Stanhope, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ENGLISH, Joseph  1764Stanhope, Durham, England I12748 Ward Tree 
2 GOWLAND, Mary  Abt 1813Stanhope, Durham, England I6720 Ward Tree 
3 INMAN, John  Abt 1742Stanhope, Durham, England I6622 Ward Tree 
4 JAMES, Mary  9 Jan 1773Stanhope, Durham, England I8985 Ward Tree 
5 ROBINSON, John  Abt 1652Stanhope, Durham, England I6613 Ward Tree 
6 SHEELE, Nicholas  Abt 1643Stanhope, Durham, England I6609 Ward Tree 
7 SHEELE, Nicholas  7 Feb 1667Stanhope, Durham, England I6611 Ward Tree 
8 TOPPIN, Richard  Abt 1657Stanhope, Durham, England I6615 Ward Tree 
9 WARD, Ann  Abt 1645Stanhope, Durham, England I6608 Ward Tree 
10 WARD, Barbara  Abt 1745Stanhope, Durham, England I6621 Ward Tree 
11 WARD, Cuthbert  28 Mar 1798Stanhope, Durham, England I6631 Ward Tree 
12 WARD, Cuthbert  1839Stanhope, Durham, England I6942 Ward Tree 
13 WARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1652Stanhope, Durham, England I6612 Ward Tree 
14 WARD, Elizabeth  1833Stanhope, Durham, England I6724 Ward Tree 
15 WARD, Hopper  1841Stanhope, Durham, England I6727 Ward Tree 
16 WARD, James  1871Stanhope, Durham, England I6730 Ward Tree 
17 WARD, Jane  22 Apr 1731Stanhope, Durham, England I6751 Ward Tree 
18 WARD, Jane  1811Stanhope, Durham, England I6722 Ward Tree 
19 WARD, John  1758Stanhope, Durham, England I6617 Ward Tree 
20 WARD, John  15 Jan 1820Stanhope, Durham, England I6938 Ward Tree 
21 WARD, John  1839Stanhope, Durham, England I6726 Ward Tree 
22 WARD, John Dryden Temperley  1811Stanhope, Durham, England I6719 Ward Tree 
23 WARD, Joseph  1828Stanhope, Durham, England I6941 Ward Tree 
24 WARD, Margaret  Abt 1657Stanhope, Durham, England I6614 Ward Tree 
25 WARD, Ralph  3 May 1835Stanhope, Durham, England I6721 Ward Tree 
26 WARD, Robert  Abt 1630Stanhope, Durham, England I6607 Ward Tree 
27 WARD, Sarah  Abt 1742Stanhope, Durham, England I6620 Ward Tree 
28 WARD, Thomas  Abt 1758Stanhope, Durham, England I6629 Ward Tree 
29 WARD, Thomas  20 Oct 1799Stanhope, Durham, England I6632 Ward Tree 
30 WARD, William  Abt 1786Stanhope, Durham, England I6717 Ward Tree 
31 WARD, William  1828Stanhope, Durham, England I6723 Ward Tree 
32 WARD, William  1836Stanhope, Durham, England I6725 Ward Tree 
33 WATSON, John  Abt 1742Stanhope, Durham, England I6623 Ward Tree 
34 WATSON, Mary  Abt 1760Stanhope, Durham, England I6630 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ENGLISH, Joseph  28 Jun 1833Stanhope, Durham, England I12748 Ward Tree 
2 TEMPERLEY, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1876Stanhope, Durham, England I6718 Ward Tree 
3 WARD, John  15 Apr 1780Stanhope, Durham, England I6617 Ward Tree 
4 WARD, William  Bef 1851Stanhope, Durham, England I6717 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLISON, John A.  1861Stanhope, Durham, England I9143 Ward Tree 
2 WARD, Eleanor  1861Stanhope, Durham, England I3049 Ward Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 INMAN / WARD  20 May 1762Stanhope, Durham, England F2389 Ward Tree 
2 ROBINSON / WARD  9 May 1672Stanhope, Durham, England F2384 Ward Tree 
3 SHEELE / WARD  30 Jun 1663Stanhope, Durham, England F2382 Ward Tree 
4 TOPPIN / WARD  12 Jun 1677Stanhope, Durham, England F2385 Ward Tree 
5 WARD / GOWLAND  26 Jan 1833Stanhope, Durham, England F2437 Ward Tree 
6 WARD / TEMPERLEY  3 Dec 1808Stanhope, Durham, England F2436 Ward Tree 
7 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1728Stanhope, Durham, England F2413 Ward Tree 
8 WARD / WATSON  Abt 1778Stanhope, Durham, England F2394 Ward Tree 
9 WATSON / WARD  16 May 1762Stanhope, Durham, England F2390 Ward Tree