Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Living   I14477 Ward Tree 
2 Living   I14478 Ward Tree 
3 Living   I13563 Ward Tree 
4 Living   I13703 Ward Tree 
5 Living   I14023 Ward Tree 
6 Living   I9870 Ward Tree 
7 ALDERSON, John  1836Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10479 Ward Tree 
8 ALLINSON, Ann  1845Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10797 Ward Tree 
9 ALLINSON, Barbara Ward  17 Jun 1827Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11291 Ward Tree 
10 ALLINSON, John  25 May 1823Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11292 Ward Tree 
11 ALLINSON, Sarah  15 Apr 1825Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11290 Ward Tree 
12 ALLINSON, Sarah Ann  21 Mar 1830Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11285 Ward Tree 
13 ALLINSON, William  1818Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10798 Ward Tree 
14 BRADBURY, Edward  1839Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10474 Ward Tree 
15 BRADBURY, Thomas  1836Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10492 Ward Tree 
16 CALVERT, George Matthew  3 Apr 1880Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11682 Ward Tree 
17 CHAPMAN, James  15 Jan 1797Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8622 Ward Tree 
18 CHAPMAN, Jane  31 May 1812Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11510 Ward Tree 
19 CHAPMAN, John  16 Jul 1809Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11509 Ward Tree 
20 CHAPMAN, Mary  18 May 1806Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11508 Ward Tree 
21 CHAPMAN, Mary  11 Feb 1827Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10460 Ward Tree 
22 CLEASBY, David  1827Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9536 Ward Tree 
23 CLEASBY, Mary Ann  11 Oct 1829Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9533 Ward Tree 
24 CLOSE, Edward  25 Sep 1795Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11149 Ward Tree 
25 CLOSE, Edward  11 Jul 1824Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11262 Ward Tree 
26 CLOSE, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1822Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11261 Ward Tree 
27 CLOSE, Isabella  20 Jun 1819Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11260 Ward Tree 
28 CLOSE, James  16 Apr 1759Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11147 Ward Tree 
29 CLOSE, James  18 Apr 1793Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I6380 Ward Tree 
30 CLOSE, James  9 Feb 1817Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11259 Ward Tree 
31 CLOSE, Jane  9 Nov 1801Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11151 Ward Tree 
32 CLOSE, Margaret  10 Jan 1813Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11257 Ward Tree 
33 CLOSE, Mary  8 Jul 1791Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11150 Ward Tree 
34 CLOSE, William  11 Dec 1814Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11258 Ward Tree 
35 COATES, Caroline  29 Jul 1821Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10238 Ward Tree 
36 COATES, George  7 Feb 1813Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10215 Ward Tree 
37 COATES, John  10 Jul 1808Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10235 Ward Tree 
38 COATES, John  26 Jul 1818Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10237 Ward Tree 
39 COATES, Maragaret  30 Apr 1836Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10239 Ward Tree 
40 COATES, Mary  6 May 1810Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10236 Ward Tree 
41 DEMAIN, Pratt  28 Nov 1867Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9717 Ward Tree 
42 FAWCETT, Ann  1872Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11124 Ward Tree 
43 FAWCETT, Christopher Simpson  1855Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11118 Ward Tree 
44 FAWCETT, Elizabeth Eleanor  1865Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11119 Ward Tree 
45 FAWCETT, John  29 Sep 1844Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9586 Ward Tree 
46 FAWCETT, John William  1853Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11120 Ward Tree 
47 FAWCETT, Joseph  1831Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10343 Ward Tree 
48 FAWCETT, Joseph James  1859Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11121 Ward Tree 
49 FAWCETT, Sarah Mary  1863Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11122 Ward Tree 
50 FAWCETT, William  1856Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11123 Ward Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALDERSON, Elizabeth Ruth  Bef 1939Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10478 Ward Tree 
2 ALLEN, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1870Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10159 Ward Tree 
3 ALLINSON, Sarah  27 Apr 1826Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11290 Ward Tree 
4 BELL, Thomas  26 May 1858Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9643 Ward Tree 
5 BINKS, Mary Isabella  1919Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9365 Ward Tree 
6 BRADBURY, Louisa Alice  28 May 1950Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8249 Ward Tree 
7 CALVERT, George Matthew  16 Apr 1966Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11682 Ward Tree 
8 CHALDER, Mary  Aft 1881Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I6392 Ward Tree 
9 CHAPMAN, Alice  1878Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10097 Ward Tree 
10 CHAPMAN, Ann  Jul 1882Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8398 Ward Tree 
11 CHAPMAN, John Harker  9 Jul 1813Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10102 Ward Tree 
12 CHERRY, Ann  12 Aug 1864Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I7526 Ward Tree 
13 CLEASBY, Jane  28 Sep 1894Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8621 Ward Tree 
14 CONSTANTINE, James  2 Jan 1793Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10257 Ward Tree 
15 DENT, Mary  22 Jun 1829Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I13871 Ward Tree 
16 FRANKLAND, Henry  1926Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I14027 Ward Tree 
17 GALLOWAY, Deborah  12 Aug 1808Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8425 Ward Tree 
18 HARDY, Robert  20 Mar 1788Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10007 Ward Tree 
19 HARKER, Elizabeth  18 Aug 1918Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8239 Ward Tree 
20 HARKER, Margaret  Jun 1891Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9700 Ward Tree 
21 HARKER, Mary  4 Dec 1840Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10100 Ward Tree 
22 HARKER, Thomas  1822Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11182 Ward Tree 
23 HARKER, Thomas  1921Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9614 Ward Tree 
24 HESLOP, Hannah  1869Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10106 Ward Tree 
25 HIRD, Margaret Isabella  10 Aug 2005Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I14010 Ward Tree 
