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1551 Simon Ward of this parish and Eleanor Wilkinson of this parish...
Witnesses: William Shaw and Jane Hill. 
Family F585
1552 since Caleb is last found in the 1871 census, but not in the 1881, but his wife is, we can assume he died between those years. Also, since there is no death record in the NS archives for him, he must have died after 1877 (deaths were recorded for 1864-1877) BERRY, Caleb (I5690)
1553 Since his first son was named William, Edward is very likely the son of William Wilkinson b. 15 May 1701, Forcett, son of William. I just can't find a baptism record for him. WILKINSON, Edward (I8507)
1554 Since she was not included in her father's will of 1631, she must have pre-deceased him.
Because there are no records of any children being born anywhere in Durham or Yorkshire, it's possible she is the Ellen Carter who died in Richmond in March 1617. It is hard to read but they've transcribed it as wife of Thomas. Could be 'John' though. 
WARD, Eleanor (I7038)
1555 Since Thomas Forrest lived on the property next to William Berry, who had a wife named Phoebe, there is a good chance that Thomas married William's widow. Family F2141
1556 Sir Edward Musgrave died May 23, 1542, leaving Sir William Musgrave, knt., his son and heir, then aged 33 ; Dame Joan appears to have predeceased her husband; Walbran says that she left a will dated 1540, and that Sir William had livery of a moiety of the Warde estates in 1543, but gives no authority. MUSGRAVE, Sir William (I8048)
1557 Sir John appears to have died before December 10, 1414, when his son Roger presented to the rectory of Guiseley WARD, Sir John (I7868)
1558 Sir John Warde, son of Sir Simon, 8, was, as he himself says 46 years of age in September, 1386, that is, he was born in 1339 or 1340. WARD, Sir John (I7868)
1559 Sir Roger died in 1453, after March 19 and before August 10. Buried at Esholt Abbey.
His will is as follows:

In Dei nomine. Amen. Memorandum that I, Roger Warde, knyght, in hole mynd, the xix day of the month of Marce, the yere of our Lord, MCCCClij [1452-3], make my testament in this maner: — I will and orden Jenet Ward, my wife, Roger Ward, my eldist sone, and Nicholas Ward my son, to be my full executurs, and thay to have my gudes, movable and immovable, and thay to dispose thaym for the wel of my soule, and pay my dettes, and to fulfyll my will; that is to say, I bequeth my saule to God all myghtty and to our Lady Sanct Mary and to the hole companie of Hevven, and my body to be beryd at the Abbay of Esshehold in Ayredale; and thay to fulfyll thes and all othir thynges as God and I and thay knawes, as they will answer to God. Proved August 10, 1453. 
WARD, Sir Roger (I7727)
1560 Sir Roger was dead at the date of his sister Joan's will, November 28, 1472 WARD, Sir Roger (I7710)
1561 Sir Timothy Hutton, leases to William Corbett of Marske, Katherine his wife, and Hutton Corbett his son, " the seate and soyle of the laite decayed leade mynes or smeltinge houses in the territories of Marsk, laite in tenure of Richard Wyllance of Richmond, deceased." CORBETT, William (I6548)
1562 Smith was her married name. She was a widow when she married Edward. Her maiden name was MURDOCH. Parents, Charles and Rachel.
Mary was the widow of William Smith of Brooklyn N.S. who died sometime between the 1871 census and 1876 when Mary married Edward Ward. 
MURDOCK, Mary Isabel (I259)
1563 So far, no records have been found that show who Caleb's parents were. But, it would seem the only Berry's in the area at the time who would have been the right age were the sons of Robert and Nancy Berry. William would seem the most likely of the two since Andrew cannot be found in any census or document after the poll tax of 1793.
- Two of Caleb's sons, named one of their sons 'William', which would be consistent with naming patterns if Caleb was a son of William. 
BERRY, Caleb (I5690)
1564 Sockburn is 13 miles East from Melsonby, where there was born an Edward Ward in 1659. WARD, Anthony (I6759)
1565 Some records say her middle name is Ansonetta WARD, Mary Ella Augonetta (I267)
1566 son A.N. Miller was reporting person (Alexander Nicholas) MILLER, John Jr. (I1478)
1567 son Alexander was present at death. DALRYMPLE, James (I331)
1568 Son of Wm Reid of Aberdeen, Scotland.
Could this James Reid be a brother to the William Reid who married Sarah Ward? Both were in Newport and are only 3 years apart in age. 
REID, James (I1008)
1569 source - TERHUNE, John (I1747)
1570 South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839-1900)

