Nova Scotia, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Living   I5665 Ward Tree 
2 Living   I5269 Ward Tree 
3 ALLISON, Margaret  Sep 1862Nova Scotia, Canada I11747 Ward Tree 
4 ANDERSON, Hon. John Hawkins  1805Nova Scotia, Canada I6213 Ward Tree 
5 ARCHIBALD, Louisa Jane  7 Dec 1831Nova Scotia, Canada I5947 Ward Tree 
6 ARMOUR, Elizabeth  1821Nova Scotia, Canada I11941 Ward Tree 
7 BABINEAU, Cyril A.  19 Mar 1900Nova Scotia, Canada I2676 Ward Tree 
8 BARKHOUSE, David Daniel  5 Oct 1926Nova Scotia, Canada I11903 Ward Tree 
9 BATES, Maria  1831Nova Scotia, Canada I9465 Ward Tree 
10 BERRY, Frederick  1860Nova Scotia, Canada I5798 Ward Tree 
11 BERRY, John E.  1845Nova Scotia, Canada I5949 Ward Tree 
12 BERRY, Martin M.  1840Nova Scotia, Canada I5948 Ward Tree 
13 BISHOP, Fred E.  Feb 1872Nova Scotia, Canada I5443 Ward Tree 
14 BISHOP, William Chambers  Jan 1843Nova Scotia, Canada I5142 Ward Tree 
15 BLOIS, Louisa Augusta  18 Apr 1850Nova Scotia, Canada I12337 Ward Tree 
16 BLOIS, Rachel  1859Nova Scotia, Canada I14718 Ward Tree 
17 BOGGS, Isobella  4 Nov 1815Nova Scotia, Canada I4655 Ward Tree 
18 BOND, John McLearn  1862Nova Scotia, Canada I2774 Ward Tree 
19 BOND, Sarah J.  1835Nova Scotia, Canada I11939 Ward Tree 
20 BOND, William  1817Nova Scotia, Canada I2771 Ward Tree 
21 BOWES, Frederick C.  Dec 1857Nova Scotia, Canada I10863 Ward Tree 
22 BOWMAN, Catharine  19 Jul 1822Nova Scotia, Canada I2795 Ward Tree 
23 BRADLEY, Catherine  Nova Scotia, Canada I2375 Ward Tree 
24 BROWN, Hannah  1814Nova Scotia, Canada I4148 Ward Tree 
25 BROWN, Mabelle F.  1904Nova Scotia, Canada I5435 Ward Tree 
26 BROWN, Martha  1827Nova Scotia, Canada I14915 Ward Tree 
27 BROWN, Thomas  1811Nova Scotia, Canada I13293 Ward Tree 
28 BRYDEN, Esther  1807Nova Scotia, Canada I4893 Ward Tree 
29 BURGESS, Caleb Clark  2 Nov 1783Nova Scotia, Canada I11630 Ward Tree 
30 CALDWELL, Alta E.  May 1892Nova Scotia, Canada I1792 Ward Tree 
31 CALDWELL, Arthur W.  Abt 1873Nova Scotia, Canada I1784 Ward Tree 
32 CALDWELL, Catherine  1819Nova Scotia, Canada I322 Ward Tree 
33 CALDWELL, David  1810Nova Scotia, Canada I320 Ward Tree 
34 CALDWELL, Edward Maurice  18 Apr 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I1791 Ward Tree 
35 CALDWELL, Henry  1815Nova Scotia, Canada I321 Ward Tree 
36 CALDWELL, Israel Charles Chambers  Apr 1883Nova Scotia, Canada I1787 Ward Tree 
37 CALDWELL, James Walker  1801Nova Scotia, Canada I317 Ward Tree 
38 CALDWELL, Joseph  1795Nova Scotia, Canada I316 Ward Tree 
39 CALDWELL, Margueret Ethel  Mar 1887Nova Scotia, Canada I1790 Ward Tree 
40 CALDWELL, Maria Mary  Apr 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I1788 Ward Tree 
41 CALDWELL, Mary Ann  1817Nova Scotia, Canada I2994 Ward Tree 
42 CALDWELL, Matthew  1802Nova Scotia, Canada I318 Ward Tree 
43 CALDWELL, Osmand W.  Apr 1885Nova Scotia, Canada I1789 Ward Tree 
44 CALDWELL, Samuel Jr.  1790Nova Scotia, Canada I38 Ward Tree 
