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151 At Falmouth by the Rev. Mr. King on Sunday evening last, Mr. J. Harvie merchant of this town, to Mary Ann daughter of John Irish Esq.
15 July 1826 Vol. 14 No. 28 
Family F1410
152 At Gore, Douglas on the 21st inst, Louisa, infant daughter of William Blois Esq. aged 7 months. Acadian Recorder 29 April 1848 BLOIS, Louisa (I5314)
153 At Gore, Douglas on the 2nd inst. Harriet Amelia, daughter of William Blois, Esq., aged 2 years and 4 months. (Acadian Recorder, January 14, 1843) BLOIS, Harriet Amelia (I4902)
154 At Gore, Douglas, on Friday the 25th ult., Mr. Abraham Blois, aged 92 years. Mr. Blois was a native of Essex, England which he left at an early age for America. He was a man of honest, sober and industrious habits.Acadian Recorder, 9 February 1839 BLOIS, Abraham (I2276)
155 At his house in London, Sept 29th 1830, Mr. William Irish, in the 61st year of his age, a native of Falmouth, Nova Scotia, and formerly of Halifax - much regretted by all his friends. Acadian Recorder, Issue: 19 November 1831 Vol. 19 No. 45 IRISH, William (I2104)
156 At Horton by the Rev. George Struthers, Mr. Samuel H. Patterson to Margaret C. youngest daughter of Mr. Samuel Gilmour (sic). (Acadian Recorder, Oct. 29, 1842) Family F1763
157 At Horton on the 28th January, Mrs Martin, consort of Mr. Perez Martin, aged 65 years
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 7 February 1829 Vol. 17 No. 6 
UNKNOWN, unknown (I4112)
158 At Horton, on the 13th ult, Mr. George Gilmore in the 57 year of his age.
Acadian Recorder Issue: 16 April 1831 Vol. 19 No. 16 
GILLMORE, George (I1850)
159 At Horton, Sept 18th by the Rev. Richard Weddell, Capt. Lewis E. Gilmore, to Adelia Ann, youngest daughter of Perry Bordon, Esq.
Acadian Recorder, 16 October 1847. 
Family F1823
160 At Kempt (Hants County) 17 ult. Mr. John Burgess, aged 50 yrs
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 13 October 1827 Vol. 15 No. 41 
BURGESS, John (I2200)
161 At Lake Lemond on Monday week, by the Rev. Mr. Harrison, Mr. Jehiel O. Sentell to Miss Harriet Johnson, youngest daughter of Joseph Sentell Esq. of Windsor, Nova Scotia.
Acadian Recorder, 20 January 1844 Vol. 32 No. 3 
Family F1805
162 At Lower Horton on the 14th inst. Mrs. Sarah Gillmore, in the 79th year of her age.
Acadian Recorder 29 January 1848 
HAMILTON, Sarah (I1852)
163 At Montreal, on the 2nd inst. Isabella Moir, infant daughter of George Swarbrick, of the Rifle Brigade; and on the 4th inst. the sorrowing mother followed her only child to a premature grave. She was in the 28th year of her age and daughter of the late Benjamin Moir of this city.
Acadian Recorder, 19 June 1847. 
MOIR, Ann (I5090)
164 At Montreal, on the 2nd inst. Isabella Moir, infant daughter of George Swarbrick, of the Rifle Brigade; and on the 4th inst. the sorrowing mother followed her only child to a premature grave. She was in the 28th year of her age and daughter of the late Benjamin Moir of this city.
Acadian Recorder, 19 June 1847. 
SWARBRICK, Isabella Moir (I5097)
165 At Newport - on the 11th instant, Mr. Noah Burgess, to Miss Hannah Greeno, all of that place.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 27 October 1827 Vol. 15 No. 43 
Family F1473
166 At Newport - on the 16th ult. Mr. Elkanah T. Harvey to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. George Mosher, both of Newport. Acadian Recorder Issue: 10 March 1832 Vol. 20 No. 10 Family F1498
167 At Newport 24th ultimo, Elizabeth Cochrane aged 87, wife of the late George Cochrane, leaving a living offspring of eight children, seventy grandchildren, and ninety-seven great grandchildren, in all 179 souls. SMITH, Elizabeth (I3322)
168 At Newport Benja. Wilcox Age 93. He has left 10 children, 93 grandchildren, 154 great grandchildren, and 1 of the next generation - total 257.
