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2151 Widowed
Living with sons William J. Lannan and Joseph V. Lannan 
LOWTHERS, Mary Elizabeth (I902)
2152 widower miller & Jane Furnish widow both of this parish
Witnesses Richd Mason John Waller 
Family F3859
2153 Widower, Farmer And Carrier HETHERINGTON, John (I8673)
2154 Widower, living on own means, in household of his daughter Jane Peart. WARD, Joseph (I3062)
2155 Widower, Schoolmaster HETHERINGTON, John (I8675)
2156 Widower, schoolmaster. HETHERINGTON, John (I8675)
2157 Wife Isabella is also listed in the same household even though she is also listed in Holgate as a 'visitor'. LANGSTAFF, John (I10572)
2158 Wife of Matthew Ward, Joiner, of Little Crakehall SCOOPE, Eleanor (I11096)
2159 Wife of Robert Dodsworth, of Barton, in the North Riding. She lived in three centuries, being born in 1598, and dying in 1704, aged 105 .
After the death of her first husband, she married Colonel Henry Chaytor , the loyal and gallant defender of Bolton Castle, in Wensleydale, for the king, against forces of the Parliment, during the civil wars of the 17th century. She made her will a few months before her death , stating that she was “in health of body, and of sound, good, and perfect memory ;” and signs by
a mark of three strokes. In th e church at Barton, is a monument to the memory of herself, her first husband and son. 
HEBBURNE, Margaret (I7355)
2160 Wife was possibly Alice. RADCLIFFE, Ralph (I8007)
2161 Will 26-Jan-1780
Settlement of estate was Sep 8, 1781.
Buried in Old Burying Ground, West Amherst. Headstone reads 'Here lyeth the body of Robert Berry who departed this life May the 21 in the year of our Lord 1781 in the 47th year of his age.'

Estate of Robert Berry,  Nancy Berry is the widow, an account was given to
the court of probate 14 Oct 1782 regarding debts owed by the estate.
There was a son, Robert who was "now of age his separate share dated 14 May, 1789."
"William Berry now of age 9 May 1791."

Know all men by these presented that we John Stuart, Jr., Thomas Berry and
Hugh Logan all of cumberland County are held and firmly bound to Edward
Barron, Esq. Surrogate judge of his majesty's Court of Will and Probates the full sum of 100 pounds dated 19 Aug 1786.
Whereas letters of guardianship bearing the date herewith of Robert Berry,
William Berry and Andrew Berry, minors hath been granted to John Stuart, Jr
of Amherst and whereas the said Robert Berry, William Berry and Andrew Berry are entitled to sundry effects the property of Robert Berry their late
father, deceased which they are unable to manage by reason of their minority but has committed the care of them to the custody of said John Stuart, ect.
Signed John Stuart Jr, Thomas Berry and Hugh Logan dated 19 Aug 1786. 
BERRY, Robert (I982)
2162 Will administered 1788 by 'Jane Ward'. ALLEN, Isabel (I7464)
2163 Will and inventory of Anthony Warde of Ellerton upon Swaile, yeoman dated 1597. WARD, Anthony (I8999)
2164 will dated Aug 29, 1658 LONGSTAFF, Robert (I9157)
2165 Will dated July 11 1625 GILL, John (I8304)
2166 Will index lists him as:
WARD John of Braithwaite in the parish of East Witton

