Richmond, North Yorkshire, England


Tree: Ward Tree
Latitude: 54.4034650, Longitude: -1.7326180


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Living  Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8983 Ward Tree 
2 Living  Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8984 Ward Tree 
3 Living   I10610 Ward Tree 
4 Living   I9138 Ward Tree 
5 Living   I9139 Ward Tree 
6 BLACKBURN, Ellen  Abt 1592Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7534 Ward Tree 
7 BLACKBURN, John  Abt 1570Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7196 Ward Tree 
8 BLACKBURN, Ralph  Abt 1630Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7114 Ward Tree 
9 BLACKBURN, Robert  Abt 1590Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7193 Ward Tree 
10 BROCKELL, Alice  22 Apr 1621Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8890 Ward Tree 
11 BROCKELL, John  11 Oct 1629Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8891 Ward Tree 
12 BROCKELL, Margrete  24 Jul 1626Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6556 Ward Tree 
13 CALVERT, Anna  9 Aug 1629Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8091 Ward Tree 
14 CALVERT, Elizabeth  18 Jun 1609Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8085 Ward Tree 
15 CALVERT, Elizabeth  14 May 1628Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8090 Ward Tree 
16 CALVERT, Henry  3 Jan 1613Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8087 Ward Tree 
17 CALVERT, Jane  29 Jan 1615Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8088 Ward Tree 
18 CALVERT, Robert  11 Oct 1611Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8086 Ward Tree 
19 CALVERT, Thomas  Abt 1589Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8083 Ward Tree 
20 CALVERT, Thomas  2 Mar 1617Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8089 Ward Tree 
21 COLLING, Sarah  10 Jan 1725Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I615 Ward Tree 
22 COLLING, Susannah  Abt 1707Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I617 Ward Tree 
23 DARCY, Hon. Elizabeth  13 Oct 1706Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7848 Ward Tree 
24 EWBANCKE, Elizabeth  Abt 1592Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8084 Ward Tree 
25 FARLETON, Christopher  Abt 1553Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7290 Ward Tree 
26 HARKER, Gladys Mary  20 Nov 1920Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I10609 Ward Tree 
27 HIRD, Mary  1857Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9608 Ward Tree 
28 HODGSON, Frederick Cairns  4 Aug 1905Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9882 Ward Tree 
29 HUTTON, Barbara  23 Oct 1630Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7785 Ward Tree 
30 HUTTON, Elizabeth  4 Mar 1638Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7784 Ward Tree 
31 HUTTON, Matthew  22 Oct 1621Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7782 Ward Tree 
32 LANGSTAFF, Christopher  9 Oct 1566Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8753 Ward Tree 
33 LANGSTAFF, Christopher  17 Apr 1593Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8762 Ward Tree 
34 LANGSTAFF, Edward  Bef 1634Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8779 Ward Tree 
35 LANGSTAFF, Eleanor  18 Nov 1599Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8768 Ward Tree 
36 LANGSTAFF, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1565Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8752 Ward Tree 
37 LANGSTAFF, Frances  11 Aug 1619Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8775 Ward Tree 
38 LANGSTAFF, Jane  3 Nov 1616Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8774 Ward Tree 
39 LANGSTAFF, John  1 Jun 1560Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8749 Ward Tree 
40 LANGSTAFF, John  11 Aug 1567Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8754 Ward Tree 
41 LANGSTAFF, John  12 Dec 1602Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8769 Ward Tree 
42 LANGSTAFF, Margarita  28 Jan 1630Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8778 Ward Tree 
43 LANGSTAFF, Maria  4 Aug 1563Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8751 Ward Tree 
44 LANGSTAFF, Maria  17 Jun 1570Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8755 Ward Tree 
45 LANGSTAFF, Mary  15 May 1623Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8776 Ward Tree 
46 LANGSTAFF, Newborn  11 Aug 1615Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8772 Ward Tree 
47 LANGSTAFF, Phillip  5 May 1597Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8766 Ward Tree 
48 LANGSTAFF, Richard  Abt 1566Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8758 Ward Tree 
49 LANGSTAFF, Robert  4 Oct 1559Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8721 Ward Tree 
50 LANGSTAFF, Robert  3 Oct 1594Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8763 Ward Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 APLEGARTH, Jana  Bef 1602Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6513 Ward Tree 
2 BLACKBURN, John  24 Jan 1625Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7196 Ward Tree 
3 BOWES, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1625Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6896 Ward Tree 
