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1551 Possibly Cuthbert because There was a Cuthbert Ward 'of Newbiggin' involved in the mining at the London Lead Mining's Blanchland mines. Newbiggin is very close to Burnshield Haugh where sons Joseph and John were from.

Another possibility is Anthony Ward. There was a probate record for an Anthony Ward of Blanchland October 6, 1664DPRI/1/1664/W8 1 October 1664
Anthony WARD, yeoman, of Blachland (Blanchland) in the parishe of Shotly (Shotley) in the county of Northumberland [Blanchland, Northumberland]; also spelt Antoney
see DPRI/4/18 page 122: a monition having been issued, Thomas Ward, brother, exhibited on 1 Oct 1664 the inventory dated 29 Sep 1664 and was granted administration; the will was exhibited later (date unknown) and proved in solemn form, the former administrator's grant having been nullified. See also bond DPRI/3/1664/B164 (£100). 
WARD, Cuthbert (I6638)
1552 possibly the mother of Nicholas Ward's first 2 children, twins, born in December 1845. check on this! Since she died in March 1846, it is a good possibility that she died as a result of complications from this birth of twins. Nicholas married her sister Sarah, born the same year as Mary Ann.. (likely also twins). CALDWELL, Mary Ann (I34)
1553 Possibly through the influence of the Scropes, Arthur Phillip was pardoned, for he was in possession of Marske in 1597. In this year he, with Francis Phillip, his son and heir, sold the demesne lands to Timothy Hutton, knighted in 1606; and in 1598 Francis Phillip and Elizabeth his wife and William Phillip conveyed the manor to Richard Remington, clerk, and William Gee, evidently trustees for the Huttons. HUTTON, Sir Timothy (I6892)
1554 Post Master WARD, Thomas (I6393)
1555 Post office assistant (Retired) WARD, Elizabeth Ann (I8248)
1556 Posthumus birth (his father died while Thomas was still in the womb) GILL, Thomas (I8269)
1557 premature birth WARD, Richard Eugene (I1203)
1558 premature birth WARD, Richard Eugene (I1203)
1559 Presbyterian Witness has an announcement for WARD Alice, married 30th ult. (d/o late James Ward; J.E. Evans, Sec. 7, I.C.R., by Rev. Alfred Brown at Halifax.
P.W. Sat 12 Oct 1872. Vol. XXV No. 41, p. 328 
Family F388
1560 Presbyterian Witness obit states he was the 4th son of Robert and Sarah Ward. WARD, William King (I493)
1561 Presbyterian Witness Sat 18 Feb 1871, Vol XXIV No. 7, p. 56:
Burton M. 7th inst. (of Economy, Col Co,) ; Rachel MASON of Parrsboro by Rev. Duncan McKinnon 
Family F562
1562 Presbyterian Witness: WARD Alicia married 18th inst (d/o Mr. Ward of Lockman Street, in this city); W. Wesley LAMBERT, of Liverpool, N.S. by Rev. J.C. Cochran.
P.W. Sat 23 Jan 1864, Vol. XVII No. 4, p. 15 
Family F1068
1563 Presbyterian Witness: WARD Amelia married 29 Aug William REID, by Rev. Dr. Pryor, at Bedford. P.W. Sat 2 Sep 1865, Vol. XVIII No. 35, p. 280
Halifax Citizen, Saturday, September 2, 1865
At Bedford, on the 29th inst, by the Rev Dr Pryor,
Mr Wm Reid, to Miss Amelia Ward. No cards. 
Family F967
1564 Presbyterian Witness: WARD Amy married 30 Jul John A. Harvie by Rev. Henry How, at Brooklyn, Hants Family F84
1565 Presumably the Prioress of Esholt from 1480-97 WARD, Joan (I7724)
1566 Probably died in Massachusettes CALDWELL, Robert Higgins (I694)
1567 Probably the Nicholas Ward who was presented to the Rectory of Guiseley in 1282. "Nicholas Warde, subdeacon, was instituted to the church of Guiseley on the presentation of Simon Warde, Knight.'
In 1283 he appointed John, Rector of Barwick, as his proctor for three years." 
WARD, Nicholas (I8030)
1568 Probably the William who was sued in Michaelmas Term, 1 ^o^, with respect to a toft and land in Givendale. WARD, William (I8031)
1569 Probate Index:
Tidyman, Joseph
Effects under £200.
2 May. The Will of Joseph Tidyman late of Ovington in the North Riding of the County of York Gentleman, deceased who died 28 September 1867 at Ovington aforesaid was proved at York by the oath of Ann Harden of Ovington aforesaid Spinster the Neice one of the Executrixes. 
TIDYMAN, Joseph (I10689)
1570 Probate Index: John George Metcalfe Dent Iveson of South Fields South End Bedale Yorkshire died 28 February 1956 Probate York 15 March to Augustus William Cleminson farmer. Effects 500 pounds 2s 9d. IVESON, John George Metcalfe Dent (I10331)
1571 Probate March 7 to his daughter Alice Hope 374 pounds 9s. WARD, Simon (I8384)
1572 Probate of November 3 1966: George Matthew Calvert of Deer Park, Harkerside, Richmond Yorkshire died April 16, 1966. Probate to James Matthew Calvert, farmer, and Marjorie Hilda Longstaff, married woman. £5,138." CALVERT, George Matthew (I11682)
1573 Probate record appoints Mary Ward as sole executrix over all the goods and chattels of 'her late husband' WARD, Richard (I7602)
1574 Probate record at Durham County:
George WARDE, of Hurworth (Hurworthe) in the countie of Durham [Hurworth, County Durham]; also spelt Ward
Date of probate: 24 August 1619
inventory, actual total £362 0s 4d, 31 July 1619 (DPR/I/1/1619/W6/1)
endorsed: Elizabeth Ward, wife [relict]; Frances daughter aged 3
inventory, actual total £489 1s 4d, 31 July 1619 (DPR/I/1/1619/W6/2)
endorsed: administration granted, 24 Aug [1619] 
WARD, George (I7000)
1575 Probate record of August 30 1950 says she left 1266 lbs to Alice Brown, widow, Elizabeth Ward and Isabel Margaret Ward, spinsters. (her daughters) BRADBURY, Louisa Alice (I8249)
1576 Probate record says 'of Scarrhouse' LONGSTAFF, Thomas (I8407)
1577 Probate records:
Alice WARD, spinster, of Hurworth upon Tease in the county of Durham [Hurworth, County Durham]; also spelt Warde
Date of probate: 1680
will, 26 October 1680 (DPR/I/1/1680/W6/1-2) (includes her neices Margaret and Janet Allen, nephew John Allen, nephew William Ward, niece Margaret Stockdaile (sp?), niece Isabel Emerson, and nephew William Allen (executor)