97/66 John Ward Braithwaite 1558

In the name of god Amen The vthday of June in the yere of our Lord god And fiftye and viijthI John Ward of Brathwaytte in the parysh of Eastwyttan within the Diocesse of Chaester Being whole and perfytte of memory do mayke my testament Contayninge my Last wyll in manner and forme folowing That ys to say First I give and [rend] upe my soul unto god almyghtie and to our Lady saint marye and to all the saints of heven and my bodye to be buryed with in the church or church yeard at Mydleham at the discretion of my mother wherso she supposythe yt my father was buryed paing all manner of dewtyes notwithstanding dew to the parysh churchof est wytton .Item I wyll yt my executors cause masse and [dyvygt] to be sung at the day of my buryall Item I wyll yt my executors causest and honest men to have [ ] [dyner] [maid] at mydleham at the said day of my buryall And the pore solls to have bread and chesse. Item I wyll yt my mother shall have the chanter [Chapter?]house in mydleham during her lyfe [ ] two kye found at Barthwayt and ther calves and xxti yowes at the [s eare] and ther lames to they be years old yearly during her lyffe Item I wyll yt all my lands and inheritance shall come and dyscend after my disease unto my sonne Richard Ward and to hys heires mayll Lawfully begotten of the said Rychard indesant of the heyrs mayll lawfully [ ] of the said Rychard I wyll yt ye said lands and inheritance shall some and dyscend [ ] xpofer Ward my sonne and to his heires mayll of the said xpofer ward lawfully begotten of his bodye and in default ofheyres maylle of the said xpofer ward then I wyll that the lands and heritance shall come and desend unto my sonne George and to his heires mayll And in default of heires mayll of the bodye of the said George lawfully begotten That then the said lands and inheritance to come and desend unto my heyrs generall Item I gyve and bequythe unto Richard Ward my sonne all my leases untrest and termes of years wch I have of and in the toulle of the market [fets] at mydlehame and of the [yo] fares ther withe [diverse] shopes and shamells and [a ferem] [the....] callyd shewyng farme And also my fermyngs callyd [hessyllanfeare] [s..elters] holmes and [stal...]tenbushe in byshopedayll and Wensleydayll And half of my parte of the parsonage of [Coverham?] in the County of Yorke of the demise and grant of kyng Henry theight and Kyng Edward the first and every of them To have and to hold all the said fermholds with all and singularther appurtenances to the said Richard and his assignes unto thend and terme of all such [of all ] [such] years as I shall have for to come of and in the said ferm hold upon condition that the said Rychard shall at no tyme during the said terme demise graunt bargaine sell no sett over the said terme of the said [ferm] holds nor no parte nor parcel thereof to any personne or personnes but only to his bretherenne xpofer ward and George ward or any of them and yf my said sonne Ry[chard] do at any tyme within the said terme demise graunt and sett over his tytle and terme of yeres ther of or any parte or parcel therof [ ] any other personne or personnes but only to the said xpofer and George or one of them as ys aforesaid that the[n ]and from tensforthe I wyll that this my graunt adn bequest thereof mayd unto the said [Rychard] shalbe [cle ] frustayt and voyd and of none effect and then I gye and bequythe to my said sonne xpofer and George all my ryght tytle and tentrest and terme wch shall then be to come of and in the [said ferm] hold to have to them and either of them and ther assigns during all such terme of years as the[n] [shall be to] come and unexpired of and in the premies And every parte therof. Item I gyve and bequeath to my sonne xpofer ward all that my Leases intret and terme of years which I have of and in all thos my fermhold of Brathwayt and Bainrygge [my ] in the Countye of Yorke of the demise and graunt of King Edward the fext To have and to hold bothe the said fermeholds with all and singular thapputenances to the said xpofer and his assigns unto thend and terme of all such years a I [have ] during the said demise demise gtaunt bargaine sell not sett over the said fermeholds........ fermeholds nor no parte no parcel therof to any person or persons but onely to his brother........ george or [other] of them And yf my said sonne xpofer do at any tyme within the said ... [my] myse graunt and sett over the tytle and terme of years of the said fermes or any ...... therof to any other person or persons but only to the said Richard ........... assys aforesaid That then and frome thence forth I wyll that this my.........
[2nd page]
Therof [ammer] unto the said xpofer shalbe clerly [sonsrayt] and voyd and of none effect And then I give unto sonnes Rychard and George All my right title intrest and terme which shall then be to come of in the said farmholds To have to them and ther assigns during all such terme of years as then shall to comeand unexpyryd of and in the premises and only pte therof. Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne George all that my leases intrest and terme of years wch I have of and in all thos my farmhold in the township of mydleham except such things as I have heretofore given & bequeathed unto my said sonne Rychard wthin the same town of mydleham And also haulfe of my pte of the parsonage of [Coverham?] in the [county] of Yorke To have and to hold all the said fermholds Last recited ith all and singular [appertances] to the said George and his assigns unto thend of all such years as I shall have [aforesaid] of and in the said fermholds upon condysion That ys to say the said George shall at noe tyme / during the said terme demye graunt bargaine sell nor sett over the terme of years of [ ] / fermholds nor no pte nor parcel therof to any person or persons but only to his brentheren [Rychard] / and xpofer or one of them And yf my sonne George do at any tyme within the said terme [ ] / graunt and sett over the terme of years to any other personne or personne but only to the said Rychard and xpofer or one of them as ys aforesaid that then and frome thense forthe I wyll that ... / my graunt and bequest therof maid unto the said George my sonne be therby frusrayt and [voyd] / and of none effect And then I gyve unto my said sonne Rychard and xpofer all my ruth [tytle] / intrest and terme of years which shalbe to come of and in the said fermholds to have to them .../ to ther assigns during all such terme of years as they shal be to come and unexpired .. / and in the premye and every pte therof Item Iwyll yt yf Rychard ward xpofer ward and George / ward my sonnes do atant tyme demye graunt bargaine sell or ett over any pte or parcells of / all thes my fremholds yt ys to say the tolle of the market of mydleham wt diverse shopes ... / the [shewing] [ferme][hessylhawskare] [sa elt ] the Holmes yngbuhe] third pte of the [parsonage] / of Coverham Brathwayt and baynbrygge mylne [ ][fermyng] in mydleham or any pte [ ] / parcel therof to any butonly one of thes my sonne Rychard ward xpofer ward and George / ward one of them [to another as ys afore pecyfyed or to the heirs of there bodyes lawfully begotten according to the [ ] intent and meaning of this my last wyll that then and [ ] / thens forth that thos my graunts and bequests thereof mayd unto the said Rychard xpofer and /George my sonnes be therby frustrayt and voyd and of none effect And they I gyve / & bequeath unto Elizabeth Dodysworth wyfe of xpofer Dodysworth of Masham mains wthin / the County of York yeom And Agnes Smyth wyfe of Frances smyth of [Bowthwayte] within the sayd County yeoman my daughters all my holle ryght tytle intrest and terme of years wch / ther be to come of and in the said fermholds To have to them and ther assign during / all such years as they shall be to come and unexpired of and in the premies and ... /pte and parcel therof Item I wyll that all Covenants mayd betwyxe me and Wyllm {Conyers] / of Ma[r]ske concerning the marriage of xpofer ward my sonne shall be fulfyllyd and kept /according as yt doth appere in one [pre] of indentures nothing in this wyll to the contrary / notwithstanding Item I order and mayke my trew adn lawfull executors Rychard / Ward xpofer ward and George ward my sonnes to pay my debts and bring me [forth] / to whome I gyve all my goods and as for Elyzabeth Dodsworth and agnes myth my..... / daughters ys clearly forth and discharged of all there childes portions and such goods / prmyssed ther [hus] bands xpofer Dodysworth and Francis Smith And I make the .... / supervisorsof this my wyll Willm Metcalfe of the [Heyning] gentyman And Robert [th.....] / of [Celbe] In witness whereof I have sett to my seal and [finger] the day and year above wryttene. Witneses herof
Antony [Canbreke]
Raffe [telsory, Robarte
James [clarpon ]
Xpofer [seolynct] 
WARD, John (I8869)
2167 Will of John Hall:
"In the name of God, Amen. In the yere of our Lord one thousand fyve hundrethe and fower score, the xv daie of September. I John Hall,” of Consett, in the countie of Durham, gentilman, beinge sicke and crazed in bodye, but of hole and perfite memorie, thankes be unto God, doth make this my last will and testament, in maner and forme folowinge. First, I committ my soull to the mercie of Almightie God, my Maker and Redeemer, trusting to obtain salvation throughe the deathe of His Sonne, my Saviour, Christe Jesu, and my bodye to be buryed in my parishe churche, my mortuarye and all other dues first beinge paied.f. Item I geve and bequieth to my eldest sonne John Hall a silver goblett, a silver salte, parcell gilte, together with all the heirelumes at Consett, whiche William Warde did bequiethe by his last will and testament, and all my harnesse with the furniture, sworde, dagger, buckler, speieth, pikes, bowes and shaftes, and all therto belonginge. Item I geve and bequieth to my doughter Dorathee Hall one hundrethe markes, whiche shalbe in full satisfaction of hir childes part and portion, to be taken forthe of my whole goodes and chattels. Item I give and bequieth to Thomas Hutchesone’s wife, and Leonard Oliver's wife, to eyther of them a cowe, and to Jane Hall and Isabell, there sisters, to eyther of them 20s. Item I geve and bequieth to Isabell, my wife, and John Hall, my sonne, the obligacion, whiche Robert Blenkinsope, of Consett, standeth bounde unto me, for the saill and lettinge of his landes in Consett. Item I geve and bequieth to William Scrutvell, sonne and heire to Ralphe Scrutvell, one fole. ...I geve and bequiethe to my mother Billingham, (this would be his wife's mother, William Ward's widow who remarried to a John Billingham) and to everye one of hir thre daughters ij angells a pece.

