three] yers then next and immediately following sex pounds xiijs iiijd yerely during the tearm of the sayd three yeres yf she [leve] and remayne widow so long And allso to bringe up the residew of my children upon the same fermhold.
Item I will that yf god shall call uppon my sone Richard to his [mercy] before he come to the age of xxjth yeres, then I gyve my holl tytle [and right] of Braythwet and Coverham to myson John Ward prvydyd always that he shall suffer his mother Elisabeth to occupye and injoye the [sayd] fermhold and lease to hir proffet as is afore [reservyd] to my sone Richard and wth [such] conditions.
Item I will that when my son Richard or John whether soever god shall appoint to come to the age of xxjth yeres, then the said Richard or John shall enter uppon half my fermhold of Braythwet, duringe the wedowhed of Elisabeth my wiff and after the wedowhead, the afforsaid Richard or John whether god shall appoint to enter uppon my holl tytle and inrest of Braythwet accordinge to the trew intent and meaning of this my last will and testament.
Item I will that yf god shall call to his mercye my sones Richard and John, before that they coom to the age of xxjth yeres then I will that my sone Henry shall have my holl tytle and interest of Braythwet provydyd always that he shall suffer my wyff Elisabeth to occupie and injoye the hole tytle and intrest of my fermhold at Braythwet peaceably and quietlye duringe hir wedowhead.
Item I will that yf Elsabeth my wyff do marry, or yf god do call hir to his mercy before my sone Richard or John coom to the age of xxjth yeres then I put the ordre of my fermhold at Braythwet wth all my Intrest to the use of my brother Richard Ward and to my brother in law Christofer Doddisworth and they to occupye the ferme tothe use and proffyt of my chidren, unto such tyme as my sone Richard or John come to the age of xxjth yeres. And the said Richard and Christofer to pay unto my sone Henry such some of money as is unpaid as affor is expressyd
Item I will that the childes portion wch belongeth unto my sone Henry Immediatly after my death shal be deliveryd into the hands of my brother Richard that the profit therof may come to my sone Henry to the mayntnace of his learning, And yf my brother refus yt my brother Doddisworth to occupye yt to my sone Henries use.
Item I bequeth to my sone in law Thomas Dickinson all my houshold stuff, now [lying] at Gay[t]hill.
Item I bequeth to my brother Richard Ward my best gown, and to my brother in law Christofer Dodisworth one fillie fole wch was under my grisseld mare.
Item I bequeth to my syster Doddisworth one why of thre yeres old.
Item I bequeth to James Ward my brother sone one ewe and a lamb.
Item I bequeth to John Doddisworth and his thre systers every one of them one ewe and a lamb.
Item I bequeth to Magdalene Croft a calf of a yere old.
Item I will that Allison Trotter the wyff of Thomas Trotter both winter and somer shall have a cow going at Braythwet at the cost and charge of myne [assignes] as longe as the said Allison shall leve.
Item I bequeth to every of my servants now being at Braythwet, one ewe and a lamb.
Item I geve to Francis Smyth one ewe and a lamb.
Item I gyve to the reparation of the parishe church of Wytton xijd, and to the table of the same [vijd] Item I gyve to Sir xpofer Maysterman ijs.
Item I gyve to Sir Richard Fawcet iijs.
Item I will that a dymond be provydyd the [day of my .........] at the disscression of my friends.
Item I mayke my wyff Elisabeth and John my sone and Margaret my dowghter my hole executors of all my part not bequeathed and yt to be equally divydyd imongst them, and they to pay my debts, legacs and funerall expences to be taykin furth of the holl goods, Wytnesses hereof Christofer Doddisworth, Anthony Metcalf [ ]nes Buckill, Anthony Buckill and William Buckill wth other mo. And the same will red and well [lyveryd] uppon by the said testator the last day of Januarye [which in] the [presence] of Christofer Doddisworth, Richard Ward, Robt Beckwith and Thomas [Dawes] wth other mo
The inventorye of all the goods moveable and unmoveable [ ] xpofer Wards at the day of his death prayssed the sext day of Februarye in the xiiijth yere of the reigne of our sovereign ladye Elisabeth by thes men followinge Robt Beckwith, Charles Atkinson, Rauff Lofthowss and Thomas Horner
Imprimis xviijth kyen and fyve calfes xxixli
Item xviijth calves viijli
Item xlviijth ewe sixli xijs
Item sex oxen wth teames and sled xiiijli xiijs iiijd
Item thre mares ij coults, and a gray courtall xli
Item fyve stacks and sex pecs of hay vijli xiijs viijd
Item a feild of hard corn of ix acres viijli xs
Item wheat and ots to thresshe iiijli
Item xxxxiij th wedders and tupes xxli
Item sex old swine and viij [p..s]ls
Item winter [beyff] xxxiijs iiijd
In one chamber
Item a standing bed, atrynels bed one press, a [coverd] table, thre short [so..ills]
wth furniture iiijli vjs viijd
Item purse and girdle and his apparell iijli
Item iij payr of sheits xxvjs viijd
Item a bed and a counter in an other chamber xxxiijs iiijd
Item corn in the garners xxs
Item in an other chamber a fedder bed and two mattresses xls
Item in the parlor a [lo...dill] bed, a cooboord a table & a saddle, ij lyttill chysts
and a chayr xxxiijs iiijd
Item xij [sil] [spaynes] liijs iiijd
Item pots pans pueder vessel wth other kytchin stuff of wood vjli xiijs iiijd
Item a [bayhorse] ijli [vij]s viijd
Sum [lij]li jli vjsviijd
The debitorie of the testator at the day of his death
Item [owen unto] [ ] Thomas Atkinson for his childs protion [lli]
Item into the same[..........] vli vjs viijd
Item unto the same for a horse iijli
Item unto Mr [Been] of York vli
Item unto Rauff Scott xviijli
Item unto Elsabeth Shaw vijli
Item the rest of Braythwet for one half yere vli viijs [iiij]d
Item that [way] xxijs
Sum iiijxxxiiijli xvijs
Summa remaineth xlviijliixs viijd 
WARD, Christopher (I8871)
139 1862 27 September. The Leeds Mercury; Issue 7632
WARD. – Sept. 21st , aged 76 ESTHER, widow of Mr THOMAS WARD, of Reeth Swaledale.