Acadian Recorder 5 June 1813 Vol. 1 No. 21 
WILCOX, Benjamin (I1583)
169 At Newport on Monday 15th inst. after a lingering illness of upwards of three years, Mrs. Sarah Rathburn, relict of Mr. Charles Rathburn late of Falmouth in the 57th year of her age, she lived esteemed and beloved, and her memory will be long cherished by a numerous circle of relatives and friends. Acadian Recorder 20 May 1837 ALLISON, Sarah (I4388)
170 At Newport on the 13th inst, by the Rev. Charles Porter, Mr. Noah Harvie of Halifax to Miss Lydia Fish of the former place.Acadian Recorder Issue: 20 August 1831 Vol. 19 No. 33 Family F1491
171 At Newport on the 13th inst. of water on the brain, John Allison, son of Mr. Wm. Harvey aged 3 years and 2 months. Acadian Recorder 18 May 1844 HARVIE, John (I5045)
172 At Newport on the 14th inst., Shubael Dimock, Esq., aged 81 years, after a severe illness of 15 days which he bore with christian fortitude, and was much resigned to the Divine Will, until he yielded up his spirit unto God who gave it, in full assurance of joyful resurrection. He has left a widow and five children, besides an extensive circle of friends and relatives to lament their loss. - Although it pleased God to prolong his days eleven years after the set time for man, it pleased Him to continue his usefulness until fifteen days before he departed this life. Acadian Recorder 26 July 1834 DIMOCK, Shubael (I2118)
173 At Newport on the 20th inst, in the 92nd year of her age, Mrs. Henrietta Maria Day, relict of Doctor Day, formerly of that place - a lady whose many amiable qualities endeared her to all her acquaintance. Acadian Recorder: 27 January 1838 COTTNAM, Henrietta Maria (I4420)
174 At Newport on the 21st ult. Charles Rathburn infant son of Mr. Stephen Harvie, aged 4 months. HARVIE, Charles Rathbun (I4156)
175 At Newport on the 23rd of January, in the 15th year of her age, Alice C., daughter of Mr. Robert Harvey.Acadian Recorder 5 February 1848 HARVIE, Alice Catherine (I5310)
176 At Newport on the 25th ultimo, by the Rev. J.L. Murdock, Mr. Thomas Caldwell of Horton, to Miss Mary, third daughter of John Chambers, Esq.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 5 February 1831 Vol. 19 No. 6 
Family F381
177 At Newport on the 29th ult. Mr. William Liswell, sen. an old and respectable resident of this city. - Acadian Recorder 11 October 1845 LISWELL, William Senior (I5144)
178 At Newport on the 30th October, by the Rev. Wm. Croscombe, Capt. Frederick Curry, of Windsor, to Sarah Jane, daughter of Mr. N. Mosher of Newport.
Acadian Recorder, 15 November 1845. 
Family F1821
179 At Newport on the 7th inst Elizabeth, wife of Edward Burgess, in the 74th year of her age. Acadian Recorder - 30 November 1833 SANFORD, Elizabeth (I2211)
180 At Newport on the 9th inst., by the Rev. R.H. Crane, Mr. John A. Harvie, to Miss Amy Harvie, both of that place.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 18 August 1827 Vol. 15 No. 33 
Family F1471
181 At Newport on Thursday 9th instant Henry Irish, 3rd son of Mr. Wm Allison of that place aged 8 yrs 8 months. Acadian Recorder, 20 January 1838 ALLISON, Henry Irish (I4404)
182 At Newport on Wednesday the 3rd inst., after a lingering illness, which she bore with patient resignation to the divine will, Mary, wife of John Chambers, in the 72nd year of her age.
Acadian Recorder, 20 November 1847. 
UNKNOWN, Mary (I5100)
183 At Newport, 6th inst. after a long and tedious illness, which she bore with patience, fortitude and resignation to the will of God, Mrs. Sarah Smith, wife of Mr. James Smith, and eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Church of Windsor, age 31 years: Some of her last words were "Bless the Lord! I can rejoice in the God of my salvation; Praise the Lord Oh my soul, and all that is within me praise his holy name." She has left a husband and five children to lament her loss. CHURCH, Sarah (I3918)
184 At Newport, on Monday 16th inst., aged 21 years, Sarah, consort of Mr. Stephen Harvie. Acadian Recorder Issue: 21 May 1831 Vol. 19 No. 20 RATHBUN, Sarah (I4138)
185 At Newport, on Saturday morning last, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian patience and resignation to the Divine Will, Mr. Israel Shaw, merchant of this town, in the 28th year of his age, leaving a disconsulate widow to lament his loss. Acadian Recorder 12 July 1834 SHAW, Israel (I4216)
186 At Newport, on the 30th May, much afflicted, and piously resigned to the will of him who afflicteth, Jedediah Shaw, aged 71 years, an old and respectable inhabitant of that place. Acadian Recorder Issue: 2 July 1831 Vol. 19 No. 26 SHAW, Jedediah (I4153)
187 At Newport, on the 6th inst., after a long and painful illness, which she bore with christian resignation to the divine will, Jane, wife of Mr. James Anthony, in the 66th year of her age.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 17 October 1829 Vol. 17 No. 42 
TUFTS, Jane (I4113)
Nova Scotia Land Petitions 1769-1799 Reads: Year 1783, Hunter, William and
others, Memorial of William Hunter, David Hunter Jr., Lodowick Hunter, and
James Hunter. All inhabitants of Windsor since 1761, "without receiving one
foot of land as settlers." Memorial for grant to four shares of land on the
Halifax-Windsor Road. "Granted 2 lots". (In Council, 1783). Memorial. 
