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2251 Will: I Thomas Tidyman of Lingy Moor...yeoman...
To my dearly beloved wife...the Usury or interest from loan...during her natural life...household effects...
To my Daughter Dorothy Fifty Pounds after decease of my wife.
To my Daughter Mary "" ""
Rest to my Son Christopher Tidyman.... sole executor
Aug 7, 1779
Probate, Nov 28 1795 to son Christopher Tidyman 
TIDYMAN, Thomas (I10717)
2252 Will: left 500L to 'eldest daughter Elizabeth'. Left all household goods in Barton to son Thomas.
The will was proved August 5th 1743 
GILL, Thomas Esq. (I8275)
2253 Will: March 15, 1650. Robert Dodsworth of Barton, County of
York. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Dodsworth and his heirs all those my two manors of Barton, with their appurtenances, in the county of York, and all my lands lately purchased of John Dodsworth of Watlas, Esq., and Francis Wilkinson of Duaneton, gent, respectively, and all my tithes
in Barton aforesaid, and all that my messuage with the appurtenances in Berwick upon Tweede, and all that my rent charge or mortgage of tithe in Warke, in county Northumberland and all my rent charge in Ellington in said county Northumb., with all my rent charge in Little Lanckton, in the county of York, and failing my said son Thomas Dodsworth and the heirs of his body, to come to my daughter Elizabeth Dodsworth and her heirs, and failing my daughter Elizabeth to come to Mary Dodsworth and her heirs. Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Dodsworth L700 in currant English money.

To daughter Mary the sum of L500 do., to be paid out of the said money that shall arise out of my lands or out of any debts owing to me. To my loving wife her thirds of all my lands during her life according to law. To my nephew Robert Dodsworth. the son of Ralph Dodsworth, L50 To Henry Stephens, my sister's son, £20. I forgive to my brother in law Henry Watson the debt he owes me. I forgive to my brother John Sleighthe the debt he owes me. Item. I remit to my brother William Bard the debt owing to me. Item, I give and bequeath to John Hebburne my brother in law L50 The residue of my goods and chattels, personal estate, and household stuff I
give unto my well beloved wife Margaret Dodsworth and my son Thomas Dodsworth whom I make joint executors, and I appoint my cosen Henry Dodsworth, my cosen Rowland Dodsworth, and my loving friend Joshua Greene supervisors, to each of whom I give L5 to buy a piece of plate for a token.
[Pr. June 25. 1651, by Margaret and Thomas Dodsworth.] 
DODSWORTH, Robert (I6882)
2254 Will: Will of Christopher Warde of Bolton on Swale – 1612

In the name of God Amen. The --- daie of February in the ---- year of the Reign of the King & Sovereign lord Kinge James of England --- dom-- 1612./ I Christopher Ward of Bolton of good & hole mynd, & memorie / thankes be to god doe ordane, ------, & ------- this my last will & Testament in manner and forme following. Viz. First I give & bequeath my soule unto the hands of Almightie god my Creator, & to Jesus Christ my only Saviour & redeemer, & my bodie to be buried in the grave---- of Bolton aforesaid when it shall everafter please god to call me to his memory. Itm I give & bequeath unto my daughter Syth the wife of William Nelson one Brindled cowe in full & whole satisfaction of all her filiall part or child portion. Itm I give and bequeath unto An Ward my second daughter one ------ cow, one------ quye, and five sheepe, --th my houses of Two? ---wall closes being & being w—h- in the lordshipp of Ellerton for h--- herenduring, --- a ---- all & Singular household stufe with nappeine? And all implonte? Therein -----. provided always that the said An Ward my second daughter shall paye out of these h---- goode by me bequeathed paye unto Leonard? Wastle gentleman fortie shillingsat – A--- the third daie of ---- next after the ---- -------. &further to Appor--- my Son Henry Ward & Alice Ward my youngest Daughter not good ---- clothes ------ ---- for their wearing --------- ---- or Cape-- & ----- ---- over. Itm. I give and bequeathe to Henry Ward my only Son all my houses & m----b n---th one --thpad-- boidhe-chadscal- & that they shall be found noth hay--- &grasse by-- the farme until may daie ----. Itm I give and bequeathe unto Alice Ward my youngest daughter Sixe pounds thirteen shillings--------- of good & lawefull ou------- money --- is in the hands of John Wharton? Of Catterick Bridge Inkeeper in full satisfaction of ---- her portion. All the rest of my goods, & chattles moveable & unmoveable ------ – bequeathed – debts ------ & funeral expenses ------- I give & bequeath unto Henry Ward my sole Son &to An Ward my second Daughter whom I make ----- & Sole executors of this my last will & testament –herof I have here—to sett my hand in the manner-- & Seale the ---- & have ----- above written. 