45 CALDWELL, William Clarence  1843Nova Scotia, Canada I1577 Ward Tree 
46 CAMERON, Elizabeth Ann  27 Feb 1857Nova Scotia, Canada I14147 Ward Tree 
47 CANN, John Henry  1920Nova Scotia, Canada I5529 Ward Tree 
48 CARD, Amy Elizabeth  1820Nova Scotia, Canada I2859 Ward Tree 
49 CARD, Delina  1844Nova Scotia, Canada I2864 Ward Tree 
50 CARD, Edward  1818Nova Scotia, Canada I2857 Ward Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Ann  Nova Scotia, Canada I1835 Ward Tree 
2 ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth Jane  1886Nova Scotia, Canada I15652 Ward Tree 
3 BARKHOUSE, David Daniel  1 Feb 1997Nova Scotia, Canada I11903 Ward Tree 
4 BERRY, Laura May  22 Sep 1904Nova Scotia, Canada I5979 Ward Tree 
5 BOND, Joseph  Aft 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I2765 Ward Tree 
6 BRYDEN, Esther  1897Nova Scotia, Canada I4893 Ward Tree 
7 BURCHELL, Thomas Clifford  1926Nova Scotia, Canada I8215 Ward Tree 
8 BURGESS, Sarah  26 Sep 1767Nova Scotia, Canada I2552 Ward Tree 
9 CALDWELL, Mary Ann  31 Oct 1905Nova Scotia, Canada I2994 Ward Tree 
10 CALDWELL, Sarah  8 Aug 1927Nova Scotia, Canada I713 Ward Tree 
11 CAMPBELL, Peter  1790Nova Scotia, Canada I5214 Ward Tree 
12 CANN, Benjamin  30 Aug 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I13677 Ward Tree 
13 CHAPMAN, William  22 Jan 1794Nova Scotia, Canada I12122 Ward Tree 
14 CHURCH, Edward  Nova Scotia, Canada I3862 Ward Tree 
15 CLARK, Lydia  21 Mar 1843Nova Scotia, Canada I15910 Ward Tree 
16 CLARKE, Anne Nancy  1831Nova Scotia, Canada I448 Ward Tree 
17 CLARKE, Joseph  Nova Scotia, Canada I673 Ward Tree 
18 COCHRANE, Althea Mary  30 Jul 2003Nova Scotia, Canada I11481 Ward Tree 
19 COCHRANE, Terrance  10 Nov 1836Nova Scotia, Canada I4043 Ward Tree 
20 COOK, Sarah Jane Nancy  Nova Scotia, Canada I6029 Ward Tree 
21 CROSSLEY, Ann  3 Sep 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I16186 Ward Tree 
22 DURNING, Thomas  20 Jan 1832Nova Scotia, Canada I6028 Ward Tree 
23 FAULKNER, Charles E.  Abt 1852Nova Scotia, Canada I12704 Ward Tree 
24 FRASER, Frederick W.  1982Nova Scotia, Canada I12237 Ward Tree 
25 FRASER, Herbert  6 May 1923Nova Scotia, Canada I1097 Ward Tree 
26 GILLMORE, Samuel  Nova Scotia, Canada I1846 Ward Tree 
27 GRACE, Abigail  1818Nova Scotia, Canada I5208 Ward Tree 
28 GREENOUGH, John Thomas  7 Sep 1915Nova Scotia, Canada I12988 Ward Tree 
29 HARVIE, Austin James  31 Jan 1964Nova Scotia, Canada I11489 Ward Tree 
30 HARVIE, Noah  25 May 1872Nova Scotia, Canada I4154 Ward Tree 
31 HOOD, Emma  1899Nova Scotia, Canada I15860 Ward Tree 
32 HUNTER, Amelia  5 Dec 1905Nova Scotia, Canada I1363 Ward Tree 
33 HUNTER, David Fleming  20 Dec 1829Nova Scotia, Canada I1841 Ward Tree 
34 HUNTER, John Alexander  Nova Scotia, Canada I4020 Ward Tree 
35 HUNTER, John Mickey  5 Jan 1927Nova Scotia, Canada I4308 Ward Tree 
36 LITTLE, Elizabeth  Nova Scotia, Canada I72 Ward Tree 
