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Dad insisted his ancestors were Irish. Mom always argued that the Wards were English. Well dad's in for a big surprise when he comes back to discover mom was right... as usual!

In fact, in the 1921 census, his father gives his origin as 'English'To see the proof of the matter see the link 'His Side' on the top left menu.

Follow the Ward family from the 1900s in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, back to the Windsor, Hants County, Nova Scotia area and beyond...across the sea and through the centuries, to Marske by Richmond, a little hamlet nestled in the Yorkshire Dales in 17th and 18th century England

No doubt where my dad got the idea he was Irish was from relatives on his mother's side... the Lowthers. In fact in that same 1921 census, his mother gives her origin as 'Irish'. That side of his family were Irish through and through. Lowthers were from Londonderry, Ireland and his mother's mother was a Berry, also Irish. There was a wee bit of the Irish on his Dad's side... his father's mother was a Caldwell, also from Londonderry.

Dad always told us kids that we were part 'MicMac' (Mi'kmaq First Nation)and when he wrote his memoirs he stated "My first memories were of my Micmac paternal great grandmother..." Research has revealed that this statement cannot be accurate since his 'paternal great grandmother' was definitely not Mi'kmaq. A feasable scenario is that the Mi'kmaq ancestor was actually his mother's mother, Mary Berry.. his maternal grandmother.

My mother's side, were all Scottish...her father, Dalrymple, her mother, Steedman, and as far back as I can trace so far, all from the Kingdom of Fife! You can visit her ancestry by clicking the 'Her Side' link.

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I put together a page containing a timeline of events involving my ancestral home, Orgate Farm at Marske by Richmond, Yorkshire. It spans the ages from the 14th century to the present!