WARD, Christopher (I8962)
2255 William (C) MOIR, of Halifax, Maria WARD, d/o James, 10 Mile House, Windsor Road  07 Feb.  1852, by Rev. Miller
Hfx. Acadian Recorder, 14 Feb. 
Family F966
2256 William and Joan were considered wealthy and they owned the largest home in Sandwich, Massachusetts SWIFT, William (I1603)
2257 William and Susannah were not married. STAVELY, William (I616)
2258 William Charles Lowthers. He purchased land in Three Mile Plains from Mrs. Elizabeth Killen March 9 1921. There were stipulations in the sale, that he should look after and keep Mrs. Annie Killen in the Custom to which she was used to. Proper care for sickness, etc. Mrs. Annie Killen must have been his grandmother (his mother's mother) LOWTHERS, William Charles (I107)
2259 William GRIFFIN/Jane BERRY    09 Feb.1831, by Rev. Delong, at Londonderry.
Westchester Township Record book 
Family F2086
2260 William H. Lowther, 67 of Milford, Massachusetts, died Sunday afternoon March 15, 2009 at his residence, after a courageous battle with cancer.
He was the husband of Helen F. (Anthony) Lowther.
Born in Sydney, he was the son of the late Lewis and Rhoda (Martin) Lowther and lived in Framingham, MA, before moving to Milford in 1974.
Mr. Lowther owned and operated B&L Manufacturing Company in Bellingham, MA since 1983.
Besides his wife of 48 years, he is survived by two sons, Larry Lowther and his wife, Elizabeth of Milford and William L. Lowther and his wife, Kimberly of Mendon; five grandchildren, Tiffany, Kyle and Kevin Lowther, all of Milford and Brian and William L. Lowther Jr., both of Mendon; several nieces and nephews.
He was predeceased by his sister, Iris Mader and a brother, Reginald.
A graveside service was held March 23, 2009 in Vernon Grove Cemetery, Vernon Street in Milford. 
LOWTHER, William H. (I344)
2261 William H. was a farmer at Tennecape, NS; Hannah's will probated Windsor, NS 23 Sep, 1879 (HCEP 1242A). CHURCH, William H. (I2121)
2262 William is 'of Thwaite'. Ann is 'of Muker'. Family F3543
2263 William is living in Marske at time of marriage. She is living in Ravensworth. Her father is a butcher. Family F4216
2264 William is of Hurworth Family F4170
2265 William left a will which was witnessed by Wm. Colsel King (Preacher); John Bond, J.P.; and Richard Atwood, on May 23, 1810. However, note on the back of the will suggests he had died on or before March 31, 1810 WALKER, William (I172)
2266 William Mullins, his wife Alice and daughter Priscilla were original Mayflower passengers of 1620. MULLINS, William (I2573)
2267 William signed the will of a William Pipes of Amherst in 1797.
William was included in the estate settlement of William Bulmer in 1807 
HALL, William (I1408)
2268 William Ward inherited a moiety (1/2) of the Manor of Consett (near Muggleswick, Durham) through his wife, Margaret, from her father William Peyghan:
"He (William Peyghan) died in 1422, leaving as his heir his daughter Margaret, wife of William Ward, aged . . his heir. The said William Ward who was of Hoton (now Hutton Henry), died in 1439, seised according to his inquisition post mortum of 16 Nov. 1439, of the said moiety, leaving his son John Ward, aged 21 his heir."

William Ward, of Hoton, Inquisition post mortam taken 16 November [1439] at Durham.
John aged 21, is his son and next heir.
Hoton, land and tenements in.
Conset, a moiety of the manor of.
Westraynton, land in ; held of the prior of Durham.
Portf.164. No.19. Reg. Vol. II., fo. 300d. 
WARD, William (I6666)
2269 William Ward v. Marmaduke Ward, Wm. Ward, Johanna Stockton (nee Ward), widow, Samuel Ovington, Margt. Stockton, Wm. Watson and his wife Elizabeth, Alice Ward, Dorothy Ward, Robt. Allen and his wife Ellinor, Cuthbert Appleby (husband of Anna Ward).: Right and title to lands, &c., in Hurworth (Durham), late of Robt. Ward (plaintiff's father), and formerly belonging to Wm. and Margt. Ward, father and mother of Robt., &c., &c.: Durham; York.
