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1401 Occupation in 1713 miner COATES, George (I10216)
1402 Occupation on death certificate says 'decorator'
Cause of death cerebral hemorage
-buried at St. John Norway Cemetery along with wife Jane.
Half plot 20, Range 7, Section 16, South Grave. 
DALRYMPLE, James (I51)
1403 Occupation, cattle doctor (vet) MARTIN, John (I9300)
1404 Occupation, publican CLOSE, Edmund (I11158)
1405 Occupation: cowman WARD, Simon (I4328)
1406 Occupation: farm labourer WARD, Simon (I5661)
1407 Occupation: Herdsman's assistant WARD, Herbert (I10289)
1408 Occupation: Potter's Foreman WARD, Edward Petty (I10309)
1409 of 'Hill Top' HILLARY, John (I10638)
1410 of convulsions WARD, Annie (I684)
1411 of Horton, Kings County, Nova Scotia EVANS, David (I687)
1412 Of interest is this possible ancestor of William:
"Henry Wilkinson
(died 1649)
Of Forcett, Yorkshire (North Riding), gentleman captain in Hugh Bethell’s regiment of horse, with his brother Francis Wilkinson of Barton (and later Monkend) as his lieutenant. He died 13 Mar. 1649; in his will, dated the day before, he bequeathed to Mrs Grace Smithson ‘all my debenture moneys if it could be gotten, which he meant was due to him from the State of England, which he considered would amount to £1,300’. The will was proved by his brother Francis on 24 Feb. 1652.
: Jones, ‘War in the North’, 407.
: Yorkshire"
Francis Wilkinson

Of Barton, Yorkshire (North Riding). Lieutenant in his brother Henry Wilkinson’s troop in Hugh Bethell’s regiment of horse. He proved his brother’s will in Feb. 1652.
: Jones, ‘War in the North’, 407; Hopper, ‘Yorkshire parliamentarians’, 92.
: Yorkshire
June 18. Passes for Mr. Adrian Verwey, to go to Holland; for Captain John Bigg, to go on his Majesty's service, to Huntingdon; for Mr. Henry Wilkinson, to go to Forcett in Yorkshire [S.P.Bom. Warrant Book 34, p. 276]; for Ot [to]. Dirkess and Gervert Aryaens, two Dutch seamen, to go to Holland; and for Joseph Rivers to go to Holland. [Ibid.25, p. 91.] 
WILKINSON, William (I8529)
1413 Old St. James Anglican Burial Ground WARD, George E. (I500)
1414 Olive did not come with James and Lydia when they came to Nova Scotia although only 7 years old at the time! She married Capt. Jehu Howland in 1780. MOSHER, Olive (I457)
1415 On 27 November 1802 William Berry and his wife Phebe sold 875 acres in River Philp to John Ripley (Deed Book G, p. 416, Document #503709272, registered 1821).  RIPLEY, John Thomas (I5869)
1416 On birth record she is named Ann, but on the Gyll Pedigree she is called Agnes. GILL, Ann (I8843)
1417 On birth register, parents names given as James and Charlotte Ward WARD, Olive Charlotte (Alice?) (I725)
1418 On civil birth record it says the place is Kelloe. On the 1851 census his birth place is Quarrington Hill, only a couple of miles from Kelloe. WARD, Simon (I3064)
1419 On Daisy's death record, her father is listed as 'Henry Wallace, born in Avonport'.
Her mother is listed as Wilhelmina Smith. But the record is signed by 'Mrs. Charles Robinson', mother. So, Wilhelmina was by this time remarried to Charles Robinson. 
WARD, Daisy Amelia (I1102)
1420 On Daisy's marriage record, she is Daisy 'Ward' and lists her parents as Edward and Mary Ward, since she was raised in their household. Family F360
1421 On daughter Verna's marriage register he is listed as from 'Miller's Creek', Hants MILLER, Maynard Alexander (I554)
1422 On her burial record it says she was born in 1699, which is in error. GILL, Mary (I8292)
1423 On her marriage record her parents are given as William and Eunice Berry.
On the 1871 census she is married but living with her parents and her infant son William. She apparently never re-unites with her husband who seems to have ended up living in Massachusetts. 
BERRY, Sarah (I5799)
1424 On her marriage register she names her father as Thomas Morallee Family F2956
1425 On his 1934 marriage license he says he is 30 years old and that he was born in Scotland. This contradicts his known birthdate and place. However it agrees with a ship passenger list record for a voyage in 1913 where his age is listed as '9'.