inventory, actual total £72 18s 2d, 30 December 1680 (DPR/I/1/1680/W6/3-4)

bond, 1680 (DPR/I/3/1680/B297)
Alice WARD, spinster, of Hurworth within the county of Durham [Hurworth, County Durham]
Date of probate: 1682
inventory, actual total £13, undated (DPR/I/1/1682/W10/1) 
WARD, Alice (I9218)
1578 Publican and Grocer, retired. PEACOCK, William Thomas (I9405)
1579 Pudsey is adjacent to Leeds. CONSTANTINE, James (I10257)
1580 raised in Capt. John Bond's household, but not his son.
He was one of the original grantees of Rawdon Township although probably a teenager.
He received 250 acres from the Crown in Rawdon Township grant of 1784.
John Bond, known as the Orphan Lad or John-in- the- Woods was raised in household of Capt. John Bond but the relationship, if any, to Capt. Bond is unknown. When Capt John Bond was refugee at Charlesto, SC, before the evacuation of that city by the British, young John Bond was listed as a student between Aug 1 and Sept 1782 at John Bell's Refugee School at Charleston, SC - Catp John Bond, listed as John Bond, Sr. signed on 11 Nov 1782 as the parent.
On 26 Sept 1808 John Bond The Orphan Lad petitioned the government for a land grant. He stated that he had sold his original grant of 1784 to Capt John Bond for the sum of 5lbs. He stated that he had been in Nova Scotia since 1784 and now had a wife and one child. His name is included in the Dewell Grant of 23 March 1810 for Lot #2 
BOND, John (I3431)
1581 Ralph Neville, died July 24, 1522, seised of the manors of Thornton Brigg, Leckby, Cundall and Kirkby-on-the- Moor (near Boroughbridge), Gipton and Leeds ; his three daughters were found to be his heirs NEVILLE, Ralph Esq. (I7739)
1582 Ralph WARD, gentleman, of Bishop Middleham in the county of Durham [Bishop Middleham, County Durham]
Date of probate: 25 August 1705
will, 26 August 1699 (DPR/I/1/1705/W2/1-2)