* Son of John Hall, of Birtley, co. Durham, gentleman, by Agnes daughter of John Swinburne, of Lyntzford. He married Isabel daughter and heir of William Ward, of Consett, by Elizabeth daughter of Roger Swinburne, of Eglingham, co. Northumberland, esq. After her husband's death she re-married John Heron." 
HALL, John (I6655)
2168 Will of Thomas Robinson:
In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Robinson of Amherst in the County of Cumberland and Province of Nova Scotia Yeoman being advanced in years but of perfect mind and memory thanks be unto God for its calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed unto Men once to die Do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all. I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executrix nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased the lord to bless me in this life, I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and form. First. I give and bequeath to Ann my dearly beloved Wife whom I also make and ordain my sole Executrix. all my personal and real estate during her life and then to go to her heirs at her decease, and I likewise give and bequeath to my son Roger Ten pounds Halifax currency to be paid by my Executrix within a year after my decease, and likewise to my Gran son Thomas Robinson twenty pounds currency to be paid by my Executrix or her heirs when the said Gran son comes to age and in case the said Gran son should die before he comes to age the legacy to go to his heirs forever and in Witness to this my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of June and in the year of Our lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety three -
Thomas Robinson
Witness to will: John Chapman, John Black, John Smith

Cumberland 21st November 1796
This day the last will and testament of Thomas Robinson late of Amherst, Yeoman, deceased, was proved, approved and Registered and probate granted to Ann Robinson the widow of the said deceased named in said will she having first sworn well and truly to administer the same and to account when required.
Charles Baker Reg. 
ROBINSON, Thomas (I2469)
2169 Will of William Conyers, Esq. of Marske:

William Conyers of Marske, esquier,· 12 Jan. 1553 - to be buried beside my wife in the parishe churche of Seint Edmunde in Marske. To my sone William Conyers my fermes called Punshert and Orgaite, for the settinge up of his howse, fyve fether bedds, two of the best, and thre of the seconde, with the clothes thereunto belonginge, my newe salte and my new spunes, all fyre wessell and brewing wessell, a cestron, with the tables and trists necessarie for the furniture of his howse, and my gresseld stoned horse. To my sone Christofer Conyers my terme of yeares in my ferme called Elstonsdel1. To my sone James Conyers iij1.vjs.viij d. to be paid yerelie during his life out of my landes in Craven. To my son Robert Conyers, during his life, iij 1.vj s. viij d. out of the said landes. To my sone Christofer Conyers xxxiij s. iiij d. yerelie out of the said landes. To Agnes Erlle my servante, in recompence of hir faithfull service done unto me, and never yet recompenced, xxxiij s.iiij d. yerely during her life, out of my saide landes in Craven. To Christofer Bryan, xx s. yerelie. Unto Elsabethe Bryan my doughter, xiij s. iiij d. yerelie. To Thomas Conyers, in recompense of his service, xiij s. iiij d. yerelie. To Isabell Conyers my bastarde (struckout) doughter, to her mariage, iij 1.vj s.viij d. To Anne Conyers, xl s. to provide her to a gude service with all. Item I do remitt and releas unto Sr. Mathewe Blamyer, parson of Marske, all covenauntes and grants made and concluded upon betwene him and me for the parsonage of Marske. To my sones James Conyers, Robert Conyers, and Christofer Con-_ yers, my leases of Grinton churche and of the leade mynes, to see my debts discharged. I give unto my sone Robert to the maintenance of his ferme two yoke of the best stotts I have, and fourtie of my best shepe - my three sons executors - my wel belovide cosens Thomas Rokeby of Mortham esquier, and Richard Whalley, the lemed man,· to be supervisors. [Prob. 10 Ap. 1554.]
CONYERS, William (I6551)
2170 Will of William Ward, weaver, of Crakehall, 7 May, 1608

Anno domini 1608 7 May
In the name of god amen, I William Ward of Cracall in the county of York, weaver, being sick in body but well in mind and in good and perfect memory, god be praised, therefore do make and ordain this, my last will and testament.
First I bequeath my soul to almighty god my maker and redeemer and my body to be buried in the parish church earth of Bedale.
Item, I give unto my son Thomas Ward my lease of my farm and my whole interest therein, alowing my wife the occupation of the one half thereof during her natural life.
Item, I give unto the said Thomas all my looms and working tools thereto belonging.
Item, I give unto the said Thomas one read whye.
All the residue of my goods, my debts and funeral discharged, I give unto my wife Elizabeth, whom I make my whole executor.
....... that my son George Ward oweth me 43s for a grey filly , which debt I give unto my son John Ward.

Witnesses :
George Storye his mark
Richard Michell
William Warde his mark

A true Inventorie of all the goods and chattels of Wiliam Ward of Cracall in the county of Yorke, weaver decesed, prised by George Story, John Jackson, William Ward and Richard Michell .............. [1611]

Inprimis to Marmaducke Pearson of Richmond 13s
Ite to Thomas Poor 8s
Ite to Flowranc Lambart of Snaipe 11s
Ite to doritie Storie 11s
Ite to John Hunt lait of Brunton ?
Ite to his funeralle expensis 16s

prased the 22nd day of July 1611 
WARD, William (I6410)
2171 Will proved 16 Aug 1651 BLACKBURN, Robert (I7193)
2172 Will:
"In the name of God Amen The last day of March 1688 in the fourth year of the Reign of our Soveraign St. James the second by the grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland King defender of the faith - I Edward Ward of the Parish of Melsonby being sick & weak in body, but of sound & perfect memory (Praise be to God for the same) & knowing the uncertainty of this life upon Earth & being desirous to settle things in order do make this my last will & testament in manner & form following. That is to say, First & principally I commend my soul to almighty God my Creator Assuredly believing that I shall receive full pardon & free -remission of all my sins & be saved by the precious death & merits of my Blessed Saviour & redeemer Christ Jesus & my Body to the Earth from which it was taken to be buried in such decent & Christian manner as to my Executor hereafter named shall be thought most @ Convenient & as touching such worldly Estate as the lot in Mercy hath lent me any will & meaning is the same shall be employed & bestowed as hereafter by this my will is expressed.
Item first I do Revoke, renounce, frustrate & make void all Wills by me formerly made & declare & appoint this my last will & testament.
Item I give & bequeath unto my Sister Jane one Yellow Cow to have --- at my decease. & likewise the saum of five pounds --- be p--- to her at the end of four years after my decease.
Item I give & bequeath unto her daughter Elizabeth my Niece the sum of five pounds to paide to her when she shall come to the age of one & twenty years.
Item I give unto my Sister Margaret one Black Cow to have her at my decease.
Item I give unto her daughter Elizabeth my Neice the sum of two pounds to be paid to her when she shall come to the age of one & twenty.
Item I give unto her daughter Mary my Neice the sum of two pounds to be paid to her when she shall come to the age of one & twenty, If my sister Margaret becomes with Child if it do please almight God to grant the safe delivery I do give unto it likewise the sum of Two pounds to be paid unto it at the age of one & twenty if it shall please God to live so long.
Item I do give & bequeath unto my Aunt Jane Ward the sum of fourty shillings per annum during her natural life & the sum of one pound & ten shillings to be paid within three months after my decease.
Item I do give unto my Cousin William Ward the sum of ten shillings to be paid within three months after my decease.
Item I do give & bequeath unto my Uncle William Ward the sum of five shill to be paid within three months after my decease.
Item I do give unto my Cousin Richard Ward the sum of two shillings & six pence to be paid within three months of my decease.
Item I leave unto my Brother George Ward / who I make my sole executor / all my whole estate in Lands, goods, & moneys & that he shall pay of those Legaltys according as in this my Will mentioned as also my funeral expenses. I witnesse whereof I have howunto sole my hands & so--- the day & year first above written.
In the presence of
Robert Obington Jun
Nath: Stephenson (his mark)
Leo Brakenbury