4 BROCKELL, Jane  15 Apr 1630Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8892 Ward Tree 
5 BROCKELL, John  27 Apr 1635Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8889 Ward Tree 
6 BROCKELL, John  14 Aug 1684Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8901 Ward Tree 
7 BROCKELL, Margrete  16 Apr 1685Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6556 Ward Tree 
8 BROWN, Thomas William  1944Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I10475 Ward Tree 
9 CALVERT, Henry  23 Mar 1622Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8087 Ward Tree 
10 CALVERT, Jane  5 Oct 1616Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8088 Ward Tree 
11 CALVERT, Thomas  23 Feb 1628Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8089 Ward Tree 
12 COATES, Robert  3 Jan 1703Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6254 Ward Tree 
13 COLLING, Susannah  4 Jul 1754Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I617 Ward Tree 
14 DEMAIN, Pratt  Jan 1942–MAR 1942Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9717 Ward Tree 
15 DOVE, Thomas  Mar 1874Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I1672 Ward Tree 
16 FAWCET, Maria  15 Dec 1635Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8760 Ward Tree 
17 HALL, Ann  1837Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9072 Ward Tree 
18 HARTFURTHE, Jane  14 Aug 1615Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8771 Ward Tree 
19 HIRD, Joseph Thomas  1980Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9823 Ward Tree 
20 HODGSON, Frederick Cairns  Jan 1983–MAR 1983Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9882 Ward Tree 
21 HUTTON, Timothy  28 Jun 1628Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7783 Ward Tree 
22 HUTTON, Sir Timothy  Apr 1629Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6892 Ward Tree 
23 JOHNSON, Catherina  Bef 1571Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6496 Ward Tree 
24 LANGSTAFF, Christopher  10 Aug 1608Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8753 Ward Tree 
25 LANGSTAFF, Christopher  9 Jun 1634Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8762 Ward Tree 
26 LANGSTAFF, Edward  20 Nov 1634Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8779 Ward Tree 
27 LANGSTAFF, John  13 Apr 1570Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8750 Ward Tree 
28 LANGSTAFF, Maria  Bef 1570Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8751 Ward Tree 
29 LANGSTAFF, Maria  28 Feb 1587Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8755 Ward Tree 
30 LANGSTAFF, Newborn  11 Aug 1615Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8772 Ward Tree 
31 LANGSTAFF, Robert  18 Aug 1598Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8721 Ward Tree 
32 LANGSTAFF, Robert  Bef 1605Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8763 Ward Tree 
33 LANGSTAFF, Thomas  3 Feb 1574Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8748 Ward Tree 
34 LONGSTAFF, James William  1960Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9738 Ward Tree 
35 LONGSTAFF, John Robert  Jul 1997–SEP 1997Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9110 Ward Tree 
36 PARKE, William  13 Jul 1773Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7335 Ward Tree 
37 PARKYN, Cuthbert  30 Mar 1598Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6261 Ward Tree 
38 PARKYN, Henrie  17 May 1589Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6260 Ward Tree 
39 PARKYN, Simon  8 Oct 1602Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6258 Ward Tree 
40 PEACOCK, James Roger  Apr 1945–JUN 1945Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I10010 Ward Tree 
41 RAWE, Isabell  21 Dec 1617Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6259 Ward Tree 
42 SMITH, Dorothy  13 Jan 1610Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6477 Ward Tree 
43 STAVELY, William  30 Oct 1741Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I1209 Ward Tree 
44 UNKNOWN, Ann  Aft 1657Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7198 Ward Tree 
45 WARD, Alice  1970Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8250 Ward Tree 
46 WARD, Baby  16 May 1571Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6501 Ward Tree 
47 WARD, Edward  24 Jan 1679Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6555 Ward Tree 
48 WARD, Ellen  8 Jun 1659Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I6559 Ward Tree 
49 WARD, Frances  28 Apr 1759Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7429 Ward Tree 
50 WARD, George  1837Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9078 Ward Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUTTERWORTH, William Albert  1939Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9867 Ward Tree 
2 DEMAIN, Pratt  1939Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9717 Ward Tree 
3 HODGSON, Bryan Metcalfe  1939Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9871 Ward Tree 
4 HODGSON, Frederick I.  1911Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9885 Ward Tree 
5 METCALFE, Thomas  1851Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I8697 Ward Tree 