HUNTER, William (I1826)
189 At Onslow on the 6th instant, after a lingering illness which he bore with patience and resignation to the divine will, and in the hope of a blessed immortality, Mr. James Crow in the 59th year of his age: by his Christian friends he will be long remembered for his genuine piety, strict attention to the duties of religion and an exemplary conduct through life. Acadian Recorder Issue: 25 October 1823 Vol. 11 No. 43 CROW, James (I4039)
190 At Parrsboro, Mrs. H. R. BERRY, aged 26 years (in Dec.23, 1903 issue of the Hants Journal) MCALONEY, Margaret L. (I1450)
191 At Rawdon, on Monday the 15th inst. by the Rev. Geo. W. Morris, Mr. Oliver Blois to Miss Nancy McDougal both of Gore Settlements, Douglas. Acadian Recorder
21 January 1837 
Family F1584
192 At Rawdon, on the 10 inst in the 70th year of his age, Mr. Abraham Cunard, regreted by all who knew him. Acadian Recorder Issue: 17 January 1824 Vol. 12 No. 3 CUNARD, Abraham (I3877)
193 At request of Wm. Conyers, Esq., (his father) the estate the said lands on his son William and Cath. his wife. 20 Aug., 20 Hen. VIII., Wm. Rokeby, gen., ad
requis. Wm. Conyers, Esq., of Marske, grants to Wm. Conyers, his son and heir, and Katn. us., jus suum in Clynts and ten. in Richmd and Aldburgh. Will dat. 11 Mar., 1556-7, Pr. 4 May, seq. Inq. p. m. 6th Aug. 4 A 5 Ph. and Mary : ob. 24 March last. 
CONYERS, William (I6550)
194 At six months of age Clarence was an orphan as both his parents succumbed to TB. Clarence was brought to Nova Scotia by an aunt.

In the memoirs of Hilda's brother, Ralph Sydney Ward writes regarding the Halifax Explosion on Dec 6, 1917, Hilda "had been sleeping at the time and was blown out of bed. Her husband Clarence Gordon was on guard duty at the barracks at the Citadel. He was found with his uniform blown clean off him and a terrible scalp wound. He had to have a silver plate put into the back of his skull." 
GORDON, Clarence McKenzie (I53)
195 At St. Andrews on the 4th inst. Mr. Henry Duncan MacKinzie, aged 27 yrs. A native of this town (Halifax), justly lamented by all who knew him. - He has left a widow and infant son to lament their early loss.
Acadian Recorder, May 25th, 1822 
MCKENZIE, Henry Duncan (I117)
196 At St. John, N.B. on Sunday evening last, 26th Sept, after a short illness, Capt. Edward Card, a native of Windsor, N.S. and master of the Bark 'Bethel', in the 26th year of his age, leaving a wife and child to lament their bereavement. His remains will be removed to his native place for interment.
Acadian Recorder, 2 October 1847. 
CARD, Edward (I2857)
197 at St. Matthews Churchyard age. 76
by Henry How 
HARVIE, Emily (I124)
198 At St. Vincents in March last, universally lamented by a large circle of friends and relations, Mr. Samuel Hunter, aged 23 years, son of Mr. Lodowick Hunter of Ardoise Hill, Windsor Road. HUNTER, Samuel (I2896)
199 At the Church of the Messiah, Richmond Pennsylvania, on Wednesday morning 11th Dec'r, by the Reverand Samuel Hazlehurst, Thomas J. Cooke to Catherine M. daughter of the late Capt. John Stairs of this city.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 28 December 1850 Vol. 38 No. 52 
Family F1434
200 At the Gore, Douglas, on the 7th inst. in the 27th year of her age, Almira, wife of Mr. Daniel Blois and second daughter of Mr. Henry Blois.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 23 November 1850 Vol. 38 No. 47 
BLOIS, Almira (I2312)

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