Edward Ward
his EW Mck 
WARD, Edward (I6557)
2173 Will:
97/103 Ralph Ward Barton 1564

In dei nomine amen the Fifth daie of June in the yere of our Lord god 1564 I Rauf Ward of Barton in the parish of St Cuthbert in the Countie of Yorke yeoman hole of mynd and good of remembrance maketh this my last will & testament in maner & forme folowing First I bequith my soulle unto god my creator and redemer and my bodie to be buryed wthin the parish church yearth of the said St Cuthbert. Also I give and bequith unto my thre susters every one of theym a busshell of Rie. Item I give and bequith to John Pearson one close for one yere besides two yeres wch he haith in the said close by covenants of marage. Item I give & bequith unto the said John Pearson two acres of land in every feild for the space of xij yeres and to his son a gymer lambe. Item I give & bequith to Richard Pearson a gymer lambe. Also I will that my wife and my son Cuthbert shall haive my fermhold in Barton, and [ ]ton close. The residewe of all my goodds my detts paid and my funerals deduct and discharged I give and bequith unto my wife and my thre children that is to saie Cuthbert, Elizabeth and Alis whome I make my hole executors of this my last will and testament. Also I make Peter Pyburn John Pearson and Christofer Ward of Stanwick the Supervisors of this my said will and testament unto wch Peter Pyburn and xpofer Ward I give to eyther of theym for their paines to be taken herein iijs iiijd Witnesses hereof Thomas Wilson clerk Peter Pyburn and Peter Pearson wth others

