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1451 On his application for the military he states the birth date as Oct. 23, 1895. However, he was issued a 'Delayed Registration of Birth' from the Nova Scotia government with the date Aug. 21, 1896 based on census and marriage records. WARD, Claude Welton (I182)
1452 On his brother Edward's 1901 census return it gives 1840 as the year of his immigration to Canada from Ireland.
On son John's marriage record, he names Samuel as a 'Quarryman'. Elsewhere he is a 'farmer'
My research that I had done by Ulster Ancestry showed that the most likely place that the Lowthers could have come from was the townland of Lisdillon in Clondermot Parish, Londonderry County, Ireland.
For details see
There was an Edward Louthers in Clondermot on the Irish Flax Growers list of 1796 
LOWTHERS, Samuel (I104)
1453 On his death record, he is called a 'widower', so Ann had predeceased him. CALDWELL, Joseph (I316)
1454 On his marriage record he gives his parents as Edward and Carrie and his father's occupation as 'station agent'. KING, Henry Wallace (I4607)
1455 On his marriage record his age is 27 andhe gives his parents as John McGinty and Mary Lowther. MCGINTY, Thomas Joseph (I1714)
1456 On his marriage record with Sophia his parents are named as 'Henry and Caroline' but on his marriage record with Ellen they are named as 'Edward and Caroline'. KING, Charles Harding (I4602)
1457 On his marriage record, John gives his father's occupation as 'seaman'. Family F1747
1458 On his son Anthony's birth record is states: "Anthony, the child of Richard Cotes of Orgate" COATES, Richard (I6066)
1459 On James and Alice's marriage record, his father William is listed as 'Clothier'. BERRY, James William (I5797)
1460 On James' marriage record in 1883 he has given his parents names as 'Edward and Caroline' and his father's occupation as 'wheelwright'.
On James' marriage record in 1902 he gives his father's occupation as freight manager.
On his death record in 1939 his parents names given are 'Edward King and Caroline Ward'. Report given by his wife 'Mrs. Rose King'. 
KING, James Edward (I4608)
1461 On Jehu's death record it states his parents as James Hendry Ward and Amy Harvie but on his marriage record it states James and Ann as his parents. In 1902 when Jehu was married, both his parents would have been deceased, so he must have named his father and last step mother. 'Ann' is probably a derivative of 'Hannah', James last wife.

He appears in a photo taken c. 1914 in the book 'Brooklyn in Retrospect' by Edith McGray 
WARD, Jehu Woodbury (I578)
1462 On John's birth registration the mother's name is given as Elizabeth Lowthers MILLER, John E. Hunter (I3843)
1463 On Lewis' marriage registry it lists his father's occupation as 'publican'
Miriam Webster dictionary def. 2. chiefly British : the licensee of a public house
Witnesses were his brother John F. Ward and sister Maude H. Ward. 
Family F115
1464 On marriage record James and Lucinda are named as parents.
On his death record, Mary McCann is given as his mother. Perhaps this was a nickname for Moriah.
Edward is buried in Old St. James Anglican Burial Ground with Mary Belle. 
WARD, Edward Cochrane (I248)
1465 on marriage register is states her father's occupation as 'Merchant'. Family F540
1466 On Maud's marriage record she gives her parents names as Edward and Caroline. KING, Maud L. (Eliza?) (I4606)
1467 On Monday 11th instant by the Rev. John Miller, Mr. William Hanson of Falmouth, to Matilda, daughter of Mr. James Ward of the 10 mile house, Windsor Road.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 23 November 1850 Vol. 38 No. 47 
Family F498
1468 On Monday evening 16th inst., by the Rev. Charles Dewolfe, Mr. William J. Stairs to Susan, eldest daughter of John Morrow, Esq.
Acadian Recorder, 21 June 1845 
Family F1323
1469 On Monday evening last, Susan, seventh daughter of Capt. John Stairs.
Acadian Recorder, 27 March 1847 
STAIRS, Susan (I5096)
1470 On Monday last, after a severe illness of 48 hrs, aged 3 years, James, the son of Wm Caldwell.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 14 April 1827 Vol. 15 No. 15 
CALDWELL, James (I996)
1471 On Monday morning at St. Matthew's Chapel, by the Rev. Doc. Gray, Mr. William Stairs to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. James Wiseman, of this town.
Acadian Recorder 28 May 1814 Vol. 2 No. 22 
Family F1355
1472 On Naomi's death record it states her parents as James H. Ward (her grandfather who raised her) and Amy Harvie (she would have been born while Amy was living at home before she married John Harvie).
On her marriage record it has only her mother's name - Amy