6 RIPLEY, Isabella  1881Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9090 Ward Tree 
7 WARD, Frederick  1939Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9853 Ward Tree 
8 WARD, John  1871Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I9089 Ward Tree 
9 WARD, Robert  1861Richmond, North Yorkshire, England I7315 Ward Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BINKS / COATES  1846Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3313 Ward Tree 
2 BLACKBURN / PLEWES  17 Jun 1654Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2569 Ward Tree 
3 BLACKBURN / UNKNOWN  Aft 1634Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2598 Ward Tree 
4 BROCKELL / WASTALL  27 Nov 1634Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3159 Ward Tree 
5 BROWN / WARD  1939Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3654 Ward Tree 
6 CALVERT / EWBANCKE  23 Oct 1608Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2898 Ward Tree 
7 CARTER / TAIT  24 Aug 1664Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2618 Ward Tree 
8 COATES / DINSDALE  From Apr 1953 to Jun 1953Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3137 Ward Tree 
9 COATES / HUTCHINSON  17 Jul 1597Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2237 Ward Tree 
10 DODSWORTH / HUTTON  Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2492 Ward Tree 
11 ETHERINGTON / WARD  18 Sep 1701Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2672 Ward Tree 
12 GRENWELL / LANGSTAFF  24 Nov 1583Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3119 Ward Tree 
13 HARKER / CALVERT  1917Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3692 Ward Tree 
14 HODGSON /    F3467 Ward Tree 
15 LANGSTAFF / BOWES  12 Oct 1615Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3124 Ward Tree 
16 LANGSTAFF / BROWN  17 Aug 1584Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3109 Ward Tree 
17 LANGSTAFF / FAWCET  6 Aug 1592Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3121 Ward Tree 
18 LANGSTAFF / HARTFURTHE  18 Sep 1614Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3123 Ward Tree 
19 LANGSTAFF / HODGSON  From Oct 1850 to Dec 1850Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3680 Ward Tree 
20 LANGSTAFF / LANGE  19 Dec 1582Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3118 Ward Tree 
21 LANGSTAFF / UNKNOWN  19 Jun 1586Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3120 Ward Tree 
22 LAYTON / WILLANCE  Abt 1590Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2462 Ward Tree 
23 METCALFE / WARD  28 May 1821Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3496 Ward Tree 
24 PARKYN / RAWE  19 Jul 1584Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2239 Ward Tree 
25 SIMPSON / WARD  21 Jul 1718Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2673 Ward Tree 
26 SMYTH / LANGSTAFF  11 Apr 1653Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3125 Ward Tree 
27 TAYLOR / WARD  21 Jul 1632Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2240 Ward Tree 
28 TODD / WARD  23 Feb 1764Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2675 Ward Tree 
29 WARD /   1563Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2328 Ward Tree 
30 WARD /   Abt 1630Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2358 Ward Tree 
31 WARD / APLEGARTH  3 Nov 1594Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2338 Ward Tree 
32 WARD / BAIRNES  22 Apr 1564Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2329 Ward Tree 
33 WARD / BROCKELL  20 Nov 1628Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2241 Ward Tree 
34 WARD / DOBBY  23 Nov 1847Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3214 Ward Tree 
35 WARD / FIRBY  6 Feb 1864Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3002 Ward Tree 
36 WARD / HALLET  31 Oct 1602Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2339 Ward Tree 
37 WARD / HEDLEY  Jul 1860–SEP 1860Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3219 Ward Tree 
38 WARD / HUTCHINSON  11 Sep 1571Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2333 Ward Tree 
39 WARD / JOHNSON  13 Oct 1567Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2331 Ward Tree 
40 WARD / KINSON  8 Dec 1655Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2341 Ward Tree 
41 WARD / MILNER  3 Jun 1654Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2277 Ward Tree 
42 WARD / NORDITCH  22 Feb 1661Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2594 Ward Tree 
43 WARD / PARKYN  27 Oct 1605Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2238 Ward Tree 
44 WARD / SMITH  8 Jan 1840Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3208 Ward Tree 
45 WARD / WELDEN  5 Apr 1560Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2327 Ward Tree 
46 WARD / WYLD  23 May 1568Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2332 Ward Tree 
47 WHITELL / RAPER  12 Jul 1692Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F3293 Ward Tree 
48 WILKINSON / WARD  14 Nov 1576Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2336 Ward Tree 
49 WILLANCE /   Abt 1588Richmond, North Yorkshire, England F2464 Ward Tree 
50 WILLIS /    F3491 Ward Tree 

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