The inventory of all the goods moveable & unmoveable of Rauf Ward of Barton deceased praysed by Peter Pyburn John Wells Thomas Gill & John Pearson the first daie of Julie Ano Dmi 1564
In primis iiij oxen prc vjli xiijs iiijd
Item iiij kye prc vli
Item iiij horses vli
Item ij foles xxs
Item iij calves xxs
Item xxiiijth shepe iiijli iiijs viijd
Item a swine vjs viijd
Item the waine plowgh and all things thereunto perteynunge xlviijs viijd
Item implements of howshold vjli xiijs iiijd
Item corn xijli
Item smyth[ ] gere xxxs
Sum totalis xlvli xvjs viijd
Detts wch the said Rauf Ward doth awe
In primis to Sir Thomas Wilson xxs
Item to Peter Pyburn xls
Item to the said Peter for a mare and a fole xxxviijs
Item to Thomas Preswicke xs
Item to John Ward of Blackwell xxxs
Item to Mr George Cathericke [sols] ix busshells of wheit xxxs
Item to Peter [Maen]sell iiijli
Item to Symon Lightfote vs
Sum xijli xijs 
WARD, Ralph (I8958)
2174 Will:
Chistofer Dodisworth, of Jolbie, in the parish of Croft, 28 Oct. 1551, beinge by the Grace of God hole of mynd and of perfytt remembraunce, weyng and considering the mutabilitie and inconstancie of this worlde, and knowing also that death to every man is certen, the daye or hower thereof most uncerten, therefore, calling to my remembrance and myndyng the quiete staye, godlie concord and good agreement, of my wyfe and chylderin, as one not willing to dey intestate, doo ordeyn and mache this my present will and testament in maner and forme folowyng. Fyrst, and before all other things, I bequethe my sowle unto Almyghtie God, my maker, savyour and redemer, who, I trust, of his infynite marcey, for the death of his sonne, my saveyour, will accepte and receyve the same in the kyngdome of heaven, apon the dissolution of this my mortall bodie, and there to rest with Christ and all other the blessed and elect companye of heaven, untill last daye, when I assuredlie beleve that this my mortall bodie shall rise, then joyned to the sowle, and then for ever to rest in the joyes of heaven ; and that this my corpes to be buried within my said parishe churche of Sanct Peter at Croft, if yt so shall so please God. And also I will that the churche have all her right, according to - the estataite lymyted in that behalf, desyryng you, my executors, to use no other rites or other funerall pompes at my buryall then at the tyme of my deathe shalbe levefull by the King's Majesties lawes or injunctiones in that behalf. Also I will (by the lycence of my Mr.) that my tractable wyfe Maybell, after my deceasse, shall have full enterest in all suche fermeholding as I have in ferme and occupation at this daye in Jolbie, accordinge to the trewe effecte and menyng of my lease. And she to have, occupie, and enjoye the same (during hyr wedowehed) for the preferment of my yongest childrein, and to there brynging uppe, duringe my yeres, without interuption of any of ye said childerin.
And if it liapp my wife to latt or taverne any parte of the said fermehold (not beying of habilitie to occupie the same) then I will that Roland my eldest sonne have it — I will that my said youngest children be either put the scole or to some other honest science, wherunto they ar most apte (dessyryng you, my natereall sonne Roland, of fatherlie zeale to be good sonne and loving and kynd brother to my wyfe and divider).
- Item I will bequethe and geve unto my sone Fraunces my lease of Forsett and Apelbie.
Also I will and bequethe unto my sonne Roland xxs., desyringe you to be good unto my wife and childer, requiring you to accepte thes my small bequest at this tyme, calling to your rememberaunce how benefyciall and my fatherlie acte towards you allredie — To my dowghter Margerie Bower — to Elizabeth Ward, wedow, my dowghter, a young cowe — Also I desyre you, my executors, within xiiij. dayes after my buryall, that ye geve and distribute unto xij. of the most poore of this parishe ij d. a peace.
I wyll that Thomas Laydman my servant have of my bequest one of my jaykatts — Also I will that my wife have all hir aperill and hir chamer and all other things that ar her right — dessyryng you, my faithful wife and sonne Roland to be my executors, and to see this my will trewlie performed in cverie behalf, as ye will answer before God at the daye of judgement.
Fynallye 1 do most hartlic require you, my most loving and special] good Mr. Mr. Christofer Place, and my good Mr. Anthony Cattrik, to be the supervisor of this my last will and testament —
Witnesses, Roland Doddysworth, John Dodysworth.

Surtees comments on the above will: `The testator appears to have been a sort of gamekeeper under the family of Ratcliffe. This is the first occurrence of nets and setting dogs, which even after this time are very rarely mentioned. In 1582, Edward Weldon of Colborne has "a paire of larke netts," which he has sold for 5s. In the beginning of the next century we have dogs occasionally alluded to. The testator was a member of a younger branch of the family of Dodsworth, of Thornton Watlass, which had settled in the parishes of Croft and Barton, as tenants under the families of Place and Catterick, with whom they were connected by marriage. They were for many years lessees of Halnaby Grange, and afterwards settled at Barton, where they rose to some consequence. Another very respectable family of that name settled at Jolby, which formerly belonged to Easby Abbey, and in 1557 Lawrence Dodsworth obtained a grant of it from the Crown at 30 years' purchase. Other notices of this family will occur hereafter.'

Note: Anthony Catterick, esq. of Stanwick, in the county of York, married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Rowland Tempest, esq. of Holmside, in Durham. 
DODSWORTH, Christopher (I6918)
2175 Will:
Dinah Hall of Langthwaite, widow 25/2/1792
All my leaseholds at Langthwaite in occupation of my son John Hall, to my son James Hall charged with the three following legacies:-
Son John Hall £15
Dau Ann ux Wm Dow £7 10s
Dau Jane ux Matt Chalder £7 10s
Res to son James exor
Proved 17 Nov 1791 
UNKNOWN, Dinah (I9927)
2176 Will:
DPRI/1/1619/W7 20 August 1619
William WARDE, yeoman, of parishe of Mugelswicke (Muggleswick, Muggleswicke) [Muggleswick, County Durham]
see DPRI/4/11 f.319v: 20 Aug 1619
DPRI/1/1619/W7/1-2 21 February 1619
will endorsed: proved
DPRI/1/1619/W7/3-4 7 June 1619
indented inventory, actual total £118 10s (with account of debts and funeral expenses of £19 13s 4d) 
WARD, William (I6677)
2177 Will: WINNE, Anne (I13335)
2178 Will: I Thomas Tidyman of Lingy Moor...yeoman...
To my dearly beloved wife...the Usury or interest from loan...during her natural life...household effects...
To my Daughter Dorothy Fifty Pounds after decease of my wife.
To my Daughter Mary "" ""
Rest to my Son Christopher Tidyman.... sole executor
Aug 7, 1779
Probate, Nov 28 1795 to son Christopher Tidyman 
TIDYMAN, Thomas (I10717)
2179 Will: left 500L to 'eldest daughter Elizabeth'. Left all household goods in Barton to son Thomas.
The will was proved August 5th 1743 
GILL, Thomas Esq. (I8275)
2180 Will: March 15, 1650. Robert Dodsworth of Barton, County of
York. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Dodsworth and his heirs all those my two manors of Barton, with their appurtenances, in the county of York, and all my lands lately purchased of John Dodsworth of Watlas, Esq., and Francis Wilkinson of Duaneton, gent, respectively, and all my tithes
in Barton aforesaid, and all that my messuage with the appurtenances in Berwick upon Tweede, and all that my rent charge or mortgage of tithe in Warke, in county Northumberland and all my rent charge in Ellington in said county Northumb., with all my rent charge in Little Lanckton, in the county of York, and failing my said son Thomas Dodsworth and the heirs of his body, to come to my daughter Elizabeth Dodsworth and her heirs, and failing my daughter Elizabeth to come to Mary Dodsworth and her heirs. Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Dodsworth L700 in currant English money.

