Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Isabel  Abt 1734Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7464 Ward Tree 
2 BAKER, Ann  Abt 1774Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7439 Ward Tree 
3 COATES, Dorothy  25 Nov 1787Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I6151 Ward Tree 
4 COATES, Isaac  20 Jan 1780Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9416 Ward Tree 
5 COATES, Jane  1781Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9286 Ward Tree 
6 COATES, Mary  17 Apr 1823Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9407 Ward Tree 
7 COATES, Thomas  20 Sep 1771Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9431 Ward Tree 
8 FAWCETT, Nancy  1775Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9592 Ward Tree 
9 GREEN, Ann  17 Mar 1699Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9983 Ward Tree 
10 INGRAM, Edward  Abt 1696Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I8359 Ward Tree 
11 INGRAM, John  Abt 1690Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I8358 Ward Tree 
12 INGRAM, Mathew  Abt 1693Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7414 Ward Tree 
13 SHAWE, Ellin  Abt 1623Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7400 Ward Tree 
14 SIMPSON, Rebecca  Abt 1682Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7396 Ward Tree 
15 WARD, A Child  1 Jul 1716Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7416 Ward Tree 
16 WARD, Adam  Abt 1600Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7397 Ward Tree 
17 WARD, Ann  12 Feb 1804Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7441 Ward Tree 
18 WARD, Charles  7 Jul 1802Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7448 Ward Tree 
19 WARD, Christopher  Abt 1630Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7402 Ward Tree 
20 WARD, Christopher  Abt 1675Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7405 Ward Tree 
21 WARD, Dorothy  13 Aug 1704Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7410 Ward Tree 
22 WARD, Elizabeth  29 Apr 1801Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7447 Ward Tree 
23 WARD, Elizabeth  15 May 1805Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7450 Ward Tree 
24 WARD, Francis  Abt 1621Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7399 Ward Tree 
25 WARD, George  13 May 1800Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7440 Ward Tree 
26 WARD, Henry  11 Jun 1797Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7444 Ward Tree 
27 WARD, Isabel  12 May 1799Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I6390 Ward Tree 
28 WARD, John  Abt 1630Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7398 Ward Tree 
29 WARD, Margaret  Mar 1668Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I6480 Ward Tree 
30 WARD, Margaret  15 Mar 1703Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7407 Ward Tree 
31 WARD, Mark  25 Apr 1807Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7690 Ward Tree 
32 WARD, Mary  Jan 1659Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7401 Ward Tree 
33 WARD, Mary  9 Nov 1798Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7446 Ward Tree 
34 WARD, Ruth  26 Mar 1795Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7442 Ward Tree 
35 WARD, Susanna  16 Nov 1806Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7691 Ward Tree 
36 WARD, Thomas  Abt 1680Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7408 Ward Tree 
37 WARD, Thomas  10 Feb 1802Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7449 Ward Tree 
38 WARD, William  Abt 1630Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7466 Ward Tree 
39 WARD, William  19 Apr 1710Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7412 Ward Tree 
40 WARD, William  Abt 1732Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7463 Ward Tree 
41 WHITELL, Hugh  Abt 1666Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7403 Ward Tree 
42 WHITELL, William  17 Dec 1676Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9318 Ward Tree 
43 WILKINSON, John  24 Jan 1746Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I8527 Ward Tree 
44 WILSON, Margaret  Abt 1685Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7409 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 WARD, Eleanor  12 Feb 1817Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I3049 Ward Tree 
2 WARD, Mary Ann  29 Jan 1815Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I3048 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 COATES, Eleanor  4 Dec 1785Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I6128 Ward Tree 
2 COATES, James  11 Jan 1773Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9418 Ward Tree 
3 FAWCETT, Ann  Bef 1804Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I9595 Ward Tree 
4 HIRDMAN, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1793Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7452 Ward Tree 
5 WARD, Charles  8 Oct 1806Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7448 Ward Tree 
6 WARD, John  1 Aug 1637Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7398 Ward Tree 
7 WARD, William  4 Jan 1826Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England I7455 Ward Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLISON / WARD  7 Jun 1856Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3235 Ward Tree 
2 CLARKSON / WARD  17 Jun 1815Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3449 Ward Tree 
3 COATES /   Aft 1785Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2203 Ward Tree 
4 COATES / COATES  22 Dec 1777Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2197 Ward Tree 
5 COATES / GREGORY  19 Oct 1819Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3314 Ward Tree 
6 COATES / SHAW  29 Dec 1777Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3315 Ward Tree 
7 FAWCETT / FAWCETT  23 Dec 1794Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3377 Ward Tree 
8 FAWCETT / HARKER  8 Oct 1828Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3376 Ward Tree 
9 GREEN / LAYTON  16 May 1693Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3511 Ward Tree 
10 INGRAM / BUCKS  23 Jun 1711Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2992 Ward Tree 
11 INGRAM / INGRAM  13 Jan 1718Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2993 Ward Tree 
12 INGRAM / WARD  19 Nov 1713Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2669 Ward Tree 
13 WADE / HUTCHINSON  15 Sep 1649Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2751 Ward Tree 
14 WADE / WARD  12 Jan 1646Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2750 Ward Tree 
15 WARD / ALLEN  10 Nov 1752Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2680 Ward Tree 
16 WARD / DOWDY  10 Sep 1821Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3074 Ward Tree 
17 WARD / HIRDMAN  12 May 1765Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2678 Ward Tree 
18 WARD / ORD  13 Nov 1832Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F3574 Ward Tree 
19 WARD / PEACOCK  27 Mar 1794Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2288 Ward Tree 
20 WARD / REEVELEY  16 Nov 1699Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2400 Ward Tree 
21 WARD / SHAWE  26 Jul 1641Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2663 Ward Tree 
22 WARD / SIMPSON  16 Nov 1703Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2661 Ward Tree 
23 WARD / WARD  15 Oct 1821Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2290 Ward Tree 
24 WARD / WILSON  25 May 1703Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2667 Ward Tree 
25 WHITELL / WARD  31 Aug 1691Kirkby-Ravensworth, North Yorkshire, England F2665 Ward Tree