Tuesday 12 April 1892, Page 3

Sudden Death of Mr. Edward Ward. - Mr. Edward Ward, a sharebroker and a
member of the Stock Exchange of South Australia, fell dead in front of
Cowstock, Chambers, King William-street, at about 10 o'clock on Wednesday, March 30. The late Mr. Ward was an able advocate of, free trade principles, and was one of the founders of the Free Trade League with Messrs. J. H. Symon, J. Medway Day, and others. He acted as its Secretary, and frequently contributed correspondence to the S. A. Register bearing on the subject of free trade. As a member of the Kent Town Weslyan Church he took much interest in affairs pertaining to Methodism. Mr. Ward was born at Reeth, Yorkshire, in 1827, and went to reside in Bolton, Lancashire, when about fourteen years of age. During his residence in that town he went into
business as a draper. He came out to South Australia in August, 1880. Prior
to becoming a sharebroker he was a commercial traveller for a well-known Adelaide firm. No inquest was held, a medical certificate having been obtained to the effect that he succumbed to an attack of heart disease. 
WARD, Edward (I7538)
1571 St James Cemetery WARD, Sylvanus (I285)
1572 St. Edmunds, Marske headstone:
In memory of Eleanor w/o John Wilkinson who d 27 Sep 1861 aged 52 yrs. Affliction sor long time I bore, Physicians were in vain; till God at length did please to ease & free me of my pain.
Also of the above named John Wilkinson who d 21 Dec 1868 aged 69 yrs. Also Eleanor Wilkinson d/o John & Eleanor Wilkinson who d 7 Mar 1861 aged 12 yrs. Also Elizabeth Fryer w/o Joseph Fryer & d/o the above who d 26 May 1854 aged 20 yrs. Also Margaret Ann d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Fryer who d 1 Mar 1861 aged 6 yrs. Also Henry Fryer s/o Joseph & Margaret Fryer who d 22 Apr 1861 aged 2 yrs. Also Eleanor Fryer d/o Joseph & Margaret Fryer who d 23 Apr 1861 aged 5 yrs. Also of Mary d/o the above named John & Eleanor Wilkinson who d 11 Jul 1868 aged 52 yrs. 
WILKINSON, John (I6158)
1573 St. James Anglican Cemetery WARD, Annie (I684)
1574 St. James Anglican Church Family F85
1575 St. Pauls Anglican church records
by license
Witness: William Casey 
Family F10
1576 Startforth Parish burial record: Mary of Joseph and Susannah Walker WALKER, Mary (I1667)
1577 Startforth Parish record states they are 'both of Arkendale' (sic) Family F3266
1578 Startforth parish register: Vincent, son of Vincent Coates baptized COATES, Vincent (I8834)
1579 steam wagon driver WARD, Frederick (I9853)
1580 Still living with her great uncle John Groves. Her mother married in 1907. GROVES, Lily (I8820)
1581 Stillborn during the Halifax Explosion GORDON, Baby (Stillborn) (I1693)
1582 Story of Eugenie's death is found in Edith Mosher's book 'North Along the Shore' on page 72. SCOTT, Eugenie (I2488)
1583 Sub-postmaster & registrar of b, m & d WARD, John Thomas (I8244)
1584 Suddenly on Monday evening, Margaret, wife of the ___ William Stairs, in the 58th year of her age.
Acadian Recorder
Issue: 26 October 1850 Vol. 38 No. 43 
WISEMAN, Margaret (I3812)
1585 Suddenly, at Falmouth on the 26th ultimo, in the 76th year of his age, John Irish Esq., a native of Rhode Island, N.S. and long an esteemed member of the community of this province: he has left a widow and large family who feel deeply the loss of an affectionate parent; they have said over him 'Earth to earth' and have done it 'in the hope of a resurrection to eternal life'. Acadian Recorder Issue: 3 March 1832 Vol. 20 No. 9 IRISH, John (I1911)
1586 Suffered a fatal stroke while performing in concert.
His last words onstage as he was having a stroke that would prove fatal were: Will you bear with me a minute. I can't seem to get the words out. [After asking his accompanist to play "Dardanella"] My face is getting numb. Is there a doctor here?
Interred at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery (now called Hollywood Forever), Hollywood, California, USA, Section B, across the street from the Cathedral Mausoluem and a bit to the right. 
EDDY, Nelson Ackerman (I4983)
1587 Summary conviction of Thomas Ward of Bellerby for allowing two bullocks, three heifers and five cows to stray on the highway
Offence committed at the township of Bellerby on 8 July 1874
Case heard at Leyburn
WARD, Thomas (I6388)
1588 Susan, daughter of John Ward baptized.. WARD, Susannah (I636)
1589 Taken from Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Public Record Office: Elizabeth [I]