To daughter Mary the sum of L500 do., to be paid out of the said money that shall arise out of my lands or out of any debts owing to me. To my loving wife her thirds of all my lands during her life according to law. To my nephew Robert Dodsworth. the son of Ralph Dodsworth, L50 To Henry Stephens, my sister's son, £20. I forgive to my brother in law Henry Watson the debt he owes me. I forgive to my brother John Sleighthe the debt he owes me. Item. I remit to my brother William Bard the debt owing to me. Item, I give and bequeath to John Hebburne my brother in law L50 The residue of my goods and chattels, personal estate, and household stuff I
give unto my well beloved wife Margaret Dodsworth and my son Thomas Dodsworth whom I make joint executors, and I appoint my cosen Henry Dodsworth, my cosen Rowland Dodsworth, and my loving friend Joshua Greene supervisors, to each of whom I give L5 to buy a piece of plate for a token.
[Pr. June 25. 1651, by Margaret and Thomas Dodsworth.] 
DODSWORTH, Robert (I6882)
2181 Will: Will of Christopher Warde of Bolton on Swale – 1612

In the name of God Amen. The --- daie of February in the ---- year of the Reign of the King & Sovereign lord Kinge James of England --- dom-- 1612./ I Christopher Ward of Bolton of good & hole mynd, & memorie / thankes be to god doe ordane, ------, & ------- this my last will & Testament in manner and forme following. Viz. First I give & bequeath my soule unto the hands of Almightie god my Creator, & to Jesus Christ my only Saviour & redeemer, & my bodie to be buried in the grave---- of Bolton aforesaid when it shall everafter please god to call me to his memory. Itm I give & bequeath unto my daughter Syth the wife of William Nelson one Brindled cowe in full & whole satisfaction of all her filiall part or child portion. Itm I give and bequeath unto An Ward my second daughter one ------ cow, one------ quye, and five sheepe, --th my houses of Two? ---wall closes being & being w—h- in the lordshipp of Ellerton for h--- herenduring, --- a ---- all & Singular household stufe with nappeine? And all implonte? Therein -----. provided always that the said An Ward my second daughter shall paye out of these h---- goode by me bequeathed paye unto Leonard? Wastle gentleman fortie shillingsat – A--- the third daie of ---- next after the ---- -------. &further to Appor--- my Son Henry Ward & Alice Ward my youngest Daughter not good ---- clothes ------ ---- for their wearing --------- ---- or Cape-- & ----- ---- over. Itm. I give and bequeathe to Henry Ward my only Son all my houses & m----b n---th one --thpad-- boidhe-chadscal- & that they shall be found noth hay--- &grasse by-- the farme until may daie ----. Itm I give and bequeathe unto Alice Ward my youngest daughter Sixe pounds thirteen shillings--------- of good & lawefull ou------- money --- is in the hands of John Wharton? Of Catterick Bridge Inkeeper in full satisfaction of ---- her portion. All the rest of my goods, & chattles moveable & unmoveable ------ – bequeathed – debts ------ & funeral expenses ------- I give & bequeath unto Henry Ward my sole Son &to An Ward my second Daughter whom I make ----- & Sole executors of this my last will & testament –herof I have here—to sett my hand in the manner-- & Seale the ---- & have ----- above written. 
WARD, Chrisotpher (I8962)
2182 William (C) MOIR, of Halifax, Maria WARD, d/o James, 10 Mile House, Windsor Road  07 Feb.  1852, by Rev. Miller
Hfx. Acadian Recorder, 14 Feb. 
Family F966
2183 William and Joan were considered wealthy and they owned the largest home in Sandwich, Massachusetts SWIFT, William (I1603)
2184 William and Susannah were not married. STAVELY, William (I616)
2185 William Charles Lowthers. He purchased land in Three Mile Plains from Mrs. Elizabeth Killen March 9 1921. There were stipulations in the sale, that he should look after and keep Mrs. Annie Killen in the Custom to which she was used to. Proper care for sickness, etc. Mrs. Annie Killen must have been his grandmother (his mother's mother) LOWTHERS, William Charles (I107)
2186 William GRIFFIN/Jane BERRY    09 Feb.1831, by Rev. Delong, at Londonderry.
Westchester Township Record book 
Family F2086
2187 William H. Lowther, 67 of Milford, Massachusetts, died Sunday afternoon March 15, 2009 at his residence, after a courageous battle with cancer.
He was the husband of Helen F. (Anthony) Lowther.
Born in Sydney, he was the son of the late Lewis and Rhoda (Martin) Lowther and lived in Framingham, MA, before moving to Milford in 1974.
Mr. Lowther owned and operated B&L Manufacturing Company in Bellingham, MA since 1983.
Besides his wife of 48 years, he is survived by two sons, Larry Lowther and his wife, Elizabeth of Milford and William L. Lowther and his wife, Kimberly of Mendon; five grandchildren, Tiffany, Kyle and Kevin Lowther, all of Milford and Brian and William L. Lowther Jr., both of Mendon; several nieces and nephews.
He was predeceased by his sister, Iris Mader and a brother, Reginald.
A graveside service was held March 23, 2009 in Vernon Grove Cemetery, Vernon Street in Milford. 
LOWTHER, William H. (I344)
2188 William H. was a farmer at Tennecape, NS; Hannah's will probated Windsor, NS 23 Sep, 1879 (HCEP 1242A). CHURCH, William H. (I2121)
2189 William is 'of Thwaite'. Ann is 'of Muker'. Family F3543
2190 William is living in Marske at time of marriage. She is living in Ravensworth. Her father is a butcher. Family F4216
2191 William is of Hurworth Family F4170
2192 William left a will which was witnessed by Wm. Colsel King (Preacher); John Bond, J.P.; and Richard Atwood, on May 23, 1810. However, note on the back of the will suggests he had died on or before March 31, 1810 WALKER, William (I172)
2193 William Mullins, his wife Alice and daughter Priscilla were original Mayflower passengers of 1620. MULLINS, William (I2573)
2194 William signed the will of a William Pipes of Amherst in 1797.
William was included in the estate settlement of William Bulmer in 1807 
HALL, William (I1408)
2195 William Ward inherited a moiety (1/2) of the Manor of Consett (near Muggleswick, Durham) through his wife, Margaret, from her father William Peyghan:
"He (William Peyghan) died in 1422, leaving as his heir his daughter Margaret, wife of William Ward, aged . . his heir. The said William Ward who was of Hoton (now Hutton Henry), died in 1439, seised according to his inquisition post mortum of 16 Nov. 1439, of the said moiety, leaving his son John Ward, aged 21 his heir."