37 LOCKHART, Mary Polly  17 Feb 1859Nova Scotia, Canada I5487 Ward Tree 
38 LOVE, Sarah  Aft 1810Nova Scotia, Canada I15940 Ward Tree 
39 MACDONALD, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1853Nova Scotia, Canada I4653 Ward Tree 
40 MARTIN, Jehiel D.  13 Nov 1878Nova Scotia, Canada I2758 Ward Tree 
41 MCDONALD, Margaret  Bef 1842Nova Scotia, Canada I14547 Ward Tree 
42 MCDONALD, Mary A.  1880Nova Scotia, Canada I13056 Ward Tree 
43 MCNEIL, Robert  6 Jan 1872Nova Scotia, Canada I1376 Ward Tree 
44 MILLER, James Archibald  1871Nova Scotia, Canada I14536 Ward Tree 
45 MOSHER, Philip  Aft 30 Dec 1772Nova Scotia, Canada I2553 Ward Tree 
46 MOSHER, Sarah  1785Nova Scotia, Canada I450 Ward Tree 
47 NORTHUP, Vernon Clarke  17 Nov 1985Nova Scotia, Canada I13241 Ward Tree 
48 NORTHUP, Victor Redfrene  1981Nova Scotia, Canada I13240 Ward Tree 
49 PARR, John  1794Nova Scotia, Canada I15945 Ward Tree 
50 PATTON, Martha  1806Nova Scotia, Canada I5209 Ward Tree 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BABINEAU / WARD  Abt 1926Nova Scotia, Canada F4 Ward Tree 
2 BURGESS /   Abt 1963Nova Scotia, Canada F4623 Ward Tree 
3 CALDWELL / CLARKE  26 Nov 1782Nova Scotia, Canada F153 Ward Tree 
4 CALDWELL / NEILY  22 Aug 1923Nova Scotia, Canada F3339 Ward Tree 
5 CALDWELL / WALKER  30 Dec 1789Nova Scotia, Canada F18 Ward Tree 
6 CONSTANTINE / UNKNOWN  Aft 1869Nova Scotia, Canada F920 Ward Tree 
7 DENSMORE / MCCULLOCH  1840Nova Scotia, Canada F1260 Ward Tree 
8 DENSMORE / MOSHER  Abt 1778Nova Scotia, Canada F883 Ward Tree 
9 FAULKNER / BERRY  25 Nov 1819Nova Scotia, Canada F308 Ward Tree 
10 FAULKNER / MCNEIL  9 Sep 1862Nova Scotia, Canada F850 Ward Tree 
11 FAULKNER / MORRISON  1777Nova Scotia, Canada F839 Ward Tree 
12 HANSON / WARD  11 Oct 1850Nova Scotia, Canada F498 Ward Tree 
13 HARVIE / FOX  1848Nova Scotia, Canada F2946 Ward Tree 
14 HAZEL / SPICER  Bef 1837Nova Scotia, Canada F4947 Ward Tree 
15 HUNTER / FISH  27 Mar 1821Nova Scotia, Canada F987 Ward Tree 
16 KEHOE / ETTINGER  1957Nova Scotia, Canada F5004 Ward Tree 
17 KEILLOR / TRENHOLM  1788Nova Scotia, Canada F1798 Ward Tree 
18 LOWTHERS / KEY  Between 1845 and 1849Nova Scotia, Canada F98 Ward Tree 
19 LOWTHERS / MCILWAINE  Bef 1853Nova Scotia, Canada F290 Ward Tree 
20 MARTIN / DAVISON  13 Nov 1878Nova Scotia, Canada F952 Ward Tree 
21 MCALONEY / UNKNOWN  Nova Scotia, Canada F942 Ward Tree 
22 MCPHEE / CALDWELL  Abt 1830Nova Scotia, Canada F1367 Ward Tree 
23 MONTEITH / WADDELL  5 Jun 1866Nova Scotia, Canada F1961 Ward Tree 
24 MOSHER / WARD  Abt 1861Nova Scotia, Canada F158 Ward Tree 
25 SANFORD / SMITH  Bef 1803Nova Scotia, Canada F4278 Ward Tree 
26 SCOTT / WILCOX  1824Nova Scotia, Canada F873 Ward Tree 
27 TAYLOR / WARD  Bef 1851Nova Scotia, Canada F4985 Ward Tree 
28 TEASDALE / MCDOUGALL  25 Jun 1842Nova Scotia, Canada F1414 Ward Tree 
29 TERHUNE / MCNEILL  Nova Scotia, Canada F1487 Ward Tree