7 July 1566. Grant for life in survivorship to Edmund Holte, Griffyth
Lewes and Hugh Mathew, Yeomen of the Guard, of the toll in the Manor of
Bowes, Co. York, the mill and common oven in Bowes and a close under the Castle there, once in the tenure of Anthony Warde and late in that of Stephen Brakenbury, parcels of the Lordship of Mydleham in the Archdeaconry of Richmond, Co. York; as formerly held by Brakenbury. For their service. By P. S.
2615. ) 
WARD, Anthony (I8230)
1590 Testimony of Cuthbert Warde of Muggleswick in 1575, age 70 yrs on the issue of "Neglect Of Churchwardens To Provide Church Books. " WARD, Cuthbert (I6663)
1591 The 'Esq.' after his name was obtained from his wife Hannah's headstone. CONSTANTINE, Pharez J. Esq. (I1243)
1592 The 1851 census confirms she is the Elizabeth Rucroft born in Reeth 1814. RUCROFT, Elizabeth (I9696)
1593 The 1871 census has her as 'Emma Wilcox'. She is living with her widowed son-in-law George McKenzie in Dartmouth. UNKNOWN, Eliza (or Emma) (I1218)
1594 The 1880 census reveals that Rebecca's mother Mary Scott Peek was born in Virginia and that Mary's parents (Rebecca Scott and husband) were born in North Carolina! LOWREY, Rebecca Scott (I2370)
1595 The 1881 Census shows 28 year old Alex Dalrymple, Dwelling: High Street, Townhill, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Occupation, Coal miner.
1901 census living with daughters Maggie and Elsie, but his wife is not included for some reason although she would still be alive.
Kingseathill: A locality in Dunfermline Parish, west Fife, Kingseathill is situated between Dunfermline and Townhill.
In later years he and Elspeth ran the Wee Sweety Shop on High Street. 
DALRYMPLE, Alexander (I327)
1596 The 1901 census lists her as Edward and Mary's granddaughter, (last name Smith). She was actually an illegitimate child of Edward and Mary's daughter, Wilhelmina. WARD, Daisy Amelia (I1102)
1597 The 1901 census transcription says the year is 1880, but it looks like 1881 to me. And that would make more sense since his brother Reuben was born in July of 1880. CALDWELL, Charles Fraser (I25)
1598 The baptism record shows they were likely Quakers:
Description YORKSHIRE: Swaledale, Low Row Chapel formerly Smarber Hall Chapel (Independent): Baptisms
Record set England & Wales Non-Conformist Births And Baptisms 
HARKER, Hannah (I9579)
1599 The baptism record shows they were likely Quakers:
Description YORKSHIRE: Swaledale, Low Row Chapel formerly Smarber Hall Chapel (Independent): Baptisms
Record set England & Wales Non-Conformist Births And Baptisms 
BELL, James (I9645)
1600 The baptism record shows they were likely Quakers:
Description YORKSHIRE: Swaledale, Low Row Chapel formerly Smarber Hall Chapel (Independent): Baptisms
Record set England & Wales Non-Conformist Births And Baptisms 
HARKER, Hannah (I9648)

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