William Ward, of Hoton, Inquisition post mortam taken 16 November [1439] at Durham.
John aged 21, is his son and next heir.
Hoton, land and tenements in.
Conset, a moiety of the manor of.
Westraynton, land in ; held of the prior of Durham.
Portf.164. No.19. Reg. Vol. II., fo. 300d. 
WARD, William (I6666)
2196 William Ward v. Marmaduke Ward, Wm. Ward, Johanna Stockton (nee Ward), widow, Samuel Ovington, Margt. Stockton, Wm. Watson and his wife Elizabeth, Alice Ward, Dorothy Ward, Robt. Allen and his wife Ellinor, Cuthbert Appleby (husband of Anna Ward).: Right and title to lands, &c., in Hurworth (Durham), late of Robt. Ward (plaintiff's father), and formerly belonging to Wm. and Margt. Ward, father and mother of Robt., &c., &c.: Durham; York.
Date: 15 & 16 Chas 2 (1645 - 6
STOCKTON, Richard (I7033)
2197 William Ward v. Marmaduke Ward, Wm. Ward, Johanna Stockton (nee Ward), widow, Samuel Ovington, Margt. Stockton, Wm. Watson and his wife Elizabeth, Alice Ward, Dorothy Ward, Robt. Allen and his wife Ellinor, Cuthbert Appleby (husband of Anna Ward).: Right and title to lands, &c., in Hurworth (Durham), late of Robt. Ward (plaintiff's father), and formerly belonging to Wm. and Margt. Ward, father and mother of Robt., &c., &c.: Durham; York.
Date: 15 & 16 Chas 2 (1645 - 6) 
WARD, William (I7030)
2198 William WARD, senior, gentleman, of Hurworth upon Teese (Tease) in the county pallatine of Durham [Hurworth, County Durham]
Date of probate: 1661
copy will, 10 February 1662 (DPR/I/1/1661/W13/1-2)
with memorandum certifying its accuracy and relating that the original will was delivered to Marmaduke Ward, sole executor, 27 Feb 1662
inventory, actual total £633 10s, 17 February 1662 (DPR/I/1/1661/W13/3)
Names sons: Robert, eldest son; William, second son; Marmaduke, third son;
Names 7 daughters: Ann Jopplyn, eldest; Joan Stockton, second; Elizabeth Watson, third; Dorothy, fourth; Alice, fifth; Mary Myot, sixth; Ellin Allen, seventh. 
WARD, William (I7027)
2199 William was a 'widower' when he married Elizabeth Ward Family F2675
2200 William was a grantee at Falmouth 1768 CHURCH, William (I2174)

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