North Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 APLEGARTH, Jana  Abt 1574North Yorkshire, England I6513 Ward Tree 
2 BLACKBURN, John  North Yorkshire, England I7120 Ward Tree 
3 BLACKBURN, John  Abt 1540North Yorkshire, England I7249 Ward Tree 
4 BLACKBURN, Richard  Abt 1600North Yorkshire, England I7217 Ward Tree 
5 BLACKBURN, William  Abt 1518North Yorkshire, England I7254 Ward Tree 
6 BLACKBURN, William  Abt 1538North Yorkshire, England I7251 Ward Tree 
7 BROCKELL, Margrete  Abt 1635North Yorkshire, England I6556 Ward Tree 
8 CALVERT, Thomas  Abt 1600North Yorkshire, England I6774 Ward Tree 
9 CARTER, Thomas  Abt 1644North Yorkshire, England I7277 Ward Tree 
10 COATES, William  Abt 1621North Yorkshire, England I6581 Ward Tree 
11 COATES, William  1824North Yorkshire, England I6520 Ward Tree 
12 DAY, Elizabeth  1745North Yorkshire, England I4141 Ward Tree 
13 DIXON, Christopher  Abt 1539North Yorkshire, England I7815 Ward Tree 
14 DODSWORTH, George  Abt 1544North Yorkshire, England I6913 Ward Tree 
15 DODSWORTH, William  Abt 1553North Yorkshire, England I7347 Ward Tree 
16 HARRISON, Ellen  Abt 1602North Yorkshire, England I7211 Ward Tree 
17 HOGE, John  Abt 1557North Yorkshire, England I7266 Ward Tree 
18 HUTCHENSON, Edena  Abt 1551North Yorkshire, England I6502 Ward Tree 
19 HUTCHINSON, Mary  Abt 1648North Yorkshire, England I6561 Ward Tree 
20 MILNER, Ralph  Abt 1610North Yorkshire, England I7645 Ward Tree 
21 PLEWES, Thomas  Abt 1558North Yorkshire, England I7268 Ward Tree 
22 PLUES, Lucia  Abt 1635North Yorkshire, England I7115 Ward Tree 
23 RAYNE, Jayne  Abt 1623North Yorkshire, England I6582 Ward Tree 
24 REEVELEY, Anne  Abt 1679North Yorkshire, England I6647 Ward Tree 
25 SMELT, Matthew  North Yorkshire, England I6879 Ward Tree 
26 STAVELY, William  Abt 1705North Yorkshire, England I616 Ward Tree 
27 TAIT, Ann  Abt 1646North Yorkshire, England I7283 Ward Tree 
28 UNKNOWN, Alice  Abt 1630North Yorkshire, England I6587 Ward Tree 
29 UNKNOWN, Ann  Abt 1643North Yorkshire, England I623 Ward Tree 
30 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  Abt 1550North Yorkshire, England I6777 Ward Tree 
31 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  Abt 1574North Yorkshire, England I7301 Ward Tree 
32 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1801North Yorkshire, England I6519 Ward Tree 
33 UNKNOWN, Janett  Abt 1540North Yorkshire, England I7816 Ward Tree 
34 UNKNOWN, Margaret  Abt 1520North Yorkshire, England I7262 Ward Tree 
35 UNKNOWN, Maybel  Abt 1500North Yorkshire, England I6919 Ward Tree 
36 UNKNOWN, Unknown  Abt 1571North Yorkshire, England I7298 Ward Tree 
37 WARD, Agnes  Bef 1556North Yorkshire, England I7814 Ward Tree 
38 WARD, Anna  Abt 1466North Yorkshire, England I7906 Ward Tree 
39 WARD, Anthony  Abt 1600North Yorkshire, England I6295 Ward Tree 
40 WARD, Bryan  Abt 1636North Yorkshire, England I6291 Ward Tree 
41 WARD, Charles  1814North Yorkshire, England I7341 Ward Tree 
42 WARD, Cuthbert  Abt 1679North Yorkshire, England I6646 Ward Tree 
43 WARD, Edward  Abt 1635North Yorkshire, England I6555 Ward Tree 
44 WARD, Egidi (Giles)  Bef 1532North Yorkshire, England I6526 Ward Tree 
45 WARD, George  Abt 1600North Yorkshire, England I6584 Ward Tree 
46 WARD, James  Abt 1643North Yorkshire, England I6299 Ward Tree 
47 WARD, Jane  Abt 1600North Yorkshire, England I6769 Ward Tree 
48 WARD, Johanna  Abt 1464North Yorkshire, England I7905 Ward Tree 
49 WARD, John  North Yorkshire, England I7760 Ward Tree 
50 WARD, Lord John  Abt 1547North Yorkshire, England I6776 Ward Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 INGLEBY, William  4 Dec 1501North Yorkshire, England I8167 Ward Tree 
2 PEART, Unknown  Bef 1777North Yorkshire, England I6287 Ward Tree 
3 WARD, Elizabeth  Jul 1891North Yorkshire, England I1671 Ward Tree 
4 WARD, Ralph  Aft 1665North Yorkshire, England I624 Ward Tree 
5 WAWTON, Janetta  1512North Yorkshire, England I7844 Ward Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON / WARD  1939North Yorkshire, England F2996 Ward Tree 
2 CALVERT / WARD  Abt 1620North Yorkshire, England F2457 Ward Tree 
3 DODSWORTH / UNKNOWN  Abt 1528North Yorkshire, England F2505 Ward Tree 
4 PEART / COATES  Abt 1765North Yorkshire, England F2248 Ward Tree 
5 WARD / DODSWORTH  Abt 1548North Yorkshire, England F2580 Ward Tree 
6 WARD / LAYTON  Abt 1621North Yorkshire, England F2461 Ward Tree 
7 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1568North Yorkshire, England F2458 Ward Tree 
8 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1591North Yorkshire, England F2627 Ward Tree 
9 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1618North Yorkshire, England F2480 Ward Tree 
10 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1650North Yorkshire, England F2369 Ward Tree 
11 WARD / UNKNOWN  Abt 1831North Yorkshire, England F2723 Ward Tree