Date: 15 & 16 Chas 2 (1645 - 6
STOCKTON, Richard (I7033)
2270 William Ward v. Marmaduke Ward, Wm. Ward, Johanna Stockton (nee Ward), widow, Samuel Ovington, Margt. Stockton, Wm. Watson and his wife Elizabeth, Alice Ward, Dorothy Ward, Robt. Allen and his wife Ellinor, Cuthbert Appleby (husband of Anna Ward).: Right and title to lands, &c., in Hurworth (Durham), late of Robt. Ward (plaintiff's father), and formerly belonging to Wm. and Margt. Ward, father and mother of Robt., &c., &c.: Durham; York.
Date: 15 & 16 Chas 2 (1645 - 6) 
WARD, William (I7030)
2271 William WARD, senior, gentleman, of Hurworth upon Teese (Tease) in the county pallatine of Durham [Hurworth, County Durham]
Date of probate: 1661
copy will, 10 February 1662 (DPR/I/1/1661/W13/1-2)
with memorandum certifying its accuracy and relating that the original will was delivered to Marmaduke Ward, sole executor, 27 Feb 1662
inventory, actual total £633 10s, 17 February 1662 (DPR/I/1/1661/W13/3)
Names sons: Robert, eldest son; William, second son; Marmaduke, third son;
Names 7 daughters: Ann Jopplyn, eldest; Joan Stockton, second; Elizabeth Watson, third; Dorothy, fourth; Alice, fifth; Mary Myot, sixth; Ellin Allen, seventh. 
WARD, William (I7027)
2272 William was a 'widower' when he married Elizabeth Ward Family F2675
2273 William was a grantee at Falmouth 1768 CHURCH, William (I2174)
2274 William was a Housewright and carpenter in Boston; he was known as"Yankee Bill". BLOIS, William (I2284)
2275 William was a light keeper at time of marriage Family F2012
2276 William was lost in the brig 'George M. Sole', Capt. Harvie in 1846, leaving no issue. The brig was never heard of after leaving port in Liverpool, G.B. MOSHER, William (I472)
2277 William Watson of Greate Broughton, near Kirkby in Cleveland. Family F3257
2278 William Wilkinson, schoolmaster WILKINSON, William (I8509)
2279 William's residence is given as Richmond Family F2680
2280 William's residence is Hurst. Her's is High Green Family F4769
2281 William's residence is Ribba House Bishopdale Family F4804
2282 William, bastard son of William Stavely and Susannah Colling STAVELY, William (I1209)
2283 William, son of William Stavely buried. STAVELY, William (I1209)
2284 William, was the founder of the hardware firm of William Stairs, Son & Morrow, Ltd. of Halifax, NS
He was mayor of Halifax from 1847 to 1848 
STAIRS, William Machin Esq. (I3811)
2285 Within the last month, at Truro, by the Rev. Mr. Burnyeat, Mr. Evan McPhee, to Miss Isabell Boggs, of Nine Mile River. Acadian Recorder: 24 March 1838 Family F1669
2286 Within the last month, at Truro, by the Rev. Mr. Burnyeat, Mr. John Caldwell to Miss McPhee of Nine Mile River. Acadian Recorder: 24 March 1838 Family F215
2287 Witness was Luke Lawson, either her father or her brother. Family F4673
2288 Witness was Ralph Ward, probably his older brother born 1737. Family F2262
2289 Witnesses at the marriage were William Mosher and Susan Weir. This can't be Hannah's brother William because he was only 5 yrs old at the time of this marriage. Family F4865
2290 Witnesses at the marriage were William Slack and Henry Whitell (this is probably the Henry Whitell b. abt 1725. Family F3016
2291 Witnesses at their marriage were Thomas and Elizabeth Metcalfe who were married around the same time and were about the same age as James and Mary. Family F3077
2292 Witnesses on this marriage record are Hanby Waistell and Thomas Liddell.
This is strong evidence that Mary is the daughter of John and Jane Wilkenson. Waistells signed as witnesses on several of John and Jane's children's marriage records. 
Family F3027
2293 Witnesses were James Tenant and Susan Ward Family F2199
2294 Witnesses were Jeffry Waistell and Mary Gibson Family F3035
2295 Witnesses were John Spence and Mary Ward (James sister) Family F2959
2296 Witnesses were Miss Edna Coombs, 104 Richmond St., Sydney and Noah Martin, 116 Richmond St., Sydney. Family F38
2297 Witnesses were Robt Wardell Simon Hutchinson Family F4564
2298 witnesses, Tom Curry and Edward Lockhart.
marriage slip gives Maggie's mother's name as Mary Berry. 
Family F62
2299 Witnesses: Mary Riley, Archibald Singer Family F111
2300 Witnesses: Winnie Fulton, Ellen Begg Family F107

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