Headstone: In memory of the late Esther Ward widow of the late Thomas Ward of Reeth (who also lies interred in this yard) She departed this life September the 21st, 1862 in the 77th year of her age.
Also of Mary Ward daughter of the above who died November 25th 1896 aged 76 years. 
HOWSON, Esther (I6980)
140 Donald Fraser "Don" Ward
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle and friend, has passed away at the Saint John Regional Hospital on May 7, 2013. Don was born in Sydney, N.S on July 12, 1932, the son of the late Claude and Jean (McBratney) Ward. He attended the Nova Scotia College of Art, and was the Senior Graphic Artist at CJCB in Sydney, and CHSJ in Saint John. Don and several of his friends from the art college formed the Harmony Lake group of artists, and met at various locations for many years to sketch, paint, and enjoy critiquing each other's work. He was a water colourist whose paintings are in many collections. Don enjoyed giving art lessons in his home, and at NBCC over the years. 

He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Eileen, daughter Carol Ann (Mark Mercer), grandsons Jared, and Jordan, who resides in Edmonton, sister Lillian in Sydney, brother Bob in Ontario, as well as several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents, brothers William and Harold, and an infant sister. 

Resting at Kennebecasis Community Funeral Home, 152 Pettingill Road, Quispamsis (849-2119), with visiting on Thursday from 2-4 and 6-8 pm. The Funeral Service will be held from Rothesay Baptist Church on Friday, May 10 at 2:00 pm. Interment will take place in Rothesay Baptist Cemetery at a later date. For those who wish, remembrances to Word of Life (, or a charity of the donor's choice would be appreciated by the family. Due to allergies in the family, no flowers will be accepted. Online condolences and remembrances may be placed at 
WARD, Donald Fraser (I185)
141 Inscriptions:

Affectionate Remembrance of George WARD of Reeth who died January 22nd 1869 in the 82nd year of his age His end was peace
and of Frances his wife who died March 2nd 1872 Aged 63 years
WARD, George (I8805)
142 Jacob Troop – Shoemaker – Granville, Annapolis County – 1838
No. of Male Children under six years of age: 0
No. of Female Children under six years of age: 0
No. of Males under fourteen years of age: 0
No. of Females under fourteen years of age: 0
No. of Males above fourteen years of age and not heads of Families: 0
No. of Females above fourteen years of age: 1
Total No. in Family: 2

