Muggleswick, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 LAE, Elizabeth  1676Muggleswick, Durham, England I6644 Ward Tree 
2 RITSON, Anthony  29 Sep 1822Muggleswick, Durham, England I6714 Ward Tree 
3 RITSON, Cuthbert  29 Jun 1817Muggleswick, Durham, England I6712 Ward Tree 
4 RITSON, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1819Muggleswick, Durham, England I6713 Ward Tree 
5 RITSON, George  3 Jul 1814Muggleswick, Durham, England I6710 Ward Tree 
6 RITSON, Henry  18 Mar 1816Muggleswick, Durham, England I6711 Ward Tree 
7 RITSON, Jacob  3 Jun 1821Muggleswick, Durham, England I6715 Ward Tree 
8 RITSON, Ralph  19 Jan 1824Muggleswick, Durham, England I6716 Ward Tree 
9 RITSON, William  Abt 1780Muggleswick, Durham, England I6706 Ward Tree 
10 RITSON, William  6 Aug 1811Muggleswick, Durham, England I6709 Ward Tree 
11 SURTEES, Elizabeth  1780Muggleswick, Durham, England I6704 Ward Tree 
12 UNKNOWN, Hannah  1698Muggleswick, Durham, England I6642 Ward Tree 
13 WARD, Ann  Abt 1789Muggleswick, Durham, England I6707 Ward Tree 
14 WARD, Cuthbert  Abt 1580Muggleswick, Durham, England I6676 Ward Tree 
15 WARD, Cuthbert  1698Muggleswick, Durham, England I6643 Ward Tree 
16 WARD, Cuthbert  Aft 1718Muggleswick, Durham, England I6645 Ward Tree 
17 WARD, Cuthbert  Abt 1738Muggleswick, Durham, England I6680 Ward Tree 
18 WARD, Cuthbert  Abt 1780Muggleswick, Durham, England I6703 Ward Tree 
19 WARD, Edward  Abt 1610Muggleswick, Durham, England I6045 Ward Tree 
20 WARD, Eleanor  Abt 1758Muggleswick, Durham, England I6698 Ward Tree 
21 WARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1782Muggleswick, Durham, England I6705 Ward Tree 
22 WARD, Enoch  Muggleswick, Durham, England I6636 Ward Tree 
23 WARD, John  Abt 1615Muggleswick, Durham, England I6739 Ward Tree 
24 WARD, John  Abt 1650Muggleswick, Durham, England I6635 Ward Tree 
25 WARD, Margaret  Abt 1762Muggleswick, Durham, England I6699 Ward Tree 
26 WARD, Thomas  Abt 1750Muggleswick, Durham, England I6702 Ward Tree 
27 WARD, William  Abt 1560Muggleswick, Durham, England I6677 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANGUS, Joseph  13 Jun 1817Muggleswick, Durham, England I6700 Ward Tree 
2 LAE, Elizabeth  19 Jul 1760Muggleswick, Durham, England I6644 Ward Tree 
3 STOUT, John  5 Nov 1863Muggleswick, Durham, England I10420 Ward Tree 
4 UNKNOWN, Elinor  29 Jun 1724Muggleswick, Durham, England I6634 Ward Tree 
5 UNKNOWN, Hannah  21 Oct 1788Muggleswick, Durham, England I6642 Ward Tree 
6 UNKNOWN, Mary  26 Sep 1795Muggleswick, Durham, England I6755 Ward Tree 
7 WARD, Cuthbert  Aft 1576Muggleswick, Durham, England I6663 Ward Tree 
8 WARD, Cuthbert  Aft 1576Muggleswick, Durham, England I6679 Ward Tree 
9 WARD, Cuthbert  Aft 1606Muggleswick, Durham, England I6676 Ward Tree 
10 WARD, Cuthbert  7 Jul 1747Muggleswick, Durham, England I6641 Ward Tree 
11 WARD, Cuthbert  16 Sep 1768Muggleswick, Durham, England I6643 Ward Tree 
12 WARD, Cuthbert  8 Sep 1792Muggleswick, Durham, England I6645 Ward Tree 
13 WARD, Cuthbert  27 Apr 1796Muggleswick, Durham, England I6680 Ward Tree 
14 WARD, Edward  Aft 1690Muggleswick, Durham, England I6045 Ward Tree 
15 WARD, Eleanor  2 Apr 1798Muggleswick, Durham, England I6698 Ward Tree 
16 WARD, Enoch  9 Feb 1687Muggleswick, Durham, England I6636 Ward Tree 
17 WARD, John  8 May 1688Muggleswick, Durham, England I6635 Ward Tree 
18 WARD, John  16 Aug 1717Muggleswick, Durham, England I6633 Ward Tree 
19 WARD, Thomas  31 Aug 1791Muggleswick, Durham, England I6702 Ward Tree 
20 WARD, William  1619Muggleswick, Durham, England I6677 Ward Tree 
21 WILKINSON, Jane  22 May 1864Muggleswick, Durham, England I8470 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 WARD, John  Muggleswick, Durham, England I6633 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 WILKINSON, Jane  1851Muggleswick, Durham, England I8470 Ward Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MARSHALL / WARD  27 Jun 1807Muggleswick, Durham, England F2435 Ward Tree 
2 RITSON / WARD  13 Jul 1802Muggleswick, Durham, England F2434 Ward Tree 
3 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1650Muggleswick, Durham, England F2395 Ward Tree 
4 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1718Muggleswick, Durham, England F2399 Ward Tree