WARD, Naomi (I1106)
1473 On Ralph's death registration his mother is named as Phoebe Berry DONCASTER, Ralph (I5778)
1474 On Richard's marriage record it says his residence is Skelton. Family F2723
1475 On Saturday evening by the Rev. Mr. McGregor, Quartermaster Sergeant George Swarbrick, Rifle Brigade, to Miss Ann Moir, daughter of the late Benjamin Moir of this city. Acadian Recorder 20 September 1845 Family F1820
1476 On Saturday evening last by the Rev. Mr. Twining, Mr. Robert Faulkner, of Truro to Miss Ann Edes of this town. Acadian Recorder Issue: 16 October 1824 Vol. 12 No. 42 Family F1300
1477 On Saturday evening last by the Rev. Thomas Taylor, Mr. George Caldwell, of Windsor, to Miss Isabella Mackey of this town. (Halifax) Acadian Recorder 18 February 1837. Family F100
1478 On Saturday evening last, by the Rev. Dr. Stanser, Mr. Samuel Cunard to Miss Duffus, daughter of Mr. William Duffus.
Acadian Recorder 11 February 1815 Vol. 3 No. 6 
Family F1326
1479 On Saturday evening last, by the Rev. John Martin, Mr. William Caldwell Jr., to Miss Margaret Neal. (Acadian Recorder Oct. 22, 1842) Family F496
1480 On Saturday last a disaster took place near Cape Mispec resulting in the
death of one man and the loss of Schr. "Viola" and cargo. The schooner left
Wolfville, N.S. Sunday morn. 21st loaded with turnips and cord wood for
Boston. The persons on board were: Joseph A. CALDWELL, captain and owner;
John FARRIS, sailor; Frederick EYE, sailor; Aaron W. EMMERSON, American
passenger; and Samuel KILLAM, sailing master... An inquest was held by
Coroner Earle yesterday at the house of Job STANLY, after which the body of
Capt. CALDWELL was brought to (St. John) city and taken to the Dead House
awaiting its removal to Horton, N.S. Deceased was a married man having four
children. He was about 44 years old. 
CALDWELL, Capt. Joseph Alexander (I2974)
1481 On Saturday last, by the Rev. Mr. Uniacke, J.H. Peters, Esq. Barrister, of New Brunswick, to Mary, daughter of the Hon. S. Cunard. Acadian Recorder 20 May 1837 Family F1588
1482 On Saturday morning last, in the 33rd year of her age, Susan, wife of Samuel Cunard Esq. Those only who witnessed how intimately blended in her character, were the mild, unassuming virtues of domestic life, with an amiable disposition, sound judgement and religious principle, can appreciate the loss that has been sustained by an attached husband, a numerous family of young children, and a large connection of relatives and friends.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 9 February 1828 Vol. 16 No. 6 
DUFFUS, Susannah (I3742)
1483 On Sunday morning last, Mr. Benjamin Moir, aged 53 years.
Acadian Recorder, 7 June 1845 
MOIR, Benjamin (I3134)
1484 On the 11th inst., Edward, youngest son of Benjamin Moir, of Brain Fever, aged 5 years and 9 months. MOIR, Edward (I5043)
1485 On the 12th inst., at St. Paul's Church, Miramichi, by the Right Reverand and Honorable Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia, the Honorable Joseph Cunard, to Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas H. Peters, Esq. Acadian Recorder Issue: 24 August 1833 Vol. 21 No. 34 Family F1505
1486 On the 13th inst, Melisan (Mellsan?), second daughter of Thomas and Mary BERRY, aged 8 years.
Tuesday, November 1, 1859, The Halifax British Colonist 
BERRY, Melissa Jane (I1391)
1487 On the 13th ult by the Rev. M. Wiggins, Mr. Duncan McDougall, to Mary-Ann, daughter of Mr. Abraham Blois, of Douglas
from Acadian Record 8 December 1821 Vol. 9 No. 49 
Family F1399
1488 On the 15th instant, by the Rev. W. King, at St. Paul's Church, Rawdon, Benjamin Smith, Esq. to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. James Cole.
Acadian Recorder 21 January 1826 Vol. 14 No. 3 
Family F980
1489 On the 1851 census she gives her birth place as Brompton Easby (Brompton on Swale is next to Easby TATE, Eleanor (I10690)
1490 On the 1851 census she gives her birthplace as Bellerby. WILKINSON, Eleanor (or Ellen) (I1668)
1491 On the 1901 census Anna gives her birth date as Nov 25 1865, but on the actual birth record it says December 12, 1866. It's possible that the Dec date is either the date the birth was registered with Nova scotia, or her baptism date. WARD, Anora Elizabeth (I278)
1492 On the 1911 census she gives her birthplace as New Forrest. HILLARY, Elizabeth (I11126)
1493 On the 1939 register, the census taker has accidentally made the year of birth look like 1909 instead of 1900. Also, his death record confirm his birth year as 1900. HIRD, Joseph Thomas (I9823)
1494 On the 1st of November, Mr. Marshall Mumford, son of Mr. George Mumford of Newport, to Miss Tryphosa Parker of Windsor, daughter of the late Francis Parker of Newport.Acadian Recorder Issue: 10 November 1832 Vol. 20 No. 45 Family F1500
1495 On the 23rd ultimo, by the Rev. Mr. Crow, Mr. Robert Faulkner Jun. of Burncoat, to Miss Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. John Densmore of Noel.
Acadian Recorder: 1 February 1834 
Family F1506
1496 On the 4th inst. Agnes, wife of Mr. William Harvie of Newport.
The meek and quiet spirit which distinguished her in life was sustained and cheered by the Christian hope in death and the unclouded prospect of a better world. - Acadian Recorder 17 February 1844 Vol. 32 No. 7 
RATHBUN, Agnes Elizabeth (I5044)
1497 On the baptism record at FindMyPast they have incorrectly transcribed his last name as Janson. I'ANSON, William (I11979)
1498 On the baptism record it gives her name as Mary "Waistell or Sayer". This probably indicates that Jeffrey and Mary were not married. WAISTELL, Mary (I8500)
1499 On the birth record it only mentions 'Mother, Elizabeth'. Doesn't mention Thomas as the father. Perhaps he died before the child was born, but I can find no burial record for him anywhere in England. Maybe they divorced. There are no more children baptized by this couple. WARD, Thomas (I8598)
1500 On the death register it gives her name as Sarah Liswell. Her son in law Elisha Burgess is the informant. SANFORD, Mary (I4792)

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