Startforth, North Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 COATES, Ann  20 Mar 1708Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9015 Ward Tree 
2 COATES, Christopher  25 Jun 1719Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9018 Ward Tree 
3 COATES, Elizabeth  25 May 1679Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9010 Ward Tree 
4 COATES, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1716Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9017 Ward Tree 
5 COATES, George  6 Nov 1686Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9012 Ward Tree 
6 COATES, Jeremy  26 Oct 1712Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9016 Ward Tree 
7 COATES, Thomas  29 Apr 1677Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9008 Ward Tree 
8 COATES, Vincent  22 Dec 1681Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9011 Ward Tree 
9 COATES, Vincent  29 May 1707Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I8834 Ward Tree 
10 WHITELL, Abigail  10 Mar 1719Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9309 Ward Tree 
11 WHITELL, Charles  15 Jul 1733Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9346 Ward Tree 
12 WHITELL, George  6 Oct 1730Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9345 Ward Tree 
13 WHITELL, Hugh  13 Nov 1737Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9353 Ward Tree 
14 WHITELL, John  8 Apr 1722Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9339 Ward Tree 
15 WHITELL, Margaret  6 Feb 1723Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9341 Ward Tree 
16 WHITELL, Mary  1719Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9305 Ward Tree 
17 WHITELL, Sarah  Sep 1719Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9307 Ward Tree 
18 WHITELL, Thomas  25 Jan 1722Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9340 Ward Tree 
19 WHITELL, William  28 Dec 1727Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9343 Ward Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 COATES, Vincent  3 Oct 1706Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9009 Ward Tree 
2 COATES, Vincent  15 Jan 1729Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I9011 Ward Tree 
3 WALKER, Mary  6 Feb 1788Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I1667 Ward Tree 
4 WARD, Susannah  7 Feb 1795Startforth, North Yorkshire, England I642 Ward Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 COATES / CHAPMAN  20 Oct 1674Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F3197 Ward Tree 
2 COATES / RAYNE  24 Oct 1706Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F3198 Ward Tree 
3 DONALD / LOWES  1915Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F3238 Ward Tree 
4 HARKER / ALDERSON  8 May 1776Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F3388 Ward Tree 
5 HARKER / BARNINGHAM  1 Apr 1735Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F3372 Ward Tree 
6 HARKER / THOMPSON  4 Jun 1713Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F3373 Ward Tree 
7 KIPLING / MILNER  27 Sep 1730Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F3266 Ward Tree 
8 WALKER / ANDERSON  10 May 1795Startforth, North Yorkshire, England F2712 Ward Tree