will bond, penal sum £300, 25 August 1705 (DPR/I/3/1705/B113/1-2) 
WARD, Ralph (I8341)
1583 Ralph's occupation is 'Barrister' Family F3786
1584 Rate Collector WARD, Alice (I8250)
1585 Raymond Roger Vatcher, 68, of Salmon River Road,
Enon, passed away Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006, at the Cape Breton Regional
Hospital, Sydney. Born in Sydney, he was the son of Irene (Ward) and the late
Archibald Vatcher. Raymond was a retired steelworker, formerly employed in
British Columbia. Besides his mother, Raymond is survived by daughters,
Jennifer Vatcher, Oshawa, Ont., and Donna (Frank) Tedesco, Toronto, Ont.;
son, Archibald (Nicola), Toronto, Ont.; sisters, Beverly (Stephen) Giorno,
Enon and Delores (Robert) Chivari, Fredericton, N.B.; four grandchildren; four great
grandchildren and two nieces, Cheryl and Deborah. There will be no
visitation or service. Interment will take place at a later date. 
VATCHER, Raymond Roger (I1204)
1586 Rebecca Scott Lowrey is the last known owner of the 'Scott Bible'.
"Bible printed 1599" "Given Rebecca Scott Lowrey by her grandmother Rebecca Scott Peek".
She was a member of the American Philological Association in 1883.
(Transactions of the American Philological Association (1869-1896), Vol. 14 (1883), pp. i-xlviiiPublished by: The Johns Hopkins University PressStable URL: ) 
LOWREY, Rebecca Scott (I2370)
1587 Rebecca Scott received the 'Scott Bible' from her father John Scott. SCOTT, Rebecca (I1742)
1588 Rebecca was living in the household of her nephew, Harry V. Babcock LOWREY, Rebecca Scott (I2370)
1589 Record of Border Crossing
Madge T Ward
Arrival Date: 28 Feb 1925
Port of arrival: Vanceboro, Maine, United States
Arrival Contact: Aunt Mrs. Fred Lowther 74 Central St. Framingham, MA
Departure Contact: Father Harry 102 Richmond St. Sydney
Age: 17
Height: 5ft 3in
Birth Date: abt 1908
Birth Place: Sydney, Nova Scotia

1938 Listed in Medford city directory. 
WARD, Madge Thelma (I208)
1590 Record says "Symond the sonne of Ralph Warde de Orgate March 8 1639.
Orgate is just a short walk up the lane from Skelton and Marske by Richmond.. 
WARD, Simon (I622)
1591 Record says abode is 'Emgate in Bedale' WARD, John (I6450)
1592 Recorded in Newport Township Book MILLER, Rhoda Jane (I1542)
1593 Records state she married John Lawrence, Esq. of 'Barley' County Yorkshire. But since there is no such place in Yorkshire, I suspect it was a misspelling of 'Barlby', near Selby, in North Yorkshire Family F2774
1594 Rector of Guiseley WARD, John (I8037)
1595 Rector of Guiseley, 1306-7 WARD, Nicholas (I8032)
1596 Rector of Guiseley. WARD, Simon (I8025)
1597 Reference: UNKNOWN, Agnietie Williams (I5921)
1598 References from the Scott Bible: John Scott of Amherst Point; *Footnote. John Scott of Amherst Point, County of Cumberland was probably the first of the Scotts to settle in Nova Scotia. He is believed to have died in New York City of yellow fever in 1798. His wife is said to have been Mary Gilmore, daughter of John Gilmore by his wife MaryStewart (or Stuart). SCOTT, Mary (I963)
1599 Regarding Blackburn Manor in Grinton:
"Manor House. Part-medieval, remodelled and enlarged 1635 for
Elizabeth Hutton of Marske-in-Swaledale who married into the Blackburn
family. Rubble with crude quoins, stone slate roof. Cross-wing thought
to be medieval with main range of 1635 at right angles to right, giving
L-shaped plan. Outshut in angle contains stairs. 3 storeys. Chamfered
mullioned windows under dripmoulds of pediment form. 1635 range has
two 3-light windows on first floor, on ground floor one 2-light window
and on right a doorway with chamfered stone jambs, 4-centred arch head
and boarded door. Kneeler and ashlar coping on right. 2 ridge stacks,
at left end and centre, the latter inscribed '--1635'. Front gable end
of cross-wing has a 3-light window on each floor and chimney on apex.
Rear elevation of 1635 range has a 3-light window and added canted bay
on ground floor and 2-light window on first floor. Right hand gable
wall of 1635 range has a mullioned window on all floors. Left return of
cross-wing has 5 mullioned windows and plain doorway with C18 4-panelled
door. Interior: entry to 1635 range leads behind fireplace which has
roll-moulding on arris and 4-centred arch with keystone; in spandrels
'EH' and 'B 1635'. Cambered beams to first floor. Stone stairs in
straight flight in outshut. The earlier range is thought to be of
medieval date, and probably the lodgings for the canons of Bridlington
Priory who administered the church. The house became the Nether Hall of
West Grinton Manor, which was acquired by the Blackburn family of
Richmond and Swaledale in the C17. 'NYCVBSG Report', No 662." 
BLACKBURN, Robert (I7193)
1600 Regarding Rebecca getting from Parrsboro to Windsor:
"the native Mi'kmaq gave Parrsboro its first name, "Awokum" meaning a crossing over point. Early settlers followed the Mi'kmaq example and established trails along the route, as well as, establishing a regular ferry service across the Basin... Even as late as 1840, the only real highway in the Province led from Amherst to Parrsboro, bridged the Basin by ferry to Windsor and then on to Halifax."
Also: There was a packet ship that began a regular crossing in 1831 from Parrsboro to Windsor and Horton: An ad in the Acadian Recorder, May 7, 1831 states "Parrsborough Packet - The superior new and fast sailing schooner Amethyst, of 98 tons burthen, has commenced plying for the season between Parrsborough, Windsor and Horton. This vessel having been expressly built for the purpose and fitted up in a superior style, affords accommodation for passengers, horses, carriages, great, cattle, etc., to all of which every requisite attention will be paid. Days of sailing as usual vis: Leaves Parrsborough for Windsor on Monday and returns on Tuesday; Leaves Parrsborough again for Horton on Thursday and returns on Friday. In extreme cases the Amethyst will perform an additional trip. For freight or passage please apply to the master on board or go to Ratchford & Dewolf."