26 HODGSON, Thomas  29 Sep 1901Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10154 Ward Tree 
27 HOWSON, Esther  21 Sep 1862Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I6980 Ward Tree 
28 HUTCHINSON, Bartholomew  11 Apr 1771Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I4123 Ward Tree 
29 HUTCHINSON, George  20 Oct 1772Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9993 Ward Tree 
30 IMESON, Mary  17 Apr 1829Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I13941 Ward Tree 
31 INGRAM, Barbara  4 Nov 1764Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8508 Ward Tree 
32 KENDALL, Mark  Bef 1851Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I13885 Ward Tree 
33 KENDALL, Minnie Hannah  12 Apr 1960Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8257 Ward Tree 
34 KINNERSLEY, Isobel  20 Apr 1741Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I13418 Ward Tree 
35 KINNERSLEY, Richard  1730Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I13412 Ward Tree 
36 KINNERSLEY, Richard  19 Apr 1772Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I13404 Ward Tree 
37 KINNERSLEY, Sarah  23 Sep 1768Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I6318 Ward Tree 
38 LAWSON, Barbara  11 Nov 1750Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9998 Ward Tree 
39 LAWSON, Nancy  8 Jun 1780Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10518 Ward Tree 
40 LOFTUS, Elizabeth  18 Dec 1840Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I11390 Ward Tree 
41 LONGSTAFF, John  1875Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8443 Ward Tree 
42 LONGSTAFF, John Thomas  20 Aug 2006Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9843 Ward Tree 
43 LONGSTAFF, Thomas  18 Sep 1880Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8519 Ward Tree 
44 PEACOCK, James  11 Oct 1764Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I7615 Ward Tree 
45 PEACOCK, Margaret  14 Jun 1836Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I6382 Ward Tree 
46 PEACOCK, Mary  Abt 1721Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9360 Ward Tree 
47 PEACOCK, William  13 Oct 1736Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I7614 Ward Tree 
48 PEACOCK, William  Bef 1911Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9364 Ward Tree 
49 PEDLEY, Mary  13 Aug 1797Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10458 Ward Tree 
50 PORTER, Richard  Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I13639 Ward Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRADBURY, Louisa Alice  1939Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8249 Ward Tree 
2 CLEASBY, Jane  1891Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8621 Ward Tree 
3 HARKER, Elizabeth  1881Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8239 Ward Tree 
4 PEACOCK, Fredrick Joseph Edward  1891Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9404 Ward Tree 
5 PEACOCK, Fredrick Joseph Edward  1901Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9404 Ward Tree 
6 PEACOCK, Fredrick Joseph Edward  1911Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9404 Ward Tree 
7 PEACOCK, Fredrick Joseph Edward  1939Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9404 Ward Tree 
8 PEACOCK, George  1861Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10075 Ward Tree 
9 PEACOCK, William Thomas  1939Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9405 Ward Tree 
10 WARD, Alice  1911Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8250 Ward Tree 
11 WARD, Anthony  1861Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10799 Ward Tree 
12 WARD, Anthony  1881Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I10799 Ward Tree 
13 WARD, Anthony  1881Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8240 Ward Tree 
14 WARD, Elizabeth Ann  1939Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8248 Ward Tree 
15 WARD, George  1851Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8805 Ward Tree 
16 WARD, John  1871Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8611 Ward Tree 
17 WARD, John Thomas  1901Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8244 Ward Tree 
18 WARD, John Thomas  1911Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I8244 Ward Tree 
19 WARD, Joseph Anthony  1939Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9849 Ward Tree 
20 WARD, Margaret  1911Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I6399 Ward Tree 
21 WARD, Thomas  1871Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I6393 Ward Tree 
22 WILSON, Charles  1939Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England I9848 Ward Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRADBURY / WALKER  1862Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3653 Ward Tree 
2 BROWN / ALDERSON  1895Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3656 Ward Tree 
3 CALVERT / KENDALL  1878Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F4026 Ward Tree 
4 DINSDALE / APPLETON  From Oct 1920 to Dec 1920Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3565 Ward Tree 
5 HIRD / HIRD  1925Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F4882 Ward Tree 
6 IVESON / THOMPSON  Between Oct 1899 and Dec 1899Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3607 Ward Tree 
7 KENDALL / HASTINGS  1880Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F4025 Ward Tree 
8 LONGSTAFF / ALDERSON  1864Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3326 Ward Tree 
9 PEACOCK / BINKS  Apr 1885–JUN 1885Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3302 Ward Tree 
10 PEACOCK / HIGHMOOR  1920Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F4766 Ward Tree 
11 PEACOCK / HIRD  1884Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F4772 Ward Tree 
12 PEACOCK / RACE  1852Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F4959 Ward Tree 
13 PEACOCK / UNKNOWN  Abt 1715Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F2735 Ward Tree 
14 PEACOCK / WHITE  1847Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3540 Ward Tree 
15 RAW / FRANKLAND  1866Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3527 Ward Tree 
16 RUTTER / TIPLADY  1917Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3569 Ward Tree 
17 STONES / WARD  1859Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3073 Ward Tree 
18 TIPLADY / CLARKE  1882Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3572 Ward Tree 
19 WARD / ALLINSON  From Jul 1879 to Sep 1879Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3756 Ward Tree 
20 WARD / BUTTERWORTH  Apr 1925–JUN 1925Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3465 Ward Tree 
21 WARD / CHERRY  26 Dec 1857Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F2704 Ward Tree 
22 WARD / CLEASBY  From Apr 1871 to Jun 1871Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3758 Ward Tree 
23 WARD / UNKNOWN  1856Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3072 Ward Tree 
24 WEIGHILL / BROWN  1919Reeth, Yorkshire (North Riding), England F3965 Ward Tree