TROOP, Jacob Valentine (I12871)
143 NORTHUP, Lena Hazel - 94, Halifax, passed away January 10, 2002, in the VG Site, QEII. Born in Brooklyn, Hants Co., she was a daughter of the late Jehu and Edith (Ward) Ward. She was a long-time member of Emmanuel Anglican Church, Spryfield. She is survived by sons, Kenneth (Pat), Halifax; Donald, Stewiacke; sister, Jean (Allan) Latta, Windsor; nine grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; one great great-grandchild; several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by husband, Dudley Northup; daughter, Patricia Slaunwhite; brothers, Gordon and Melvin; sisters, Esther Northup and Rita McClair. Visitation will be 2-4, 7-9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday in J. Albert Walker Funeral Home, Halifax. Funeral service will be held 11 a.m. Monday, January 14, in Emmanuel Anglican Church, Spryfield, Archdeacon Karen Hunt officiating. Burial to follow in Fairview Lawn Cemetery. Donations may be made in memory to Emmanuel Anglican Church, Spryfield.

Friday, January 11, 2002
The Halifax Herald Limited 
WARD, Lena Hazel (I1013)
144 Valentine Troop – Farmer – Granville, Annapolis County – 1838
No. of Male Children under six years of age: 0
No. of Female Children under six years of age: 1
No. of Males under fourteen years of age: 0
No. of Females under fourteen years of age: 0
No. of Males above fourteen years of age and not heads of Families: 3
No. of Females above fourteen years of age: 2
Total No. in Family: 7 
TROOP, Valentine (I12869)
145 Walter Gordon Bowes

Age 98, died of a heart attack September 18th at Windsor Hospital. He was born in Windsor, N.S. the son of Amy and Frederick Bowes and has been living the past six years in Middle Sackville, N.S. He leaves to mourn his wife Marion, sons Frank (Lynne), Ian (Gloria) and daughter Karen (Neil), grandchildren, Alexander, Amy, Laura and Sarah.His teaching career started in Nova Scotia at Bramber, then Lantz, Bedford and Dartmouth. He moved to St Bruno, Quebec in 1956 as a French specialist in the high schools south of Montreal. After his retirement he completed courses in translation. He loved language and tried to learn a new word each day. He enjoyed crosswords and listening to the radio, He had an amazing sense of humour and touched a lot of people in his lifetime.His body has been donated to Dalhousie University for medical study.Many thanks to all the caring people from the hospital and Northwood Special Nursing Care during the past few years.There will be a memorial service for Gordon at Mount Bruno United Church, 25 Rue Lakeview, St. Bruno, Quebec on Sunday October 16 at 2pm.

Published in Montreal Gazette on Sept. 23, 2016 
BOWES, Walter Gordon (I10853)
146 WARD, Shirley Ann Peacefully passed away to her heavenly home on October 4, 2015 at Carpenter Hospice. Beloved wife of Robert for 52 years. Proud mother of twin daughters Debra Ward and Kathlene Evans and son-in-law Tim Evans. Remembered with love by her grandchildren Bronwyn, Braydon and Cade. Predeceased by her granddaughter Brianne. Cherished by her sister and friend Sherrie Clark, nieces Leslie-Ann and Colleen and nephew Scott. Sadly missed by her canine companion Paris. Shirley was a past member of the RCAF and was a talented church pianist for many years, as well as a piano teacher. As a member of Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, Shirley often gave words of encouragement. Friends are invited to Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church (1401 Guelph Line, Burlington) on Friday, October 9th at 10 a.m. for a Memorial Service. Interment to follow at Burlington Memorial Gardens. CLARK, Shirley Ann (I43)
147 A 90 year old Moses is living in his daughter Priscilla Dexter's household. ROLFE, Moses (I3618)
148 A brewers manager WALTERS, James (I13573)
149 A fundamentalist Baptist, Rachel Amelia (Ward) Reid divorced William Reid because he liked other women and Scotch whiskey. It was one of the first divorces granted in Nova Scotia. Family F967
150 A George Ward, Melsonby, served on Quarter Sessions juries in both Thirsk and Richmond in the years 1635, 1636, 1637, 1638, 1639, 1641, 1642 WARD, George (I6584)

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