See also my note on her mother Mary Scott regarding Asa Scott operating this ferry.
1838 Windsor Census, listed as:
BERRY, Rebecca with 1 child under 6 (this would be Mary) and 1 child age 6-14 (this would be Matilda). The location of the names on this census, puts Rebecca near the junction of The Windsor Road and the Halifax Road, where there was an inn/tavern, at Newport Corner.
A book called "Western & Eastern Rambles-Travel Sketches of Nova Scotia" by Joseph Howe (ed by M G Parks 1973) tells of travels on the Halifax-Windsor road and there is excellent documentation in Parks introduction on early roads and inns quoting from pg 63 - which are from Parks footnotes not Howe's original writing.
"Terfry's Inn was 35 miles from Halifax, and 10 miles from Windsor. As it marked the end of the second or middle stage to Windsor, Howe had time for a short stroll while the horses were being changed. The inn stood at Newport Corner, the junction of the Windsor road and the road to Newport Landing. It was built soon after 1820 and was run by Terfry (or Trefry) from 1825 to 1837. Other owners kept it as an inn until about 1864, several years after the railway had brought an end to the coach service on this route. The inn was a long, low structure of one and a half storeys, 45 feet by 35 feet, with dormer windows set in a pitched roof. It contained nineteen rooms. Photographs of this inn, which were taken before it was demolished in 1917, are in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia."
I believe the owner of the inn at the time Rebecca lived there was a Fitzmaurice and/or Dunkerton.
It is uncertain how long before the 1838 census she moved from Parrsboro to Windsor because her daughter Matilda gives her place of birth as 'Cumberland' in the 1911 census, but Matilda's death record says she was born in 'Newport'. If the 1911 census is correct, then Rebecca was still in Parrsboro in 1828.
Rebecca was 50 years old at the time of her marriage to James Coombes and had 2 daughters (from previous marriage or out of wedlock?). They had no children together.
Note: James Cochran of Windsor, Hants County, farmer, also signed bond. Licence directed to Rev. John L. Murdoch at Windsor. Eliza A. Underwood witnessed signatures. (James Cochran and Eliza Underwood both lived in the St. Croix area)
1871 Census: There is a transcription error on the last name in this census. It is listed as 'COONILUS'... it should be COOMBES. She is living with her daughter Matilda. F 70 WINDSOR l2 186 208

BERRY, Rebecca (I960)

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