Witnesses at their marriage were my parents Ralph and Christina Ward 
Family F234
1426 On his application for the military he states the birth date as Oct. 23, 1895. However, he was issued a 'Delayed Registration of Birth' from the Nova Scotia government with the date Aug. 21, 1896 based on census and marriage records. WARD, Claude Welton (I182)
1427 On his brother Edward's 1901 census return it gives 1840 as the year of his immigration to Canada from Ireland.
On son John's marriage record, he names Samuel as a 'Quarryman'. Elsewhere he is a 'farmer'
My research that I had done by Ulster Ancestry showed that the most likely place that the Lowthers could have come from was the townland of Lisdillon in Clondermot Parish, Londonderry County, Ireland.
For details see
There was an Edward Louthers in Clondermot on the Irish Flax Growers list of 1796 
LOWTHERS, Samuel (I104)
1428 On his death record, he is called a 'widower', so Ann had predeceased him. CALDWELL, Joseph (I316)
1429 On his marriage record he gives his parents as Edward and Carrie and his father's occupation as 'station agent'. KING, Henry Wallace (I4607)
1430 On his marriage record his age is 27 andhe gives his parents as John McGinty and Mary Lowther. MCGINTY, Thomas Joseph (I1714)
1431 On his marriage record with Sophia his parents are named as 'Henry and Caroline' but on his marriage record with Ellen they are named as 'Edward and Caroline'. KING, Charles Harding (I4602)
1432 On his marriage record, John gives his father's occupation as 'seaman'. Family F1747
1433 On his son Anthony's birth record is states: "Anthony, the child of Richard Cotes of Orgate" COATES, Richard (I6066)
1434 On James and Alice's marriage record, his father William is listed as 'Clothier'. BERRY, James William (I5797)
1435 On James' marriage record in 1883 he has given his parents names as 'Edward and Caroline' and his father's occupation as 'wheelwright'.
On James' marriage record in 1902 he gives his father's occupation as freight manager.
On his death record in 1939 his parents names given are 'Edward King and Caroline Ward'. Report given by his wife 'Mrs. Rose King'. 
KING, James Edward (I4608)
1436 On Jehu's death record it states his parents as James Hendry Ward and Amy Harvie but on his marriage record it states James and Ann as his parents. In 1902 when Jehu was married, both his parents would have been deceased, so he must have named his father and last step mother. 'Ann' is probably a derivative of 'Hannah', James last wife.

He appears in a photo taken c. 1914 in the book 'Brooklyn in Retrospect' by Edith McGray 
WARD, Jehu Woodbury (I578)
1437 On John's birth registration the mother's name is given as Elizabeth Lowthers MILLER, John E. Hunter (I3843)
1438 On Lewis' marriage registry it lists his father's occupation as 'publican'
Miriam Webster dictionary def. 2. chiefly British : the licensee of a public house
Witnesses were his brother John F. Ward and sister Maude H. Ward. 
Family F115
1439 On marriage record James and Lucinda are named as parents.
On his death record, Mary McCann is given as his mother. Perhaps this was a nickname for Moriah.
Edward is buried in Old St. James Anglican Burial Ground with Mary Belle. 
WARD, Edward Cochrane (I248)
1440 on marriage register is states her father's occupation as 'Merchant'. Family F540
1441 On Maud's marriage record she gives her parents names as Edward and Caroline. KING, Maud L. (Eliza?) (I4606)
1442 On Monday 11th instant by the Rev. John Miller, Mr. William Hanson of Falmouth, to Matilda, daughter of Mr. James Ward of the 10 mile house, Windsor Road.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 23 November 1850 Vol. 38 No. 47 
Family F498
1443 On Monday evening 16th inst., by the Rev. Charles Dewolfe, Mr. William J. Stairs to Susan, eldest daughter of John Morrow, Esq.
Acadian Recorder, 21 June 1845 
Family F1323
1444 On Monday evening last, Susan, seventh daughter of Capt. John Stairs.
Acadian Recorder, 27 March 1847 
STAIRS, Susan (I5096)
1445 On Monday last, after a severe illness of 48 hrs, aged 3 years, James, the son of Wm Caldwell.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 14 April 1827 Vol. 15 No. 15 
CALDWELL, James (I996)
1446 On Monday morning at St. Matthew's Chapel, by the Rev. Doc. Gray, Mr. William Stairs to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. James Wiseman, of this town.
Acadian Recorder 28 May 1814 Vol. 2 No. 22 
Family F1355
1447 On Naomi's death record it states her parents as James H. Ward (her grandfather who raised her) and Amy Harvie (she would have been born while Amy was living at home before she married John Harvie).
On her marriage record it has only her mother's name - Amy

WARD, Naomi (I1106)
1448 On Ralph's death registration his mother is named as Phoebe Berry DONCASTER, Ralph (I5778)
1449 On Richard's marriage record it says his residence is Skelton. Family F2723
1450 On Saturday evening by the Rev. Mr. McGregor, Quartermaster Sergeant George Swarbrick, Rifle Brigade, to Miss Ann Moir, daughter of the late Benjamin Moir of this city. Acadian Recorder 20 September 1845 Family F1820

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