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1551 Parish burial record just says 'A girl of Ralph Ward, buried Sept 2'. So, I'm assuming she died shortly after birth and was not baptized, thus no name yet. WARD, A Girl (I6805)
1552 Parish burial record: John Ward, Parish Clerk for between 13 and 14 years buried.
Regarding parish clerks:
"They should be at least 20 years old, and known to the parson "as a man of honest conversation and sufficient for his reading, writing and competent skill in singing" Canon 91 (1603). Functions - reading the lessons and epistles, singing in the choir, giving out the hymns, leading the responses, serving at the altar and other like duties, opening of the church, ringing the bell, digging graves if there be no sexton. The role of Sexton is usually combined in country parishes. They are the sacristan, the keeper of holy things relating to divine service. Responsible for the care of the church, vestments and vessels, keeping the church clean, ringing bells, opening/closing doors, digging graves and care of the churchyard". 
WARD, John (I618)
1553 Parish burial register of Middleton Tyas: Chr. Tidyman of Lingy Moor, Sept. 5 TIDYMAN, Christopher (I10714)
1554 Parish Church Of Forcett, Yorkshire WILKINSON, Eleanor (or Ellen) (I1668)
1555 Parish record at St. James Anglican, Newport says:
"Mrs. Ward aged 80 years was buried in St. James Churchyard this 26th day of Aug. 1870 by me Henry ____"

The actual Nova Scotia death record says: "Emily Ward" age 78, Widow, born Newport, father Nicholas Mosher, died August 18, 1870, Avondale, old age. Informant, J.B. Miller, registered/signed in Avondale.

She was buried with her husband in the Old St. James Burying Ground, Newport, Nova Scotia. The headstone incorrectly says she died in 1868, but her actual death record is 1870 (the headstone must have been engraved years later and the year was from someone's memory). When she died she was living in Avondale at the home of her neice, Olive Miller (daughter of Increase Ward and her sister Abigail (Mosher). 
MOSHER, Emetine (Amy) (I123)
1556 Parish record for Marske: "March 16 Geo. son of George Coates of Skelton, baptz." COATES, George (I6051)
1557 Parish record just says "Richard Ward son of ______ Ward of Little Crackall" WARD, Richard (I6460)
1558 parish record just says: Sarah Ward buried. COLLING, Sarah (I615)
1559 Parish record May 28 1738: Elizabeth daughter of George and Barbara Coates of Skelton born COATES, Elizabeth (I6117)
1560 Parish record note: "Margret Tayler filia Wm Ward alias Tailer" WARD, Margaret (I7299)
1561 Parish Record of Marske: Bartholomew Hutchinson of the parish of Grinton and Elizabeth Ward of this parish married by banns. Family F1479
1562 Parish Record of Marske: William Hodgson of the parish of Grinton and Lucy, daughter of John Ward of this parish married by banns. Family F583
1563 Parish record only says 'wife of Thomas Warde, Great Crakehall' UNKNOWN, Unknown (I7298)
1564 Parish record recorded in Grinton. Place of abode at time of birth was Reelshead, Marrick MOORE, George (I9060)
1565 Parish record says "Ellenor wife of Mr. James Ward..." UNKNOWN, Eleanor (I7146)
1566 parish record says 'daughter of John Ward' WARD, Dorothy (I6566)
1567 Parish record says 'John Nelson of Coniscliffe' and Esther Gainford of 'this parish'. (Manfield) Family F3090
1568 Parish record says 'of Dyke Heads', which is 3 miles northeast of Muker. COATES, Rebecca (I7336)
1569 Parish record says 'Ralph Calvert of Calvert House'. CALVERT, Ralph (I6984)
1570 Parish record says 'son of William Coates of Dyke Heads' COATES, James (I11313)
1571 Parish record says he was a 'wool comber' PARKE, William (I7335)
1572 Parish record says he was a joiner, age 83. WARD, Matthew (I11093)
1573 Parish record says her parents are Richard and Sarah Ward. WARD, Ann (I8973)
1574 parish record says son of George and Emma Coates. Possibly a mistake, or else George had a 2nd wife. COATES, David (I6121)
1575 Parish record says spouse's (Thomas Langstaff) place of residence is Marrick Family F3013
1576 Parish record says they are 'of Crakehall' Family F2296
1577 Parish record says: "Jane, the wife of Raph Coates" UNKNOWN, Jane (I6251)
1578 Parish record says: "John, son of Robert and Margaret Ward of Brompton, Roman Catholics." WARD, John (I7679)
1579 Parish record says: Ann Ward the wife of Edward Ward of Stannup (Stanhope) in Wardaile (Weardale) was buryed Sept the 13th 1658 UNKNOWN, Ann (I6046)
1580 Parish record says: Dorothy daughter of George and Emma Coates, Orgate, baptized. COATES, Dorothy (I6124)
1581 parish record states "Dorothy, daughter of John Ward" WARD, Dorothy (I6564)
1582 Parish record states Ann's residence as 'Thorpe' which is near Wycliffe where there were a lot of Coates... maybe these Hudswell Coates originated there. Family F2245
1583 Parish record states his parents as James Ward & Margaret Richardson. WARD, James (I8372)
1584 Parish record states: "Dorothy Coates aged 70. She was found dead in Gillbeck on the 15th after being missing from the 13th Nov."
Then, in light pencil it says "Vide Downholme - ask clerk".
There is a burial record for her in Downholme, so I guess that must be where she was buried. 
ELLERTON, Dorothy (I6088)
1585 Parish record states: "Elianor Coates of Helwith aged 40 of the Parish of Kirkby-Ravensworth was buried Dec 4, 1785" COATES, Eleanor (I6128)
1586 Parish record states: "John English of Scorton & Sarah Alderson of Catterick St Giles Family F4433
1587 Parish record states: "Marmaduke Coates an old man of Hudswell, buried" COATES, Marmaduke (I6077)
1588 Parish record states: "Ralf Cotes a servant of Robinson's of Applegarth, married a woman servant of the same _____ " (house?). It does not give her name! Family F2185
1589 Parish record states: Mary Outhwaite buried. UNKNOWN, Mary (I6239)
1590 Parish Record: "Bryan Ward of Bedale" WARD, Bryan (I6342)
1591 Parish record: "buried Raph Coates" COATES, Ralph (I6083)
1592 Parish record: "Catherine Corbet wife of William Corbet, daughter of Arthur Phillip once lord of this towne" PHILLIP, Catherine (I6546)
1593 Parish record: "Christopher christened the son of Raph Coates" COATES, Christopher (I6253)
1594 Parish Record: "December 3rd Ralph, son to Simon and Sarah Ward baptized" WARD, Ralph (I640)
1595 Parish record: "George the son of Raph Coates" COATES, George (I6064)
1596 Parish record: "John the son of Raph Coates" COATES, John (I6249)
1597 Parish record: "John, son to John and Susan Ward baptized" WARD, John (I638)
1598 Parish record: "Joseph Coates of Skelton, buried. Farmer and Mason COATES, Joseph (I6061)
1599 parish record: "Marmaduke son of Raph Coats" COATES, Marmaduke (I6081)
1600 Parish Record: "Raph the son of Raph Coates" COATES, Ralph (I6085)

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